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  1. Jennifer Partika

    France to Italy

    Hello fellow pilgrims- I am thinking of taking a few months to hike from Portugal to Italy (Lucca) I can follow the route from Lisbon to Santiago, then Santiago to SJPDP but then the way though France from there seems fragmented. As far as I can tell, all southern French routes end at Arles...
  2. Jennifer Partika

    Bedbug Free Nights on the Camino

    I just bought this liner yesterday! I hiked the CF in September/October two years ago with a bed bug sheet that I laid under my treated sleeping bag and STILL got bites and spend countless hours washing and drying my clothes and pack. Not my favorite memory of the Camino but looking back...
  3. Jennifer Partika

    The Danger of using Permethrin to prevent Bed Bugs.

    I have been on the Camino for 10 days and have found bed bugs in my lodgings 3 times so far and am covered in bites as is my walking partner. I beg to differ!
  4. Jennifer Partika

    LIVE from the Camino More bed bugs!!

    I am now at the Albergue de Pelegrínos and all seems well. Fingers crossed! This issue with bed bugs does somewhat distract from the mental calm and clarity that I was hoping to gain along The Way.
  5. Jennifer Partika

    LIVE from the Camino More bed bugs!!

    Turns out I must be cursed. Checked into the convent in Santo Domingo de la Calzada. Set my bag down and checked the bed. Found a bug right away. The woman next to me also saw one crawling on the wall. As per usual, took a picture, killed it and got my money back. 9th day on the Camino and 3rd...
  6. Jennifer Partika

    LIVE from the Camino More bed bugs!!

    Soaked it. ;( But haven’t been using my sleeping bag as the private hostels have bedding which I foolishly trusted. Tonight I will be sleeping in my treated bag on top of my bed bug sheet. Hopefully I will have a bug free night and get some much needed sleep.
  7. Jennifer Partika

    LIVE from the Camino More bed bugs!!

    Yes Mike, indeed feeling unlucky.
  8. Jennifer Partika

    LIVE from the Camino More bed bugs!!

    Day 7 on my Camino. Woke up at 1:00 am to find two bed bugs crawling on me and a number of fresh bites at Pension Logroño. Later saw one crawling on the wall. Didn’t know what to do as where would I go at that hour. Killed one then slept the rest of the night on my “bed bug sheet” with the...
  9. Jennifer Partika

    Bed bugs in Roncesvalles

    Turns out we did get bitten but took a day or two to show up. Have gone through the process of washing/drying everything twice now just to be safe. We have met several people enroute who have bites as well.
  10. Jennifer Partika

    Bed bugs in Roncesvalles

    Gite Ultreia but I would be surprised if they originated from there as I did not take out any of my personal bedding until ariving at Roncesvalles and kept my pack in the provided bin the whole time.
  11. Jennifer Partika

    Bed bugs in Roncesvalles

    Woke up this morning in beautiful Roncesvalles main albergue to find a bed bug crawling across the bed. I took a picture, then killed it. I only saw one and thus far no bites noticed. I had sprayed my sleeping bag and backpack so maybe that kept them off me. The staff were great about helping me...
  12. Jennifer Partika

    New Travel Fiction about the Camino

    I live in the US. Paid $3.99 but only got the first three chapters. There was not another option to download other than that. Strange. Did enjoy the first part though!
  13. Jennifer Partika

    New Travel Fiction about the Camino

    Just tried to download it on Kindle from Amazon but it only lets me download a sample? Is there another site to download the whole book?
  14. Jennifer Partika

    Undies Matter !

    I LOVE my Patagonia undies! They are quick drying, moisture and odor wicking. They are expensive but worth the investment. I got them on the sale site so not so bad.
  15. Jennifer Partika

    How to get from Pamplona to SJPdP

    Thanks so much for this link! I will be arriving in Pamplona later in the evening on a Sunday and was anxious to get to SJPDP that night so I could start walking in the morning. This is an awesome option!
  16. Jennifer Partika

    Advice on how to get from Barcelona to SJP

    I will be walking the CF in Sep/Oct and am flying into Barcelona landing in the late afternoon on a Saturday. I would love to start my hike on Sunday leaving from SJP. Any advice on the quickest way to get there from Barcelona?
  17. Jennifer Partika

    Shoe advice for a newbie

    I will be walking my first El Camino CF in Sep/Oct and have been busily trying to prepare. I have spent hours reading threads on this site and others regarding hiking shoes/trail runners and a full day at REI trying on shoes. I decided on a pair of Merrell Siren Edge hiking shoes (1/2 size...
  18. Jennifer Partika

    Bed bugs advices please!

    As I am new to the forum, I have not had much time to read other post on the "bedbug" topic but it is a concern of mine. I purchased the bedbug undersheet mentioned above and was wondering if anyone who has used it can comment on its effectiveness. Also, I will be hiking in Sep/Oct and plan to...