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Silver Oxide Camino de Santiago pendent
Camino de Santiago pendant that has a shell on the front, and "Camino de Santiago" engraved on the back. Comes with a black cord. Pendent is slightly larger than a 50 euro cent coin, about 25mm.
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  1. Urban Trekker

    Current albergue and pilgrim's meal costs

    Thanks. Albergue prices appear the same. Pilgrim meal is up 2 €. Buen Camino Happy Trails
  2. Urban Trekker

    Current albergue and pilgrim's meal costs

    I'm thinking of repeating the French route next April/May next year. The last time I walked the French way was 2016. Would like to know the current cost of a albergue and pilgrim's meal.
  3. Urban Trekker

    Cycling the Le Puy

    French way by Urban Trekker posted May 1, 2016 at 10:42 AMMy camino companion and I are thinking about doing the Le Puy in 2019 when we hit 70. To date we have walked in order, the English, the Portuguese, the French ways, and the Way of Saint Francis in Italy. At this time we are looking at...
  4. Urban Trekker

    Challenge ahead... Need encouragement

    Two things come to mind. If you broke your wrist why a long arm cast and not a short arm cast? That can make a hugh difference and what are your expectations? Last year I walked the French Way with 2 people who had suffered strokes that left them speech and mobility impaired. I walked with a...
  5. Urban Trekker

    Early Camino Frances Question

    You didn't say how many days you had to walk your camino. I walking the French way last April and May. I was on the camino for 34 days. I took 2 days to cross the Napoleon route and spent a extra day in Pamplona and Burgos. With the exception of crossing the Pyrenees I walked 15 to 18...
  6. Urban Trekker

    JFK - Madrid, experiences with Iberia?

    I've used it to fly from Los Angeles to Madrid and back.. Good service and on time.
  7. Urban Trekker

    accommodations Saint Jean Pied de Port

    Alergue Beilari for sure. Just leave your electronics off while there. Buen Camino Happy Trails
  8. Urban Trekker

    Mountain Warehouse

    There are three things you don't want to skimp on. Your back pack, your shoes, and your sleeping bag. Go to a established outdoors store. Buen Camino Happy Trails
  9. Urban Trekker

    Walking the Camino Frances a second time... good or bad idea?

    I walked the French Way lase April and May. If I wasn't walking the Way of Saint Francis this year I would be walking the French Way again this year. Buen Camino Happy Trails
  10. Urban Trekker

    Preplanning Your Stay at Albergues

    Made reservation for the first 3 days of our April May 2016 journey. After that we winged it. Had several guides down loaded but bought the Michelin Camino de Santiago guide in Saint Jean. All we used and all we needed for 500 miles. Buen Camino Happy Trails
  11. Urban Trekker

    Splitting the First Day

    I Walked the French way last April at age 66. Took 2 days to cross the Pyrenees by stopping at Orisson. Be sure to make reservations for Orisson in advance. It's a great walk. Burn Camino Happy Trails
  12. Urban Trekker

    Portuguese Camino in October

    I have walked from Porto to Santiago in October. Take a poncho! Boun Caminho Happy Trails
  13. Urban Trekker

    Footwear inquiry for the Pyrenees section

    I was with the first group to cross the Napoleon route the 15th of April of last year. Weather permitting it should be open at the end of April. When you get to Saint Jean I highly recommend that you buy the Michelin Camino de Santiago guide book. It has everything you need and nothing you...
  14. Urban Trekker

    Please rate my packing list

    Well thought out list. I prefer to check my bag in because I take my poles and pocket knife. I made a nylon duffel bag to put my pack in. I slip it on at the airport when I check in and put it in my pack when I pick it up at baggage claim.. It also protects my straps from the baggage apes...
  15. Urban Trekker

    Can anyone confirm or refute the following....?

    I walked the French way last April and May. It was cold sometimes very cold. It was wet. It was windy. It was muddy very very muddy. I wore a tee shirt and base layer upper, trekking pants, wool socks and high top boots daily. My kit for cold weather was a set of medium weight biker...
  16. Urban Trekker

    Florence to Rome walking

    Thanks John. What was your average daily cost if I may ask. Happy Trails
  17. Urban Trekker

    Florence to Rome walking

    Johnny, you probably don't remember me. We met in 2013 after I completed my first camino, the English Way using you "Gently Rolling Hills of Spain" English way guide book. It was not my last camino having walked the Portuguese way in 2014 and the French way in April and May of this year. Some...
  18. Urban Trekker

    What are the Alberge beds like?

    They are all different. Some are huge dorms, some are 2 man rooms, some you sleep on a mat on the floor.. Some are real nice and others not so much. Some have heat most don't. Most have blankets and they are NOT washed after each use and sometimes paper mattress covers are provided. Most...
  19. Urban Trekker

    What I've Learned So Far

    I was there in April. We were the first group over the Napoleon Route. We had great weather for days. Pilgrims 1 day behind us didn't have it so good. You have a great walk into, through, and out of Pamplona then a very steep climb up to the wind farm. Then a horrid 2 kilometers of a steep...