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  1. Kathy F.

    Where did that Town Go??

    I don't know if I'm the only person who has had this happen to them. I have done the CF twice, once from SJPdP to SdC, 2 years later from Lourdes to SJPdP to SdC. As I'm looking back on those two trips, I realize that, although I used the Brierly for both trips, I don't remember seeing the...
  2. Kathy F.

    Julia Child and Santiago???!!!

    Last week, my hubby and I were watching a few episodes of the 1963 public television series "The French Chef," hosted by the amazing Julia Child. We were on episode 4? 5? 6? and she was doing the 28 minute show on scallops. Coquille Sant Jacques, to be precise. As she was introducing the...
  3. Kathy F.

    COVID Haikus for our Postponed Caminos

    Ok, everyone. Since we all now have alot more time on our hands, let's get creative with our texting. A haiku generally has a 5-7-5 syllable format, if I remember correctly from high school back in ancient times. Here's my first attempt (drum roll, please): Mist Bless'ed Way of life The early...
  4. Kathy F.

    Which route - CF or CP?

    For a young, healthy, in shape, first timer, which route would you suggest - the Camino Frances or the Camino Portugues?
  5. Kathy F.

    Wildfire Season?

    I have a friend who was planning to walk the CP in the fall, but is now hesitant because she has read that the fall is "wildfire season" and doesn't want to take the chance. I'd never heard of a wildfire season in Portugal that would affect one's walking the Camino. But, I never looked into it...
  6. Kathy F.

    Temperatures in the Fall

    I'm planning on walking the Camino Portugues in the fall, probably from early September, starting in Lisbon. Can anyone give me an idea of what the temperature/weather may be like? Also, is there a big temp difference between starting in Lisbon and ending in SdC? I'm thinking of what to...
  7. Kathy F.

    Is there a Place in the Modern World for "Pilgrimages"?

    This may relate to the never ending debate on what exactly makes a pilgrimage a pilgrimage, but I need to get some opinions. In our day and age, many see themselves as "spiritual" rather than "religious." Is there a place for a pilgrimage route like the Camino de Santiago? Do we just call it a...
  8. Kathy F.

    The Most Inspiring Travel Quotes

    I know which of these I've printed out and posted above my computer. Which one/s speak to you?,52611/?wpisrc=newsletter
  9. Kathy F.

    Camino Repeat Offenders - I'd Like Advice

    I've been on the Forum a while and you all have been very kind and supportive. So now I would like some advice. I plan to do CF #2 starting, again, in late May. This time, I am thinking of starting in Lourdes, walking to SJPdP, then continuing "as usual." But I'm nervous. As I wrote on my...
  10. Kathy F.

    Finally Showing my Gratitude

    After all this time, I've finally become a donating member of this forum. I don't know why it has taken so long. This forum has given me so much valuable information, and friendship, since I first joined. I am ashamed that it has taken me so long to give this small token of my appreciation...
  11. Kathy F.

    Starting from Lourdes?

    I'm considering starting the CF in Lourdes, continuing to SJPdP, then onward to SdC. Does anyone have any experience with this? I want to get a day or two of walking before tackling the Pyrenees.
  12. Kathy F.

    Packing the Chicken on the CF

    Ok, friends. Finally. Here's my blog entry about the chicken in the backpack. Sorry it took so long. Hope you enjoy. Just another of the wonders to be found when you journey on the Camino. This took place almost at the end of my SJPdP to SdC pilgrimage. Just...
  13. Kathy F.

    Holiday Gift Buying After the Camino?

    After walking so many miles, you realize how little one really NEEDS to have a contented life. So, during this holiday season, what are you giving your friends and family, without turning your back on the local economy and in keeping with the spirit of giving?
  14. Kathy F.

    Black Toenail! Ouch.

    After months of comfortably and confidently breaking in the boots I planned to use on the Camino, they totally let me down on Wednesday. By the end of the day, which included a routine 11.5 Km uphill walk, several toes of my right foot were a little sore. Today, there's definitely a problem. I...
  15. Kathy F.

    German Credenza?

    Last week, I walked a very small part of the Camino in Rothenberg ob der Taube in central Germany. Unfortunately, all I could get were photos because I couldn't figure out where to get a credenza. Any idea where to get a credenza in Germany? No one along the trail had any idea what I was talking...
  16. Kathy F.

    Withdrawing money on the Camino, 2013

    I know this topic has been discussed before but not recently, as far as I can find. Sorry if it's a duplicate. I'm starting my Camino in May. What is the best way to get euros along the way? 1. I'm an American recently moved to Europe, so I don't have to worry about changing money at an...
  17. Kathy F.

    To Go or Not To Go. If that is the question . . .

    . . . let me share this quote, which I just came across, with my fellow forum members: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your...
  18. Kathy F.

    Question on Packing light for late spring/early summer weath

    I am planning to start my first Camino from SJPDP the end of May. From the weather topics, it seems the weather will be cold in the mountains at the start of my trip, slowly warming up over time til it becomes summer-like by the end (early July). Therefore, I plan to take fleece, several layers...