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  1. jbear

    Get QR code to enter Spain

    As a follow on to this- Any word if the EU accepts the J&J one dose vaccine? It would be my luck the one I got isn’t acceptable.
  2. jbear

    Historic photos of Camino Francés

    These are great. Thanks for posting. Seems like a lot of vintage stuff popping up lately. People are are probably not planning so they are researching instead.
  3. jbear

    American pilgrims may be interested in this page...

    I’m an Atlanta Chapter coordinator. The REI’s here do camino classes and both of the presenters (Tom or Fred, depending on the store) have walked multiple caminos. Our chapter also does a class that is intended to be a follow up to theirs. If you in the Atlanta metro feel free to join us at our...
  4. jbear

    Changes to rules for the Compostela from A Coruña

    Thank you! This is exactly what I was trying to find.
  5. jbear

    Changes to rules for the Compostela from A Coruña

    The lighthouse in A Coruña also has a stamp. The lady who stamped ours was so excited to stamp one that she made sure it was perfectly centered.
  6. jbear

    Changes to rules for the Compostela from A Coruña

    The walk of the missing 25km in your home country came up recently in our local American Pilgrims chapter (Atlanta, GA). When I went to pull up the letter on the CJS website I could not find it. “No problem”, I thought to myself, “I know where there is a link to it” (this thread)...
  7. jbear

    Which pilgrim passport/credencial has the nicest design?

    My first camino I used a German one and a French one. The one I ordered from American Pilgrims got lost on the way over. ( I had intended to use that one and a French one from the office in SJPdP) No problems with either. Depending on who is at the Pilgrims Office that could be an issue if you...
  8. jbear

    Footprints: The Path of Your Life movie

    I guess I’m in the minority. I liked it a lot. But the people, and their reasons for walking, resonated with me.
  9. jbear

    Depopulation In Spain

    The town that my grandfather’s family hail from are examples of this phenomenon. It is no surprise, if you visit the pueblo there is nothing, other than family history, to keep a person of any age there. It has become a place to visit, not a place to live.
  10. jbear

    Camino Ingles in 12-15k stages?

    Just wanted to add that CR Dona Maria is a great place to eat and spend the night.
  11. jbear

    Changes to rules for the Compostela from A Coruña

    @JohnnieWalker or anyone else in the know- When filling out the first page of your credential, where it asks for "Starting Point" do you put A Coruña or your home trail? Getting ready to do this with my daughter or I would not even worry, but I would like her to receive a Compostela.
  12. jbear

    Side trip: wine tasting at Marqués de Riscal

    This area, Briones-Haro-Briñas, is full of great wineries to explore. Spend a day or a week and a half, it's worth the trip.
  13. jbear

    Side trip: wine tasting at Marqués de Riscal

    I'll add- make a reservation, and don't just go wandering around. On a non-Camino trip we were driving from Barcelona to Haro saw the building from the road and decided to stop. Wandered the gardens for a bit and at some point ended up in "working" area (see above photo). We had one of those...
  14. jbear

    Picaso's Guernika

    Heads up- I was going to buy tickets for the "Pity & Terror" exhibition, unfortunately it ends September 4th. If you want to see it don't wait. Of course the Guernica will still be there, but this special exhibition will have end before our trip...
  15. jbear

    Picaso's Guernika

    Excellent info- & perfect timing. I am going to be there with my youngest daughter the last week of September.
  16. jbear

    Coffee machines, playground equipment and excercise equipment

    @SeaHorse You are spot on. Move off the established routes and it becomes more and more apparent. Of the three towns I know I have family history (La Redonda, Cerallbo, & Sobredillo) only Cerallbo is viable, and it is just barely so. Everyone has moved to Salamanca or Valladolid (or Madrid or...
  17. jbear

    Latest from Torres

    Amancio, thank you for this update. Still planning, still hoping. Oddly enough, it is the younger people in my family that are interested in this. Or more accurately, seriously interested. Familiarity breeds contempt, I guess.
  18. jbear

    Coffee machines, playground equipment and excercise equipment

    I've seen lots of kids playing on the equipment in Salamanca and Sevilla. My kids have joined in the fun, too. *Full disclosure, we were visiting family, not walking a Camino* My oldest still remembers her little sister playing with the locals in Sevillla. The youngest only remembers the stories...
  19. jbear

    Camino Torres and the War of Independence

    Some pictures I took of Almeida, the fortress and town.