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    Caminoists in Melbourne

    What can I say, you are inspirational, having completed one and following up with a second. I will keep you in mind as I walk in sept .. Buen Camino
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    Caminoists in Melbourne

    Hi, I am from Geelong and heading off on my third attempt at the Camino in September, start walking from St Jean on the 16th. My first attempt was in 2007 and I managed about 12 days before I lost my way.. Returned last year with my wife and granddaughter. This time we managed 420 k covering...
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    Very Early Planning

    Hi, my wife and I are planning to walk the Camino in Oct 2011 (yes a long way off) but as time is restricted I was considering not walking the leg between Burgos and Leon. Is this a reasonable approach or is there another segment (or two) which we should think about Rod
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    how long does it take to cover the average 25k per day?

    Thanks Ulysse, I thought that it would be pretty dark around 6am, I also don't see the point in walking in the dark, I am sure there is more to see in the first couple of hours of walking than the light on the track in front of you. I may never get the opportunity to do this again so I don't...
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    how long does it take to cover the average 25k per day?

    This may be a little off topic but; I plan to start my journey 5 Oct out of St Jean, how much daylight will I have? What would be a good time to start out each day and still leave me with sufficient time to cover the 25 odd K's each day? I don't mind a little darkness but would imagine 5am or...
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    Weather in October?

    Pleased to hear that there are others walking in October, I am heading out of Dublin on 4 Oct to start from SJPdP on the 5th. Jen when are you heading out?
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    Best Time to Go

    Sonia, Very sorry to hear that you can't make it this year as you have been one of the driving forces behind me making my decision to go in October, but I know you will make it next year. Keep smilin'
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    October v May

    Finally made the big commitment, fly out of Melbourne on 1 Oct for Dublin, then on to SJPdP 4 Oct - start my journey 5 Oct. giving myself 37 days to finish - Hopefully our paths will cross Alex. Also would love to hear from anyone else who will be out and about at this time. Enjoy
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    October v May

    John H, Thanks. I will most definitly have a look at your blog. I hopefully will be finalising my flight out of Melbourne to Dublin tomorrow, arriving in Dublin on the 2nd October and then across to start from SJPdP on the 5th I can wait no longer
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    October v May

    I find myself in a position where I can walk the Camino in either October this year or May next Year. I have had to postpone the journey now twice and am becoming very frustrated but is starting out on the 5th October a bit ambitious?
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    Now October

    Originally I was walking in September but now due to circumstances beyond my control I find I now cannot leave Melbourne before the 1st of October meaning I will be starting out from SJPdP somewhere around the 5th. Can anyone tell me what the weather will be like and will there be plenty of...
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    When to Go??

    Thanks for your inut omar, I have looked at some of the pictures of snow on the Camino and feel that March is not such a great idea. Enjoy your journey, as I read this forum and hear of all the people heading off now or very shortly I become more resolved that I must go in September. Rod
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    When to Go??

    I have been planning for about 18 months to walk this September. Have everything planned - leaving Melbourne on the 31st August via Dublin and starting the walk on the 6th September. A mate was also going to walk with me but now he cannot do it until next year - Marchish, I do not want to delay...
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    How do I get from Biarritz to SJPP

    Hi Sonia, I asked a similar question and received this reply: "It's pretty easy to get to St JdP from Dublin Fly Ryanair to Biarritz, when you exit the airport take a bus to Bayonne Gare ( cost 1.5 euro) from Bayonne get a train to St Jean (cost 8 euro). The train journey itself is...