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  1. CWBuff

    Which airport is more convenient from Finisterre - Santiago or ACoruna?

    So if one (or two as it may be) were to leave Finisterre on a Saturday morning and truly do not care which Airport to fly from (nor routes, stopovers, layovers, etc.) - what is the least 'headache-producible' option? - take a bus to A Coruna or take a bus to Santiago? looking for something like...
  2. CWBuff

    COVID Group of pilgrims trapped together in Spain become like family

    Did not really know where to post this - decided on this section since it is COVID-related (if anything, if it wasnt for COVID this would not have happened) If The Moderators feel there is a more appropriate Forum for it - please move there Group of pilgrims trapped together in Spain become...
  3. CWBuff

    Carillon Domtoren: Sint Jacob Concert

    I received an email from one of the organisers of my local Americans on Camino Chapter Needless to say the live straming is done :( (woul've been cool to listen Live) but the video is still there (and.... I spotted our own @Rebekah Scott posting a comment - maybe other Members that live in...
  4. CWBuff

    Socks (Part Deux)

    So... long long time ago in the Galaxy Pre-COVID XIX (hmmm... looks better with Roman numerals I say) I posted a questin about socks. I think it was more or less about the liners and from there couple of pairs of Injinjiis I bought This time its a bit diferrent and can be applied to inners and...
  5. CWBuff

    Palm Sunday

    In this troubled time when so many of us could not "properly" participate in the Palm Sunday Service I stumbled upon this which I humbly share with the Members (OK technically I am slightly early :rolleyes: ) Joseph Haydn - The Seven Last Words of Christ I guess the interesting side-story if...
  6. CWBuff

    Do they live up to the name

    Iowa Camino Hiking boots So... I saw couple of previous posts that mention Iowa boots, IIRC there was only 1 short blurb about "Camino" model first of... REALLY? Camino? :rolleyes: But then.... second of.... $325.00 (at least in REI) REALLY? :eek: Thus my questions are: Does anyone have an...
  7. CWBuff

    What (if anything) I did wrong?

    So.. this was my first venture into SIM swapping and I thought that it would be a nice test-run for when I need to do the same for Camino. We just came home from a Mediterranean Cruise with pre-time in Barcelona and post in Genoa Thus when we landed at El Pratt I found a Vodafone store in the...
  8. CWBuff

    Meseta sandals?

    Saw this on Pinterest. Kind of wondering if these would work on Meseta? ;) 😇
  9. CWBuff

    a 'training walk' on Good Friday

    Be it as I was off on Good Friday and my wife had to work, I took this opportunity to try a first long distance walk. I went with her to her place of work and walked home from there. Doubled-up on socks using Injinjii inners; no-special footwear (my usual cross-training FILA sneakers; not the...
  10. CWBuff

    how to pack for an extended trip

    For better or worse - some of what the gentleman suggests here may very well work for the Camino blog/44254172 by Peter Thompson Is your baggage weighing you down? Let go! And travel with just a carry-on bag. Yes, even on long trips to Europe or elsewhere abroad. You’ll feel liberated and have...
  11. CWBuff

    WOW Air

    Apparently WOW AIR - an Iselanding budget airline - abruptly cancelled all their flights and ceased their operation in the middle of the night Plenty of news links all over the Internet If you have booked a ticket with them for your Camino, probably should start looking at the alternatives
  12. CWBuff

    Is there an App?

    Sans the cliche that there IS an App for anything, does anyone know if such an animal exists that would allow me: set the time(er) to chime every 15 mins (my timetable to take a gulp or 2 of water to stay hydrated..works for me) keep the time but only when I am in motion (more or less for my...
  13. CWBuff

    Extra day off

    Provided one has 3 full days to 'relax' but at the same be a bit of the tourist, here is what I am pondering upon: I would like to take a full day off in Burgos (pre-Meseta) and in Leon (post-Meseta), do some touristy stuff - check out cathedrals, churches, perhaps museums.... So... given that...
  14. CWBuff

    SJPdP from Philadelphia

    I was just wondering what it the reasonably 'most economical' way to get from Philly area to SJPdP (and I do understand the Bayonne --> SJPdP train and thus the need to get to Bayonne)? Fly to Biarritz direct? Or perhaps Paris or even Madrid? PHL, JFK, EWR? within reasons - does it make sense to...
  15. CWBuff

    It just 'became real'!!!!

    Got a call from my Department Manager couple of minutes ago. He spoke to our company's CEO and I got a full blessing for ALL 6 weeks requested (never been done before in the Co's history!!!!) Currently I am simply overwhelmed with emotions!!! God Willing... Holy Year 2021 Mid-May --> early...
  16. CWBuff

    Orisson Cancelation

    If one makes a reservation at Orrison - what is the latest "time" that one can cancel? 24 hrs? 1 week? thanks in advance
  17. CWBuff


    While looking up something that caught my eye on one of different threads I came across this: Liner socks thoughts anyone? thanks in advance