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  1. Dennis M

    Public Albergue from Valencia (Tui) to SDC

    Bom Caminho! I am planning to walk Camino Portuguese in mid-May next year. I've done Camino Ingles before, oh boy how I miss the camino, and mostly stayed in public albergue. My question is, how are public albergue along Portuguese in terms of getting a bed? Do they normally get filled up...
  2. Dennis M

    Weather in Sept/Oct along Camino Portuguese

    Hello, Still long way to go but starting to look at my options in 2016. I wanted to know on what's the weather like between late Sept and early Oct. My plan is to do the last leg of of CP. My thoughts on this trip: 1 - Tui to Porino 2 - Porino to Redondela 3 - Redondela to Pontevedra 4 -...
  3. Dennis M

    Santiago To Porto By Bus

    Buen Camino!! It's me again.. you can sense that my Camino is just around the corner. I've been trying to buy an advance ticket from Santiago to Porto but trying to buy ticket from http://www.autna.com/ seems to be a challenge. The drop down list doesn't show any origin from Santiago, unless...
  4. Dennis M

    Buying walking pole at Ferrol Decathlon

    Buen Camino! I'm buying my walking pole as soon as I arrive Ferrol to avoid check-in when leaving US. I read in this forum that I can buy it at Decathlon store in Ferrol. I googled map the place and found the exact location. Is kind of a distant location so I may need to take public...
  5. Dennis M

    Where to get the scallop shell?

    Hello, i'm just a few days from my first camino. Excited and anxious at the same time. Praying for a safe and healthy walk. My question, where can i obtain a scallop shell? Buen Camino! Thanks, Dennis
  6. Dennis M

    About Sello

    Hello - Buen Camino! I'm just wondering if I can do this. I'll arrive just before noon in Ferrol on Sunday and the tourist office is close. I already have a passport by the time I arrive Ferrol which I requested from "american pilgrim on the camino". I'm thinking to begin my walk from Ferrol to...
  7. Dennis M

    Hostel for pilgrims of Presedo

    Hi, I'm scouting on the places to stay along Camino Ingles. My initial plan was to stay Betanzos > Julia's Bar > Hospital de Bruma. Browsing on www.gronze.com site, i saw that Presedo sits between Betanzos and Hospital de Bruma. Now, I'm thinking of staying at Presedo. Has anyone stayed...
  8. Dennis M

    ATMs along Camino Ingles

    Are there ATMs where I can withdraw money along Camino Ingles? i scouted the route thru google and i saw it passes thru towns so I assume there will be along the way. I may withdraw maybe twice along the route cause I don't want to carry a substantial amount of money while walking. and, how...
  9. Dennis M

    Santiago to Ferrol

    Hello, I'm starting to plan my flight from Philadelphia to Ferrol for my Camino Ingles journey. My planned route is Philly-Madrid-A Coruna. I seeing more options if i fly Philly-Madrid-Santiago de Compostela. My question. I can land at Santiago de Compostela then take public transpo to Ferrol...
  10. Dennis M

    Camino Portuges or Ingles?

    Good day to All.. I'm planning my Camino journey in May 2015 and wanted to get an idea on which is recommended camino route. I was really planning Camino Ingles however can change plan. What am I looking for? 1) I only have limited days to walk so 6 days would be a max and wanted to earn a...