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  1. mmm042

    March or April - Seville to Mérida

    I have started in March and the weather was fine. But, as others have noted, nothing is guaranteed, especially these days!
  2. mmm042

    Stupid question

    The VDLP is quiet, beautiful and full of friendly people. I personally don't like the idea of walking with huge crowds of people every day, which is why I haven't done the Frances. I've done the VDLP several times and I can always find people to socialize with in town at night (other pilgrims)...
  3. mmm042

    Any first timer tips?

    Buy compression sleeves for your arms and calves. They're lightweight, don't take up much space and great when the temps are cool. I can hike in the calf sleeves all day, even if it gets warm, and they don't bother me. The arm ones can be rolled down to your wrists if it gets too warm and you...
  4. mmm042

    another 17 nights......

    Buen Camino! You will have an awesome time. Jealous. :)
  5. mmm042

    Salamanca to Santiago

    You will love it! That is a fantastic route. Buen Camino!
  6. mmm042

    How Camino via de la Plata is different from Camino Frances.

    The VDLP is the first and only Camino I have done (three times). I LOVE it. I have walked two short sections of the Frances and, while I'd like to do it some day because of its history, I already feel I will not like the massive crowds. But everyone has his/her own ideas and feelings, and that's...
  7. mmm042

    Sanbres logistics

    You can get right from the Madrid airport to Salamanca via bus. Very easy. You can also get to Puebla de Sanbria by bus from Madrid. Not sure about Zamora, but I'd have to believe you can get there, too, as you can get to pretty much all of the VDLP's major cities from Madrid. I'd say start in...
  8. mmm042

    Albergue @ Montemarta

    It's really another spot where you have a choice of how to get to Santiago. From Zamora you can go on the VDLP and then through Puebla de Sanabria on the Sanabres spur, or from Zamora you can hop on a spur trail leading to the Portugues, then walk on the Portugues a bit before rejoining the...
  9. mmm042

    Thank You

    Buen Camino! You'll have a blast. Melanie
  10. mmm042


    Hi Scubajunky. I have only done the VDLP/Sanabres but it's lovely. If you're going around Easter, you should definitely have people to chat with as you walk, although it's by no means crowded. I like it for this reason. I have plenty of time to walk by myself, but when I'd like some company...
  11. mmm042

    V L P

    Hi. The answer depends on whether or not you plan to return. If you think this will be your one and only trip on the VDLP, I'd recommend skipping some stages so you can see some of the more impressive sights and towns, such as Caceres, the Caparra Arch, Salamanca, etc. But if you plan to...
  12. mmm042

    10 Days Where to Where would you recomend

    I'd recommend Caceres to Salamanca. Beautiful scenery -- the wildflowers will be gorgeous at the time you're hiking -- plus both Caceres and especially Salamanca are wonderful cities. Also, the famous Caparra Arch and other Roman ruins are in this leg. Buen Camino, Melanie
  13. mmm042

    Safe for women alone on Via de la Plata?

    I've always walked alone and never had a problem, other than with a few dogs. Melanie
  14. mmm042

    VdlP in June/July 2017

    I could be wrong, but I'd say maybe just 30% road? If I am wrong, then I'd at least add that many of the road portions are very little-trafficked paths in between tiny towns. So maybe it just didn't seem like a lot of road-walking to me. Melanie
  15. mmm042

    March 2017 from Seville

    Keep giving the updates! I've been through there twice and have always had to detour around because of high water. Melanie
  16. mmm042

    Mixing Via dl P with cPortuguese

    Sounds good to me! One piece of advice I give for any long-distance hikes is to buy compression sleeves for your arms. They'll keep you really warm but can be easily rolled down when the day starts to heat up. They're also very lightweight, don't take up much room and dry quickly. Buen...
  17. mmm042

    Transportation from Seville Airport to Seville

    The last time I went (maybe 4 years ago) I took the EA bus line (then 2,30 euros) from the airport to the city center. The closest stop to the cathedral is Avenida del Cid. Buses were running from about 5:30 a.m. until midnight and were coming every 30 minutes. The taxis back then were about...
  18. mmm042

    Going at the end of March

    Hi Mariusz. I have walked in March and loved it. You may have many solitary days, but I always found plenty of company in the evenings. Often other pilgrims at the hostels, inns and restaurants, but also friendly locals who are happy to chat. I just used the app MapMyHike on a hike I did in...
  19. mmm042

    VldP planning? This may be helpful

    I've walked several times in September. As Levi said, it can still be hot during the day, but it's often cool in the morning and at the end of the day. Definitely layer. If you want cool weather guaranteed, go more toward the end of October/November. I've also walked in November, and while it...
  20. mmm042

    Thoroughly inconsistent!

    I've only walked the VDLP (3 times), but when you talk about walking alone, this is the one for you. You can really get lost in your thoughts and become meditative, as it's rare to come across many others (if any). Yet at the end of the day there are always people in the restaurants, pubs...