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  1. Walton

    Changing my forum name

    Ah - memories of my old student days - punch cards and cobol. Thank you for the memory Seabird. 😁 Off topic anecdote ----- We had to leave our painstakingly prepared punch cards rubber banded, outside an office in a box for the computer guru to put them through. For those that don't know...
  2. Walton

    That daily shower scramble - a different viewpoint

    Thanks Bristle Boy .... I forgot to mention the Alburgue shower - usually cold or tepid at best. Nothing wrong with that of course, if you like your showers this way. A good Spanish born and bred friend told me that one is meant to suffer walking a Camino.
  3. Walton

    That daily shower scramble - a different viewpoint

    I recon modern birth control methods might have something to do with having less kids also. Also, in these modern days, people are kept awake long after bedtime because they read community forums, then reply to forums, watch UTube Camino videos and read Camino books using a modern invention...
  4. Walton

    Trekking Poles Turned Me into the Flash

    Try it for yourself before you go Flig. Go for a maybe, five minute walk, for example, without poles and record the distance / number of steps etc. Then do the same five minute walk using your poles and then compare your stats. We used our cheap and cheerful Garmin Vivofits 2 and 3. What...
  5. Walton

    Trekking Poles Turned Me into the Flash

    We love our Pacer poles and wouldn't walk without them. There is a couple of downsides to pole use though that some folk might not be aware of. If you wear a step counter / distance thingo such as a Garmin or Fitbit or the like on your wrist, you won't get accurate stats. We found it was...
  6. Walton

    Active Member from Tyalgum Creek, N.S.W, Australia.

    Active Member from Tyalgum Creek, N.S.W, Australia.
  7. Walton

    That daily shower scramble - a different viewpoint

    That's true. I am unable to wring wet washing cloths very well, without causing wrist pain due to old injuries. I'm brilliant at having really quick showers though. :)
  8. Walton

    Is this a new type of shoe? “Hybrid hiker”

    I'm looking at Hoka Bondi's too. C. Clearly - Do you have an early indicative opinion? - about the shoes! The colour doesn't matter to me for when I walk, I'm on a pilgrimmage and need to look ....well.....Pilgrimish, with poles, limping aids, knee braces, scarf, wonky hat, oversized...
  9. Walton

    That daily shower scramble - a different viewpoint

    The only problem I have with a bucket wash is two things; 1. Washing the groin results in excess water flowing all the way down the legs. Washing the armpits results in water flowing all the way down the chest to the groin. Washing the head results in waterflowing all down the arms and...
  10. Walton

    Video: How to Avoid Blisters - It Can be Done

    On a separate note, hopefully not off topic - I've wondered whether or not we might inadvertantly be poisoning ourselves by applying all kinds of substances (Some use vaseline, foot goop, vicks vaporub, gaffer tape, compeed, and goodness knows what else) to our feet for long periods of time...
  11. Walton

    Video: How to Avoid Blisters - It Can be Done

    Ahh great point there - but I really love a quick shower in the mornings. I've tried to shower by sitting down on the floor, with feet poking out the shower cubicle, so as to keep them bone dry - but I then can't reach the taps! :eek: So if you see a guy in a bathroom using a blow dryer to...
  12. Walton

    Video: How to Avoid Blisters - It Can be Done

    Hi Robo Thank you for the thread and your passion for all things "camino!" I love reading your thought provoking posts and all the wonderful replies that invariable follow. I would like to mention the infamous Camino Portuguese cobblestone effect on feet for those planning to do the...
  13. Walton

    Super-light packs from Arc'teryx

    Just thinking, wouldn't "blow out kits" be "blow up kits?" Maybe military words have gone PC as well? Quartermaster "What do you want to blow up son?" Pilgrim Private "Noisy pilgrims in the alburgue sir" Quatermaster "Well here is our latest noisy Pilgrim blow up kit. It blows them out...
  14. Walton

    Monkey Butt. . . Prevention, Care, and Treatment

    Thanks Dave. Your post reminds me of the time, long ago when we decided to walk from the top of Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island. The ashfelt pathway looked very inviting at the top when we began our walk but became a very steep long downward slope where, after each step you were forced to...
  15. Walton

    NEW update on Dave Bugg

    Yea! excellent news but it won't be for long. The police are looking for a missing, very, very comfortable hospital bed mattress 😂 😂😂
  16. Walton

    Forum Book Club - Getting started, with book nominations

    Fantastic book thread idea! Can the book list idea be expanded to include all the Caminos including the Francigena?
  17. Walton

    Socks colours - not a serious thread

    When walking I wear double layer socks to reduce the development of blisters. These socks have a thin inside layer and a thicker outside layer. As for colour, does it matter? How they smell might be more important 😂
  18. Walton

    Socks colours - not a serious thread

    Hi Jillgat Right foot. centre spot. Do you get your feet checked for melanoma? The reason I ask is the centre spot looks similar to a mark I had on my back which had to be removed. Hope I haven’t offended by asking. Cheers Graham
  19. Walton

    Leaving dog home question

    Before leaving on each of the two Camino's we have done so far, we found a housesitter to look after our dog while living in our home. Our first Camino housesitters were wonderful and the second Camino housesitters, were OK but they were rarely home as we later learned and our dog spent a lot of...