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  1. CaminoJew

    Books about the Camino

    I recommend a Camino travel book with a spin :”A Jew on the Camino”. It is a Camino log with a twist- describing towns and villages along the Frances route from a Jewish historic perspective. Available digitally on Amazon Kindle.
  2. CaminoJew

    Pagan Camino book?

    No insults meant. The vast majority of the many Camioers I spoke to had no pilgrimage aspirations
  3. CaminoJew

    Pagan Camino book?

    Each person has her/his own reason for making the trip ... of the hundreds I met on my two journeys few called themselves "Pilgrims ".
  4. CaminoJew

    Pagan Camino book?

    It is impossible to create compatibility between historic facts and religious myth. Historical facts: many thousands of enslaved captives from Judea were brought to Spain as a result of the failed uprising of the Jews in 66-70 CE. This is well documented by several contemporary historians. The...
  5. CaminoJew

    Pagan Camino book?

    It is available on Amazon Kindle
  6. CaminoJew

    Pagan Camino book?

    Jews first arrived in Spain as slaves of the Romans, following the fall of Jerusalem in 70CE. This predates Chritians arrival. Jewish slaves built Leon, Pamplona and the road connecting them. These are the roots of the Spanish Jewish community.
  7. CaminoJew

    Pagan Camino book?

    The Palloza Museum at O Cebreiro is making real efforts in reconstruction of pre-Roman Celtic culture in Galicia
  8. CaminoJew

    Pagan Camino book?

    A very interesting topic to research! Hope to see the outcome. I personally wrote a Camino history from a Jewish perspective, titled "A Jew on the Camino, with details of Jewish communities along the Camino predating Christianity. Good luck with your research David
  9. CaminoJew

    Numbness where shoulder straps rest

    It took a little more than one day for the stress to subside. Still, i was able to continue walking without my backpack. Feel better and God bless David
  10. CaminoJew

    Numbness where shoulder straps rest

    Hi, Sounds like blood flow in arteries was being interrupted by weight of bag. I had the same experience. Called my doctor back home and she suggested giving my shoulders a few days of rest. I used the Correos bag forwarding service for 2 days and this enabled me to complete my Camino. Good luck...
  11. CaminoJew

    Herrerías to Tricastela via O Cebreiro too much?

    In my case, i began my Camino at SJ, so it was about 4 weeks into the trek. Fitness- i am a grandfather of 12, so you can guess my body has seen better days... weather- it actually rained that day.
  12. CaminoJew

    Herrerías to Tricastela via O Cebreiro too much?

    I second Via2010 opinion . Have done exactly this segment . The climb was just over 1 hour. Certainly doable
  13. CaminoJew

    Hello Shelley, Thanks so much for the "like" on my post! God bless and bon Camino David

    Hello Shelley, Thanks so much for the "like" on my post! God bless and bon Camino David
  14. CaminoJew

    Vaseline - Is it an Essential Item to Pack?

    In my many years as a hiker , i have been using Zinc Oxide for chafing, blisters, chapped lips and all other skin issues. Works faster and better for me than vaseline
  15. CaminoJew

    Josef Scheffler on Via de la Plata

    Great advice! I would extend the off hours to 11-16. On such days one should only walk early morning and late afternoon.
  16. CaminoJew

    Favorite Pictures of Animals on your Camino

    This beautiful butterfly was on the trail going down towards Acebo. Thanks so much to Anne Sophie from Danmark with the heavenly singing voice, who pointed it out to me.
  17. CaminoJew

    Compostela for baby conceived on Camino?

    Wonderful news! Best wishes and prayers for the baby and parents. Had a similar experience on a trek in Nepal many years ago. As for getting the Camino Credential- I am sure your child will prefer singing that line of Frank Sinatra "I did it MY way" God bless, david
  18. CaminoJew

    September 2018 who’s going?

    Hello to all, New to this forum, but did the Camino Frances last winter. Will be walking it again this Fall Please God . plan to leave SJDP Sept. 17th. God bless to all, david