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    A key , but from which frances albergue??

    Where is this?

    Did the pilgrims 1000 years ago walk on or next to the Roman roads?

    I often think 'How true is the current Frances route?' There are some parts that I have walked many times and each time I have questioned 'Why this route' Did it really follow the same route through the Meseta as it does today? I have had disagreements with others that say most of the Camino is...

    Where is this bridge? Just a little fun.

    There is a small twist to this one so I ask members who know to give the others a small clue rather than an outright answer.

    Yet another cemetery to ID

    Only the gates and entrance this time folks - clue: you do walk past it on the Camino Frances.

    Vintage postcard views of Viana.

    Not much has changed in over 100 years as far as the bus station is concerned. My guess is that instead of going through the very top of town , pilgrims would take this route as it was the only main road to Logrono. I doubt weather they visited the Ermita de Cuevas? The second view is at least...

    What did pilgrims eat 1000 years ago? - do share simple recipes

    I started thinking about this a day or so back - How spartan was the cuisine? After some very basic research it seems as if the menu may have not been so elaborate but there was almost as much variety then as now. Rice may have not quite reached Iberian peninsular and potatoes had to wait...

    Watching the Forum Grow

    When I first joined the forum there was only discussion on the Camino Frances. Slowly, over the years, pilgrims have started to experience other Caminos , especially within Spain. The Camino Portuguese has really taken off! I guess that I am a creature of habit and chained to the CF. If I did...

    Did you have the luxury of a steaming hot bath during your Camino?

    In 2003 somewhere close to Palas Del Rei in Lugo I stumbled across a Hostal in the dark. It was the day that daylight saving commenced at the end of October. It had rained ALL day and by 7pm it was dark. At 8pm I squelched into the adjoining bar and ordered a brandy. The young lady asked me if I...

    Do you think I can make my own embellished Credential?

    I was wondering if I could make my own personal Credential for the Camino - a hand painted and self produced document that I use from the start ......with the same donation mind you , which is by no means prohibitive. Can you imagine the ornate document that can be produced? I'm sure one could...

    Help - What is this?

    Okay , so it is not Camino related but I'm pretty sure is has Christian overtones and also with all the knowledge out there ....................... ?? I love to dabble in collectables - This piece is slightly larger than a teaspoon but it weighs in at a hefty 62.6g. I can write with it like a...

    The Tau Cross of Saint Anthony

    After serving as Hospitalero at ruins of the Monestario San Anton I thought I would do a little homework on the relevance of the Tau Cross. Someone had told it was mentioned in the Old Testament book of Ezekiel and that ' Unspeakable wrath would befall any soul who harmed a pilgrim wearing one...

    Are camino tours causing 'our' overcrowding?

    A few years ago when the albergue was full it was almost always a given that one could find a room in a pension or hostal. It seems now that a lot of available accommodation in the mid to higher price range is booked in advance by tour companies. Even self organised groups of 10 or so book the...

    Aiming at a Michelin Star at San Anton Albergue.

    I am taking up the challenge of cooking for 12 pilgrims seriously seeing that I have been pampered and spoilt with excellent food on my many Caminos. Sooooooo , I am trying out various dishes , starters and snacks. One of the big challenges is that there will be no oven. These are peppers...

    Anyone spent a night at San Bol recently?

    This Albergue was soooo special , even after being revamped. The Owner had spen a lot of money on it and would come from Hontanas to cook a communal meal as there was nothing there but a spring and cool pool. Anyone been there lately?

    SJPDP - A Vintage postcard view.

    I thought I would share this 110 year view with you guys. I have never been to SJPDP. The guide that I used in 2003 was from a travel book on Spain and the Only start point that was mentioned was Roncesvalles - ask any Spanish person where the Camino Frances starts? .........Roncesvalles of...

    Pilgrim Watermark on 220 year old document.

    I Like to dabble in Ephemera , mainly vintage postcards and postal history. In Fact , I have uploaded some great 100 year old views of Viana for those who would like to search. Recently I came accross This Italian Patent document letterpressed on cotton paper. The Watermark looks so much like a...

    Camino Holiday - Pamplona to Logróno - August 2015

    My best mate and I plan to bus part of the Camino.( Pensioners misbehaving just a tad - Good rioga and food). We do not want to take beds away from any deserving pilgrims at the traditional albergues. Any suggestions on Apartamentos, Hostals or Casa Ruals. I have the pension Escaray in Pamplona...

    Impromptu Free Tent 'Albergue'.

    Most of my Camino breaks these days are for only a week or two . For a while now I've been thinking of carrying two tents and setting up a camp in the Bundu offering pilgrims a night out. I will only be able to cope with two people , three at a push. I will cook for them and we can chat the...

    Roman bridge , Lorca.

    One of the highlights of my first camino was crossing the Roman bridge which spanned the Salado River just before Lorca. I supose that the only way to save the bridge was to restore it but it was a step in the wrong direction as far as I'm concerned. Here is a photo of the restored bridge , has...

    Christmas Day on the Camino.

    Hey Members!? Has anyone been on the Camino on Christmas day . Did you walk or take the day off - any pics?