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  1. Magnara

    Free book today

    Free Via Francigena ebook for 2 days from now - The Italian Camino by Maggie Ramsay (Amazon). Can be read on a kindle or you can get a free app from Amazon to read it on iphone, ipad, blackberry etc.
  2. Magnara

    Free Via Francigena book today

    The Italian Camino by Maggie Ramsay is free today until midnight Pacific Standard Time. If you would like a copy, click this link:
  3. Magnara

    Walking to Rome

    So few people have walked the Via Francigena to Rome, but the word is out and numbers are starting to increase. You can get in before the crowds. We were addicted to pilgrimage after walking to Santiago and after reading Sillydoll's blog decided to walk the VF (from France). Fantastic decision...
  4. Magnara

    Winter Camino - 20 tips

    Winter Camino: 20 tips 1. You don’t need a lot of clothes, but the ones you have need to be very functional. (I like ultra fine merino wool, my husband likes hi tech synthetics) 2. Two full outfits plus jacket, gloves and headband is enough. Use one for day (if you get sweaty there aren’t many...
  5. Magnara

    Fantastic Guidebook

    I'm sure this will provoke many opinions! But I would like to put an enthusiastic recomendation for the guidebook we used, after looking at several others people were using along the way. John Brierley "A Pilgrim's Guide to the Camino de Santiago Camino Frances". ISBN1-84409-069-8. I think...
  6. Magnara

    A big thank you

    Hello I want to say a big thank you to Ivar for running this forum! It was the only way I collected information about the camino, and from what I learnt I was very well prepared - it's all you need. Thank you Ivar! Magnara
  7. Magnara

    Winter Pack List

    Hello I have had a few enquiries about what we took in January this year. OUr pack list, divided into his, hers and theirs is below. I hope it is useful. We walked in the winter (starting December 27). Summer might require cooler clothes, eg no headband or gloves. But if you are walking in...
  8. Magnara

    Winter Pilgrims, just home

    This is an grow-as-you-go email that sent home from Spain when my husband Renato and I were pilgrims in January, maybe hearing about winter pilgrimage would be interesting. Hello from Spain This is the world now: we have just come out of a 12th century church where we stood and listened...
  9. Magnara

    physiotherapist query

    Hi I was talking to my physiotherapist about my plans to do the camino and she commented that she would love to do it and maybe she could be useful along the way by treating aching pilgrims. I wonder whether it would be permitted by the authorities, does anyone know? We also discussed whether...
  10. Magnara

    questions about flighs

    Hello to all you lovely people. I've got lots of questions about flights. I was interested to read Barbaraj45's comment about the discount on flights at the end of your journey for pilgrims. Is this just between S de C and another city within Spain? Or could I use it to fly S de C to London...
  11. Magnara

    backpack size

    I need to buy a backpack - what is the best size to choose (how many litres capacity)? I weigh 60 kg (132 pounds)and am 168 cm (5'6") tall.
  12. Magnara

    lost topic - can Ivar help?

    Hi Ivar I have just posted a reply to Sil and Leslie who had replied to my original question "Transport of Luggage". I now can't find this on the site, can you help me to find it? (Perhaps I accidentally deleted it) Thanks Magnara
  13. Magnara

    luggage transport

    Hello Can anyone tell me about a service I have heard about, which picks up your luggage in the morning and transports it to the place where you will be staying that night? What does it cost? Does it operate in the winter? Does it operate all along the Camino Fances route? Answers to these and...
  14. Magnara

    getting from madrid to roncevailles

    Hi Can anyone help me with info about the best way to get from Madrid to Roncevailles? We are flying in to Madirid, could hire a car or catch other transport. Our arrival date in Madrid will be about 27 or 28 December. Yes, we have decided to do the winter walk, but with the proviso that we...
  15. Magnara

    December and January

    Hi I'm trying to work out when I can walk that fits in with time I can have off work. Ideal would be December and January. I am concerned that it will be snowing / raining and impossibly cold - is there any information on this? I have looked up the daily max and min temperatures but can't find...