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  1. ebrandt

    Walking into Burgos on the Camino Vasco

    Hi All, This forum on the Vasco has been very, very quiet! I am planning to walk the Vasco this fall , all pandemic things permitting. I am wondering about the last stage into Burgos. It looks to me like the walk into Burgos from Villimar (just after the BU30) ring road) is on busy city...
  2. ebrandt

    Best Weather Guesses!

    Hi all, we are planning a fall 2021 or spring 2022 camino. I have a couple routes in mind — either the Vasco del Interior to the Frances to the Invierno or the Via de la Plata via Astorga. We have twice served as hospitaleros at Refugio Gaucelmo and want to walk through Rabanal so we can see...
  3. ebrandt

    Joyful Camino Memories

    I was browsing my pictures and stumbled on this one. Suddenly my eyes teared up, and I really felt like I was sitting with pilgrims at Refugio Gaucelmo sharing our lives and eating....homemade apple pie! I think I may have shared as version of this story before. But as I sit here with happy...
  4. ebrandt

    Update on Burgos or Santo Domingo de Calzada

    Hi All, I am new to this sub-forum and am starting to dream about a possible future walk on the Vasco. I know there are some older threads on whether to walk to Santo Domingo or to Burgos, but I don't see any posts more recent than 2015ish. So I am wondering what advice you would give. Our...
  5. ebrandt

    Renfe Trenhotel?

    We will be traveling from Guitiriz (between A Coruna and Lugo) to Madrid on the trenhotel this summer. It looks like we can book tickets in “tourista”, “cama tourista” or “cama g. clase”. I assume tourista is regular seating, possibly in a reclining chair, but no bed/cabin. Cama tourista...
  6. ebrandt

    slightly more than 60 days? and receive mail?

    We are working at Miraz on the Norte and then walking the Aragones and Frances. Although we haven't figured out or travel plans specifically, one possibility is to arrive in Santiago on 17 August, drop a suitcase at Casa Ivar, make our way to Miraz and then on to Somport. If we do this we may...
  7. ebrandt

    Bus from Jaca to San Juan de la Pena Info

    Others have mentioned that there is a bus from Jaca to San Juan de la Pena. I believe someone said it leaves Jaca at 9:30 am. It does not appear to be ALSA and Google is not coming up with the bus info. Can anyone post additional info about this bus -- What is the bus Co. name? Where do you...
  8. ebrandt

    Looking for input on difficulty, stages and your collective wisdom!

    Hi all, I have just started planning our next Camino beginning in early September 2020. We will be volunteering at Miraz on the Norte for the second half of August and then making our way to the beginning of our walk. I have had a total ankle replacement since our last walk on the Haervejen in...
  9. ebrandt

    Guide to the Haervejen Trail in Denmark -- Viborg to Padborg

    Hi All, last summer we walked the Haervejen trail in Denmark from Viborg to the German border at Padborg. I made a guide for our walk which I finally have updated and I blogged while we were walking. If you are interested in this lovely walk, check out our blog and guide: the Haervejen on...
  10. ebrandt

    Updating my Camino Primitivo Guide

    Hi All, I have not been on this forum for some time, but recently I have received some updated information for the Primitivo guide I posted in 2015 in the resources section of this site. I decided that I should try to update the Albergues on the entire Guide as I didn't want folks to think it...
  11. ebrandt

    How much pavement on the Norte? Descriptions Please!

    People say there is more pavement walking on the Norte, but I am trying to figure out what that means! I am going to be walking on a new ankle joint and my husbandd has some minor knee issues so we (articulately me) have to be a bit careful. We are ok on pavement as long as we have “recovery”...
  12. ebrandt

    Best Time to walk -- VERY Advance Planning!

    Hi All, this is a bit of an intro for my first post in the Le Puy forum along with a question. My husband and I are planning to walk from Le Puy to Santiago in 2020. I know that is a long time from now but we have many moving parts. Between now and then we are retiring, moving cross...
  13. ebrandt

    Finally Back Walking!

    I have been pretty silent on the forum this past winter -- its been a tough one! My husband Tom had neck and elbow issues that stopped the first stage of our California Mission Walk last November and I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of January. I am happy to report that we...
  14. ebrandt

    Advice on Haervejen

    My husband and I are planning to walk Haervejen (the Ancient Road) in Denmark next summer. We have focused on this because my husband's family is originally from Denmark and we thought this might be a nice way to sink into some Danish history. I have lots of questions about this route. I have...
  15. ebrandt

    Movie of our time as Hospitaleros at Refugio Gaucelmo

    HI All, My husband and I had the privilege of serving as Hospitaleros at Refugio Gaucelmo in Rabanal this past July./ Here is movie of our time there that I thought some of you might enjoy. Liz (Edit: Ivar added video in post). (Hi all, I have temporarily taken out the embedded video in...
  16. ebrandt

    Movie of our Camino Primitivo this past summer

    Hi Primitivo-ites. I have not been online much this fall. My work schedule has eaten up my free time almost completely. I finally finished a video of our Primitivo from this past summer. The link is also on my blog. Its public on youtube here. Liz
  17. ebrandt

    Reflections on my equipment list for the Camino Primitivo in June 2015

    I've been meaning to do this and I'm sitting in a loooong , booooring conference call at the moment so I thought I would multi-task. Here's what I took and my reflections on it after I returned: Osprey Kestral men's small Backpack -- this was a new purchase and is a 33 liter pack -- It was...
  18. ebrandt

    I'm baaack.....

    Hi Primitivo Groupies! I just posted my updated guide and posted in the blogs/pictures sub-forum. The link to my blog is in my signature here also. In the blog I have a post reviewing all the places we stayed also. We wanted to be "off the grid" while in Spain so I have not been on this...
  19. ebrandt

    My Camino Primitivo Blog and Pictures

    Hi All, We walked the Camino Primitivo and the Camino Muxia this summer. We started 9 June and arrived in Muxia on 28 June. Here is my blog . Each blog post contains a link to our pictures for that day. They are posted and are public in Picasa. You can find them here. I haven't had time...
  20. ebrandt

    Outdoor Store in Oviedo?

    Hi all, our trekking poles did not arrive in Spain with us. We are in Oviedo for the day. Does anyone know of a shop where we can purchase poles here? Liz