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    Another route?

    I once heard someone talking about a route from Pamplona to Villafrance west of Leon. The route was north of the Frances. Any information please especially if there are any guides, virtual or published.
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    Newsletter for all pilgrims is out now!

    From The Confraternity of the Glorious Apostle St James in Peterborough Diocese. The most recent edition of our newsletter for all pilgrims is now available. Go to to see it.
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    Getting from Bilboa to Pamplona

    I arrive at 13:10 at Bilboa airport. How do I get to Pamplona by public transport?
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    Prayers for fallen pilgrims

    Each year at this time Peterborough Pilgrims to Santiago hold a gathering for past, present and future pilgrims which is open to all ( see relevant post ) At the Mass we pray for pilgrims who have died on the Camino and in other places. If you know of pilgrims who have gone on the great...
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    Gathering of Pilgrims

    All pilgrims are invited to the annual gathering of pilgrims to celebrate the feast of the arrival of St James in Galicia, held by the Peterborough Fraternity of Pilgrims. It is held at St Mary's Church Towcester Road Northampton NN4 8EZ . Noon 26 January 2013. Pilgrim Mass followed by Spanish...
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    Youth Pilgimage:Leon to Santiago Vid

    Peterborough Pilgrims organized a pilgrimage of English speaking pilgrims young people. Here is the vid.Go to to see it We will be doing it again next year. Know anyone who would like to come with us ? Email a private message and we will tell you all...
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    St James's Day.

    Happy Feast from Peterborough Pilgrims to all pilgrims and to all other friends of Santiago. Ian Holdsworth Spiritual Director The Confraternity of the Glorious Apostle St James in Peterborough Diocese.
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    Pilgrim Gathering:- You're invited

    Peterborough Pilgrims to Santiago will be having their winter fraternal gathering on 28 January 2012. This begins at Noon with Mass, followed by a pilgrim feast and a talk on modern day pilgrimage with reference to Our Lady of Walsingham and Richard of Chichester by Bishop Lindsey Urwin.Everyone...
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    Camino life changes and a community life.

    A few folk I know who have had experience of pilgrimage are wondering about forming a community.This will an actual group of Christian people who have learned the lessons of the Camino and want to live them out together in a shared space, working for a better world through Prayer, Social...
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    Web site dreaming

    In a perfect world what would the ideal website contain? What information/ stories are needed to encourage new pilgrims and help them on their way?
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    Credentials (donativo)

    Credentials are now available in the UK from Peterborough Pilgrims. We have set up a site to enable all pilgrims to access our facility. So in the words of a very old TV show in the UK... Come on Down. Contact this site:-
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    Prayers for the departed

    The Confraternity of St James in Peterborough diocese is having a celebration of the feast of St James this Saturday 30 July in Northampton England ( All welcome Mass at noon followed by feast and a film show). We will be praying for those on the road and those who have died. If you would like a...
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    Can you help us?

    Peterborough Pilgrims to Santiago, a Anglican Church based Confraternity in Peterborough Diocese are looking for someone to be an intern. Working with 16+ young people, for the year beginning 1 September 2011. The major part of the task will be planning, organizing, and recruiting youngsters...
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    Looking for a story

    Somewhere I have seen part of a reprint from a stateside publication the speaks of Villafrance and the story of a peregrina arriving at Ave Fenix without money to be be welcomed by Jesus Jato who said to her that as a daughter she did not need money to stay in her own house. Can anyone give me...
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    Just back;now what?

    Have you just returned from a great pilgrimage? Where do you go now and what do you do with all the wonderful experience. Life has to be different, but how can that be made to happen. Here is blog that is trying to develop a response. Try it. :D
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    October trip

    Anyone walking from Porto in early October? Who will I meet on the road? Is it you ?
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    The Camino from England.

    A group have now walked and produced a map of the way of St James in England Northampton St James to the Portsmoth ferry. Here is a blog with some details of this historic pilgrimage.
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    Simple life.

    Many people who have walked the Caminos, come home with important life lessons. These lessons include:- travel light and do not carry what you don't need, relate to ours in a deeper way, spend time in silence and prayer.... there are many others. I have been wondering two things that I would...
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    Santiago Cathedral Credentials available in Uk

    It is now possible to obtain the 2010, Holy year's Credential before you leave, from a uk address. Contact:- This is open to everyone
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    Starting form Vigo.Guide?

    I am starting my pilgrimage from Vigo. Where do I get a guide for the section Vigo to where it joins the inland route. Does anyone know the distance and stages to Santiago. Is it enough for a Compostela? :?: