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  1. emmanuel

    A Furnace Full of God: A Holy Year on the Camino de Santiago

    Marvelous book, I read with utmost gusto. Thanks, Rebekah!
  2. emmanuel

    Trying to Donate but it is a hassle....

    Really, really, the easiest way to transfer money is by using Paypal. It may not be the cheapest, but it is widely known and trusted.
  3. emmanuel

    COVID The last pilgrim on the Camino

    Well, the adventurer in his twenties may amount to something worthwhile some day. I think that's the rationale behind favoring the young when it comes to ventilators.
  4. emmanuel

    España — Tierra, Agua, Fuego, Aire (book from 1969)

    I am very sorry for all those that over the years sought my advice on walking the Camino, and always postponed. Now who knows when they will be able to.
  5. emmanuel

    COVID New start dates?

    As usual, you are spot on, I think.
  6. emmanuel

    American pilgrim living in Mexico

    I live in Guadalajara and lakeside on week-ends. I have done 7 caminos to-date and will be walking the Norte in May. We could meet and talk about Camino and non-Camino topics.
  7. emmanuel

    A Furnace Full of God: A Holy Year on the Camino de Santiago

    I enjoyed immensely A Furnace Full of Gods. Thanks, Rebekah.
  8. emmanuel

    Mail trekking poles to SJPP?

    Does anybody know where to buy poles in Irún?
  9. emmanuel

    boots vs shoes

    You could always pack a mini-hair dryer for that purpose. Just be sure it's 220 volts!
  10. emmanuel

    Camino Frances 2019 PostScript 2: CAMINO COLLOCATION

    Camino legs. After at least a week walking, your legs get strong.
  11. emmanuel

    IKEA Ponchos

    I thought most pilgrims liked and recommended the Altus poncho, made in Spain. I have used one of those for 6 caminos now, but it was on loan and now I have to buy my own. I think it is great, no need for me to experiment with a different one.
  12. emmanuel

    Invierno Planning for 2020? Here is a Collection of Threads from 2019

    Maybe he arrived in A Rua past midnight?
  13. emmanuel

    boots vs shoes

    For all those who prefer boots, I have one question. I will be shortly replacing my trusty Merrell Moabs. Since I sometimes get blisters on the pinkies, I would like to know if someone has picked the "wide" option? Is it any better than the regular one, after a long day on the Camino, when feet...
  14. emmanuel

    When did it happen to you?

    Did you walk South to North on the Rota Vicentina?
  15. emmanuel

    When did it happen to you?

    Something like that happened to me in May, I was supposed to walk for 6 weeks but after week 4 I was too tired and a with a big blister on my left sole, so I cut it short and flew back home. Hope it's not my advancing age, for next year I have extended Camino plans.
  16. emmanuel

    Fruit on the Camino

    If you happen to see the owners. When trees are obviously not cared for and fruit will just fall and rot, I assume it's safe to pick a fig or two. How much can you eat, after all? Sometimes there's a sign inviting you to help yourself. Or a small stand run by kids where you can buy some fruit.
  17. emmanuel

    Fruit on the Camino

    In September on the Norte you can eat your fill of figs and cherries right from the trees. They are so good!
  18. emmanuel

    When did it happen to you?

    Start walking from Lisbon.
  19. emmanuel

    Possible explanation of why some of us do multiple Caminos or the same Camino multiple times

    I start next week on the Madrid-Salvador-Primitivo-Finisterre caminos. My sixth time. I suppose I became addicted right from the start, ten years ago. After achieving other goals in life (family, work), I now find that what I would like most is to walk all caminos, over and over, health and...
  20. emmanuel

    Are there snakes on the Camino?

    Bon soir mademoiselle, what can I do for you?