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John Brierley Camino Frances Guide
This guide is one of the ones that has been around for over 15 years. Updated yearly. Please read the reviews.
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Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.

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  1. jostony

    Stay at Hondarrabia or Irun

    I am flying to Biarritz on 24 Aug to walk part of camino del Norte. I will start Camino in Saint-Jean-de-Luz on 25 Aug and take coastal route to Spain and cross estuary to Hondarribia. My question is it better to stay in Hondarribia and continue the Camino from there the next day or walk on and...
  2. jostony


    I completed Primitivo in June but on arriving in Santiago experienced Pain in my back and leg which doctor in UK has diagnosed as Sciatica. After some painful weeks I am recovering but am concerned as I had intended to do the Camino del Norte in 2020. Obviously will need to undergo physio and...
  3. jostony

    Primitivo - May - reducing backpack weight

    Hello. Finally decided on my route and stages and prebooked most of accommodation. Now dithering on what to take and leave behind. Backpack currently weighs in at 7kg which = 8% body weight. Would like to knock off at least 1/2kg. Firstly do you recommend boots for ankle support or not? Will be...
  4. jostony

    Primitivo - May 2019 - stages?

    I am walking with brother/wife starting 18 May. We would like to start slow (10miles p/d) and build up our walking distances. We fly back from Santiago 6 June and would like a rest day in Lugo. Can anyone suggest stages and/or recommend places to stay along this route?
  5. jostony

    2017 - planning Second Camino - which route?

    I completed my first Camino in May to July this year from SJPdP to Santiago/Finisterre & Muxia. Great experience and now that I have settled back into my life I have committed to do my Second camino in 2017. I just need guidance please on which route would be best second time round. I have...
  6. jostony

    Tony's Camino de Santiago

    jostony submitted a new resource: Tony's Camino de Santiago - Walking for Alzeihmers Read more about this resource...
  7. jostony

    Day 42 - Guidance - Weather & Clothing

    Countdown to CF in May/June and I continue to fret on back pack weight and how much clothing to take or leave. I would welcome please some guidance on likely weather for this time of year and advice on clothing that I am planning to take, should include or can consider leaving at home. Backpack...
  8. jostony

    Day 46 - Guidance - Time and Money

    Initially I had an open time frame to complete CF starting 1st May and was fairly relaxed with "I will get to Santiago when I get there" mindset. Just found out that daughter's graduation is now confirmed earlier than we expected for 1st July so will need to return to England by 29th June. So...
  9. jostony

    57 days - Question - Stretches

    I live in "The Fens" - hopelessly flat country to train and get fit. Last weekend ventured West and found some hills in Malvern to practice on with a fullish backpack and also try out my pacer poles. Hills max elevation 400 metres. First thing I discovered along steep height climb was my...
  10. jostony

    Guidance on Water to carry

    As it is raining hard I have put off walking, so I am fine-tuning (ok playing) with my packing list and deciding what to cut out and take and weighing everything again. I am dithering on water. I have now decided to leave my water bladder and will instead take a deuter pulse one front holster...
  11. jostony

    Kit advice please

    My Camino start date is fast approaching and I am now training with my Pacer Poles but I am finding that my existing RAB (VR Tour) gloves are too warm and sweaty. Really would like some thin breathable gloves to use in May/June - to avoid chaffing and for sun protection too - what do you...
  12. jostony

    Travel - train Bayonne to SJPD

    What is the best way to travel to SJPD from Biarritz as I am a bit confused on the train service to SJPD from Bayonne. Is this currently a direct service? And can anyone please point me to best website to get the train timetables? Reading the forum over last few months and recent comments there...
  13. jostony

    Travel query - Biarritz

    As our flight lands late afternoon in Biarritz can anyone please recommend somewhere nice and reasonable to stay overnight along with any restaurants ?
  14. jostony

    In memory of...?

    Sorry to raise a personal question but I would welcome some guidance. One if not the main reason I have committed to walk my Camino is in memory of parents, following my mother's death last year having suffered many years with Altzeimers and losing my beloved father to cancer some years back ...
  15. jostony

    On my countdown .. a few things that are preying on my mind.

    My first Camino (Frances) is fast approaching and I have 14 weeks till I fly out 29/4. So my current priorities are to ideally lose 14 kilos from 90 to 76 with the help of sensible diet, no red wine or cheese for a while and walking daily 2 to 3 hours with a good coffee as a reward! And a longer...
  16. jostony

    Guidance on back pack weight

    As a newbie to the idea of walking, let alone the actual commitment I have made to walking the Camino next year, I have just about bought all the gear I think I need and compiled a spreadsheet which tells me that total weight is 7.75 kilos so it will end up at 8 kilos. Once I add in 2.5 kilos...
  17. jostony

    Comfortable mens underwear

    I am now approaching the last few things to consider on my list and seem to have left most boring but probably as important as everything else till last. Would welcome please your suggestions on which mens underpants are best suited both in quality and practicality to walk Camino Frances.
  18. jostony

    Water and footwear

    Hello All. I intend to walk Camino Frances in May/June 2015 and I am compiling my kit. I have found Forum conversations very helpful and my initial queries are (1) how much water do you recommend to carry each day as 2 litres presumaby equates to 2 kilos - should I plan on this as I will have...