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  1. CISSA69

    Comment by 'CISSA69' in media 'A long steep winding road into the hills from paradise'

    @William Garza Santiago is not half bad but very different .... I love them both and everything inbetween, except whdn it is raining ......
  2. CISSA69

    Comment by 'CISSA69' in media 'A long steep winding road into the hills from paradise'

    @ROB STONE Stunnin it is but no creature was hurt in anyway (Stunned ..... ) when taking the photo. In fairness it is all about good timing and tiredness .... good timing in terms of weather, sunlight etc and tiredness as that section is soo steep .... rest was required.
  3. CISSA69

    Comment by 'CISSA69' in media 'A long steep winding road into the hills from paradise'

    @Christian Hiriart Just like me ..... ha ha I wish ..... Thanks
  4. CISSA69

    Comment by 'CISSA69' in media 'A long steep winding road into the hills from paradise'

    @Theatregal Thank you for your kind compliment.
  5. CISSA69

    Comment by 'CISSA69' in media 'Beautiful Sunlit Botafumerio'

    @Jack oehlmann I was lucky with my timing, a minute later and the sun had moved on ..
  6. Beautiful Sunlit Botafumerio

    Beautiful Sunlit Botafumerio

  7. CISSA69

    Comment by 'CISSA69' in media 'Pilgrim's Arrival'

    The light and architecture in Viana is stunning and a joy to walk in and through ...
  8. CISSA69

    Comment by 'CISSA69' in media 'Poodle, when is it your turn to carry our food?'

    Anamya .... No I did not. I met this couple who were walking the opposite way with these two dogs ... so cute
  9. CISSA69

    Let's run the Camino from SJPP to Santiago

    Here is some information I provided a pilgrim who wanted to run or walk the Camino at Speed to Finisterre .... typos included ..... Good Luck ..... An American woman ran the Camino in 8 days some years back, so 17 days should be a doddle!! I think she ran with a support team, namely her family...
  10. CISSA69

    Day 1 Biarritz -St Jean - Orrison?

    Rita, Given that you have so little time why not limit your Camino walk to Pamplona. Bayonne is beautiful, SJPP is beautiful and surprise surprise so is Pamplona. Use this year's Camino as a training walk, suss out your fitness, gear and equipment and gain a clearer understanding of your...
  11. CISSA69

    Comment by 'CISSA69' in media 'Good morning Mary'

    This photograph was taken in the Pyrennes. The statue is dedicated to the local Shepards who hold a Mass there at least once a year .... a very esposed but magical place on the French side on the Nepolian Route at 14KMs or so from SJPP at an elivation of 1,100m so above the snow line at 900m ..
  12. CISSA69

    Paulo Coelho didn´t complete his Camino

    Maybe they should establish a Paulo Cuelho Camino, starting in SJPP, spending 5 days getting very lost in the Pyrennes .... etc. and then finishing at O'Ceberrio ... might help eleviate some of the congestion and bring more money into the Camino as he stayed in hotels ... ha ha Regardless he...
  13. CISSA69

    Comment by 'CISSA69' in media 'Sierra de Gredos at dawn'

    Stunning photo
  14. CISSA69

    Accommodation in St- Jean-Pied -de- Port

    Shane, Accomodation not likely to be an issue unless you expect to arrive very late at night after 23.00. As long as the Pilgrim office is open, they will sort you out. If not in a rush then spend a day there taking in a only French bit of the French Camino. If Orrisson is open then stay there...
  15. CISSA69

    Backpack weight

    Buy a donkey or become one ... ha ha/eha eha ..
  16. CISSA69

    Comment by 'CISSA69' in media 'Where r "ewe" sheeping tonight?'

    @CaptBuddy I hope you memories are of sheep crossing the road and not of you counting to n-1 sheep due to lots of snoring in your albergues!!! Ha Ha
  17. CISSA69

    Comment by 'CISSA69' in media 'Thank God the clouds are behind and under me'

    I wonder what it is like there now mid Winter .... snow snow no doubt?
  18. CISSA69

    Comment by 'CISSA69' in media 'Good Morning Camino Flowers'

    @jostony thank you very much. I found the flowers growing in a wooded area just off the Camino about 30KMs before Santiago. Looks like they were planted, possibly by a pilgrim ....
  19. CISSA69

    Camino Frances in 3 weeks?

    - Fly to Stansted and then to Biarritz or San Sabastian. There is a bus to Bayonne from both places but aim for a late am or early pm bus from San Sabastian as the other times can be scarily expensive. - If you are fit, healthy and found the walking side of the Camino easy then a big hike when...