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  1. SusanH

    Monkey Butt. . . Prevention, Care, and Treatment

    For my feet? Nope. I scratched them a fair bit and that was basically my only problem along the way. But, and this is a biggie (lol) when I arrived home, I ended up pulling my psoas muscle. It was such an intense and immobilizing pain that took weeks to heal. Ohhhhhh, I just can’t wait to get...
  2. SusanH

    Monkey Butt. . . Prevention, Care, and Treatment

    Gosh - I guess I was super lucky that I never experienced any of these issues!!!! I’m fat and I sweat a lot!!! Maybe it was the pants that I was wearing? The only problem I had was the tops of my feet would get extremely itchy - I think from the heat and being in boots. I really feel for people...
  3. SusanH

    Camino this April

    I am in the exact same position as you! But, I think that I need to start cancelling things... 😔
  4. SusanH

    Sad news; the passing of David M Gitlitz

    This is an amazing book. It has taught me so much about the history! ❤️
  5. SusanH

    April 2021

    I haven’t booked a flight as of yet. But, Orrison did confirm with me that my reservation was still on for early April 2021. I mention Orrison as it’s the only bed that I worry about that early in on the Camino! Lol
  6. SusanH

    April 2021

    Hi ClareLou, forgive my ignorance - you’re talking about walking in Italy? Is that correct?
  7. SusanH

    Reservation Orisson and Roncesvalles

    I booked for April 2021 at both places!
  8. SusanH

    Shopping (some regret)

    https://www.caminoteca.com/en/content/183-our-shop Love, love, loves this store in Pamplona! They will mail you what you want! 💛💙
  9. SusanH

    April 2021

    I’m booked into Orrison a few days earlier... Fingers crossed!
  10. SusanH

    April 2021

    People are d people are currently walking - I just don’t know how it’s all working out right now...
  11. SusanH

    April 2021

    Who’s walking the Francis next April?!
  12. SusanH

    Incognito Celebrities on the Camino

    Is this Allen Rickman?
  13. SusanH

    Favorite Spanish recipes post /pre camino you’ve made at home

    When I make and eat this, I’m taken right back into Spain!
  14. SusanH

    Favorite Spanish recipes post /pre camino you’ve made at home

  15. SusanH

    Reservations for 2021

    My apologies.... Did you get your bookings sorted out?!!!
  16. SusanH

    Refuge Orison reservations

    I look the same as in my pic! If you can see it that is lol
  17. SusanH

    Refuge Orison reservations

    I’m also April 2021!
  18. SusanH

    Refuge Orison reservations

    Book online. I did and now I have a reservation for 2021!
  19. SusanH

    Refuge Orison reservations

    If you book through their website, you can make a reservation. I have made a reservation for 2021!
  20. SusanH

    Spontaneous Camino

    Everyone here is with you! Message if you ever need a wee bit of encouragement!!!!!