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  1. YoCo

    Camino scrapbbok- how did you store, display, house Camino photos etc

    Just wondering what interesting and creative ways you have kept your Camino memories. I'm planning to do this soon and would love to hear your ideas, maybe use them 😁.
  2. YoCo

    Primitivo facilities info

    ... from the Oviedo municipal albergue kitchen wall 😉😁😂. I wish I would have checked these against what was ready there in the villages but I didn't, sorry!
  3. YoCo

    Primitivo facilities from Oviedo municipal albergue

    I thought these would be helpful to those doing some planning for the Primativo. I didn't have a guide book just the download from the forum but for me the download was really out of date. All the work that went into it was great but out of date. I hope this helps someone. I'm guessing it's...
  4. YoCo

    Bus from Logrono to Bilbao

    I'm planning this and wondered if anyone has taken this bus ride. Any advice, if necessary? Thanks!
  5. YoCo

    Bus to SJPdP from Biarritz...arriving too late for EB

    I've been looking at many transportation threads but haven't seen, or missed, BUS options to SJPdP from Biarritz. I get in too late to use EB (I've emailed them)and last time I checked the trains from Bayonne don't leave that late. I arrive at 18:50 to Biarritz airport on a Thurs. I've...
  6. YoCo

    In light of the recent harrassment post on CP

    Just wondering about the Norte, Primativo, and Muxia/Finnesterre ... Are they typically populated enough to walk with others if things get/feel sketchy?
  7. YoCo

    SNCF contradictions & Bayonne accom.

    And this could be due to the strikes but when I look up on trainline.eu for Bayonne to St.JPdP on Aug. 30 they are all sold out (sncf) On the oui.sncf site it shows availability. Can anyone shed light on this? If you have accommodation referrals, I'm all ears! Thank you!
  8. YoCo

    SIM card purchase

    I could use some help with this : ] I've read many posts on this but none are clear... I'm flying into CDG to start the CF. I want to buy an Orange SIM card for android. So: 1. Buying it at CDG or SJPdP- any difference/ easier? (I don't speak French and don't know if that will be a factor...
  9. YoCo

    Clarity on SIM card usage /coverage

    I have read many threads on this subject and I'm still not clear on what is covered. Pertinent info: -Samsung 7, unlocked (I'm pretty sure but will make sure) - plan on downloading What's App for texting /calling home -uploading pics /video only at alburgues with wifi -not using GPS or maps...
  10. YoCo

    Large umbrella instead of walking poles in Sept.

    Has anyone used an umbrella instead of w.p. and how did it work out? I'd have to buy one once on the Camino... Just a thought-
  11. YoCo

    Polar vortex...must be the culprit

    The polar vortex has been the subject of recent chatter among meteorologists this week after it split. In short, there are now two smaller vortices: one over western Canada and another over Europe. Across the Arctic, where the polar vortex typically stays locked, the stratosphere has warmed...
  12. YoCo

    Mixing paths on one trip-ideas/opinions?

    I just thought about this- haven't taken the time to think it through...anyone mix paths? I'm thinking about a St. Jean start, Longrono (I think) to Bilbao to pick up the Norte route, then the Primativo to the last bit of Frances into Santiago. This would be in Sept and a week or so in Oct but...
  13. YoCo

    Iceland stopover anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone has considered an Iceland stopover? From the US flights go to Iceland with a day or more stopover and then on to Paris CDG. Sounds fun!