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  1. Annros

    Blog from bike trip Duisburg-Tours

    I just added a page with some advice based on my experiences this summer: http://backpacktant.wordpress.com/library/advice/
  2. Annros

    Blog from bike trip Duisburg-Tours

    This summer I went by bike from Duisburg to Tours, as the third stage of a journey from Sweden to Santiago. This link goes to the entry from the first day of the trip: http://backpacktant.wordpress.com/2012/06/21/bike-in-the-air/ Next year, or later, I plan to go back to Tours, and continue...
  3. Annros

    New Google map of the routes through France

    A kind and observant forum member pointed out that my source for the routes through France is questionable. Some years ago in the gift shop of the Orval monastery in Belgium, I bought what I believed to be a reproduction of a genuinte map from 1648. But apparently it is a clever modern pastiche...
  4. Annros

    New Google map of the routes through France

    I've created a Google map of the pilgrimage routes through France taken from a lovely old map from 1648. I also added all the cultural sites that are protected by Unesco along the Camino in France. http://g.co/maps/x4chv I posted this before but it was deleted, I hope it was because of the...
  5. Annros

    Pilgrims in Stockholm, Sweden and Scandinavia

    This sounds interesting! Did you ever hold a meeting in Stockholm? And will there be any more? I looked for the "Albergue section" but couldn't find it.
  6. Annros

    Pure Silk Thermals / Base Layers

    This might be an interesting fact for you silk wearing ladies and gentlemen: Silk should not be laundered in ordinary modern detergent! The enzymes are no good for silk fabric. Maybe everyone else knew this already - but nobody told me until the age of 40. Instead, an oil based old fashioned...
  7. Annros

    Pure Silk Thermals / Base Layers

    There is a company called Silkbody based in NZ. I have seen their clothes for sale in Stockholm, Sweden, so surely they would have a store in Australia as well. I haven't bought anything from this brand, so I can say nothing of the quality. But I definitely recommend silk for base layers. I...