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  1. aname4me

    Video: How to Avoid Blisters - It Can be Done

    My Blister tip is... Check your Wedding Ring. Often, your Hands and Feet swell at the same time. Give your Ring a twirl right now. That is what normal feels like. If you think you're experiencing swelling from Over Hydration, Dehydration, 30+C, a Big Hill (what ever)... Check your...
  2. aname4me

    Burgos River Way PDF

    A suggestion.... The River Walk is also without any drinking water. After you finish walking by the Airport runway... and cross Hwy 12 (Calle Mayor). Look for this Bar in a small green space. Get a Coffee, fill your water bottle.
  3. aname4me

    Welcome to the Camino. Are you arriving... Toronto, Barcelona, Pamplona, SJPdP ?

    Welcome to the Camino. Are you arriving... Toronto, Barcelona, Pamplona, SJPdP ?
  4. aname4me

    What is Your Average Walking Distance per Day?

    I walked 3 Caminos with my Wife. We walked 21-25Km per day. My last Camino I walked with my Son (age 33), after Pamplona, we walked 25-32Km per day. I noticed an interesting difference. With my Wife, we would see the same Retired people each night. With my Son, we would see the same...
  5. aname4me

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 4.0.

    I remember this guy.... I went into his Shop to buy a can of Beer and a Bun. A Simple Lunch. I left with €20 of stuff, plus he throw in some free Olives a different Cheese. Great Salesman.
  6. aname4me

    LIVE from the Camino Camino de Santiago de Gran Canaria

    Love to hear more... After all 4 of my Camino's, I went to Tenerife for 2 weeks, to relax (and warm up). The idea of going to Gran Canaria Island and doing an additional walk..... Sounds Great ! Can anyone provide more details? Maps? Elevations? Lodging?
  7. aname4me

    First time Camino Frances Sep 2021

    There are many views on prebooking. As a newbie Pilgrim you won't know the distance you are capable of walking each day. If you don't know how far you can (really) walk... it is hard to prebook. Most retired couples walk 20-25Km a day. I would advise you to book the first four night months...
  8. aname4me

    News Related to the Future of Credencials

    How secure is this new QR idea? Imagine: A young person walking the Camino early next Summer. He/she takes a picture of every QR they come across, and posts them on the Internet (shares it with “Friends”). I find these QR pictures. One day I load the Sarria QR on my tablet and use my...
  9. aname4me

    Back pack for Male or Female

    Most important is your torso length. Your backpack will (obviously) ride on your shoulders. The trick is to make sure it fits correctly on your hips. It is not about your height... it is your torso length. On my 4th Camino my Wife backed out (death in Family), so I bribed my Son to come...
  10. aname4me

    Is the Camino an addiction, an obsession or something else?

    I am going with... It can be addictive to some people (like me). One of the reasons for my first Camino was... I like long morning walks. But, after completing my first Camino, my regular morning walks were less satisfying. -6 to 8 kms, over the same path, just wasn't as much fun, after...
  11. aname4me

    ATM fees - which ones are a rip-off?

    I am Canadian and last Fall I used the IberCaja They were a challenge to find (a few times) but charged NO Service Fee
  12. aname4me

    Silk Liner Feedback?

    We bought our “Silk Liners” on eBay from China. Good price. Long delivery. Worked well. On a couple predawn mornings in late October, climbing through the mountains. Cruz de Ferro, O'Cebreiro My wife wore her Silk Liner as a giant scarf, under her light jacket. Over her shoulder, covering...
  13. aname4me

    Silk Liner Feedback?

    True, Real Silk is very light and surprisingly warm. A frugal tip, also get as 100% Silk Shirt.... from a Thrift Shop. Go to a Thrift Store. It may take a couple tries. Buy a used 100% Silk Shirt. It may be a funny style, and an odd color. But it will be warm and comfy to sleep in. Very...
  14. aname4me

    Multi-timers: Compare your Camino experiences

    I am retired and have walked 4 times. All in the Fall. All the Camino Frances Most common question asked of me: Why the Camino Frances every time? A: Before each Camino, I look at the many choices of routes. The answer is always the same. -Norte is TOO hilly. -Portuguese is short (to fly...
  15. aname4me

    Logrono Wine Festival.... 2020

    Logrono Wine Festival 2020 I did my Camino #5 in 2019 with my Son. I (actually HE) regretted missing the Logrono Wine festival 2019. We arrived in Logrono Sept 26. 2019..... the day before it really started .. Question:.... When is the Logono 2020 Wine Festival ?
  16. aname4me

    Camino Canal Boat near Frómista.

    Today I stopped at the Town before and asked.... when does the boat arrive? 1pm she said We rushed ahead and waited... nothing We phoned the number on the sign.... They are only running at 5pm today.... and it was full. Nice idea.... but not reliable
  17. aname4me

    Where to eat Lunch+Pee in SJPdP ?

    I found a map..... and some pictures of the one near the Bus Stop...
  18. aname4me

    Where to eat Lunch+Pee in SJPdP ?

    Next week I will be arriving at SJPdP on the Bus at 11:45am and have booked Orrison for that night. I don't remember SJPdP having a Bus Terminal.... they just park outside the city walls. Can anyone suggest a place to both pick up a quick Lunch (sandwich) and use their washroom ?