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  1. Rebekah Scott

    Forum Book Club - REVISED (MORE TIME) Schedule for the first four books...

    FYI: Popular as it may be in the camino world, "The Great Westward Walk" was self-published. Which evidently means it's not up to standards and below our consideration.
  2. Rebekah Scott

    A Furnace Full of God: A Holy Year on the Camino de Santiago

    Dear BombayBill, Unlike the other people above, I am Rebekah Scott. I have walked the CF many times, and every time I walk it's a little different... and I am a little different. Nowadays I prefer to walk other pilgrim trails, just for a break from what I already know so well... that's what a...
  3. Rebekah Scott

    What does 'quintana' mean?

    Out here in Castile there are many town names that include "Quintana," "Quintanilla," etc. I asked an architectural historian about that, she said big swaths of land owned by Lords or other royalty and farmed by serfs were divided into fifths, to determine crop rotation and also to reenforce the...
  4. Rebekah Scott

    Any chances to volunteer at albergues?

    Sunkyung, there is also a Korean presence at the pilgrim retreat center at Monastery Monte Irago in Rabanal del Camino, a Benedictine house. Volunteers can help at their pilgrim center, and take part in the monastic life of the monastery. https://monteirago.org/ko/
  5. Rebekah Scott

    Year-round pilgrims on the Camino

    A lot of full-time pilgrims are also volunteer hospitaleros. They stay as long as they can and then move on. We have had a few long-term hospi-pilgrims here at hour house for months at a time, some of them have wintertime gigs, like one German guy who stays at Rates in Portugal thru the winter...
  6. Rebekah Scott

    Clean the Camino

    We have some people who help almost every year, but new ones are welcome. You need to be in pretty good physical condition, however. The days are long and the work is hard, but we have a lot of fun, too!
  7. Rebekah Scott

    Clean the Camino

    We usually gather on the final week of November at Peaeable Kingdom in Moratinos (my house.) We work for four or five days at a series of sites determined in advance. We are supported by donations.
  8. Rebekah Scott

    Year-round pilgrims on the Camino

    All the professional pilgrims I have met are men of a certain age. Julian is from Toledo, he is spending his winter in Carrion de los Condes, sleeping among his collection of cardboard on the porch of Iglesia Sta Maria, doing odd jobs til the weather breaks and he and his dog will move on. He...
  9. Rebekah Scott

    A year ago today

    I think some people living far away think Spain is in deep mourning, its economy crushed and large numbers of people are now missing or dead. I live in a camino village in the middle of the Meseta. Perhaps because we are so isolated, only one of us 20 souls has contracted the virus -- and she...
  10. Rebekah Scott

    Pipe organs

    If you like Spanish pipe organs, Palencia is a great place to be, especially in late July/early August, when the Organ Festival is on. Here's some ad copy about it: "One more year we love to inform of the celebration of the Festival of Organ of Palencia, held between July 16th and August 18th...
  11. Rebekah Scott

    "Profanation" of the Burgos Cathedral or...art?

    I don't think the cathedral doors insult Catholicism, or even Catholics. I think they insult JabbaPappa, who identifies with both the above. The people who commissioned these works are bona fide Catholics of the Spanish Bishop kind, who specialize in advising the Vatican on how to be Catholic...
  12. Rebekah Scott

    "Profanation" of the Burgos Cathedral or...art?

    The more I see, the more I like it!
  13. Rebekah Scott

    Pacer poles

    The only real downside to Pacer Poles is they are expensive, and people notice them, and they "liberate" them. In all my years of Camino, I have only been robbed twice. Both times, it was my Pacer poles they took.
  14. Rebekah Scott

    "Profanation" of the Burgos Cathedral or...art?

    We of the 21st century have something to add to the beauties of the past. How many of us ever noticed the church doors before now? Why are the old ones suddenly so important? It's taken me some time to come to a conclusion on this issue, but I've decided I rather like the current proposal. It's...
  15. Rebekah Scott

    What is your perspective on this rather metaphysical question?

    You want philosophical, I got philosophical. The Camino is for real. Being a pilgrim is much like being in a play, a dance, or some other kind of performance -- it's very real, compelling, totally absorbing and sometimes revelatory. It is very real for as long as it lasts. And then it's over...
  16. Rebekah Scott

    Ruta de los Santuarios (Liébana - Oviedo)

    OMG I feel a nosebleed coming on!
  17. Rebekah Scott

    Chuletitas de Cordero

    a tough job. I think you're equal to it.
  18. Rebekah Scott

    Chuletitas de Cordero

    You're on. We'll have to invite some lucky pilgrims in to help us eat it all!
  19. Rebekah Scott

    Ruta de los Santuarios (Liébana - Oviedo)

    Wow, this one is right up my street! Too bad Asturias is closed til May 9, or I'd be up there looking around NOW.