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John Brierley Camino Frances Guide
This guide is one of the ones that has been around for over 15 years. Updated yearly. Please read the reviews.
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  1. Pelen

    Poll Which accommodations do you primarily use?

    This is a poll if you didn't get that from the prefix. You can answer in the poll or in the thread or both. The alternatives is probably not covering all alternatives or some of them is similar, but I did my best when finding the answer alternatives. Which (max two alternatives per person)...
  2. Pelen

    Poll How many km/miles per day do you use to walk in average?

    In average on all the caminis you made, how long distance have you walked every day?
  3. Pelen

    Poll How heavy is your backpack?

    On your last Camino, how heavy was your backpack without water?
  4. Pelen

    Poll Do you walk alone or together with others?

    Polls are fun, in my opinion. If your answer is 50/50 on two different answers, choose the one you prefer. Just so you know, I am just interested, I will not write a book or a blogg or use the answers. I am just interested in the people walking the caminos.
  5. Pelen and

    Am I correct when I think that I can download a map from and use it in the app If that should be possible, can someone explain how to do it? I have tried to download the different type of files, but how do I find them in and which file type is correct?
  6. Pelen

    Poll Which Spanish Caminos have you walked?

    Oh yes, I think polls are fun. :D I just had 10 options to use. Full camino or just partly counts similar in this poll.
  7. Pelen

    Poll Where do you come from?

    Just curious. I am from Sweden, live in Norway since many years, but have also been living in Italy and the US. So my answer is northern Europe.
  8. Pelen

    Poll Why are you walking the camino?

    Yes, why do you walk? Choose up to 3 answers.
  9. Pelen

    From Logroño and walk for 7 days; where to stop?

    Finally I am planning my next part of the Camino Frances and this time I will walk alone. I have 7 days to walk and I need to be able to travel to and from Madrid if possible (much more expensive and longer trips to fly to Norway from the airports by the coast). To Logroño from Madrid I can...