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    The Camino Ingles is not 100 km. Does anybody have a way to get it to 100 km so that one can obtain the Compostela in Santiago? Larry
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    Coastal route vs inland

    Joe, I did not make myself clear. I ment the inland route from Porto via Braga.
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    Coastal route vs inland

    Which is easier for an old road biker, from Porto, the coastal route or inland? Which has less hills? It looks like the distance are about the same. Thanks Larry
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    Easy 200 Km

    Looking for an easy 200 km ride to SDC. Am thinking about flying in to Porto and renting a car to Chaves. Bike to Verin and then the Via de la Plata to SDC. 200 km exactly. Any ideas? Larry
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    For my 10th and final Camino en bici, I would like to make it easy. The question is, does anybody believe that a documented beginning in A Coruna. direct to Finisterre, and terminating in Santiago would get me a Compostela? I calculate that it would be about 210 Km. Is there any way that...
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    Cycle Porto to Santiago-

    Sukim, I have biked from Porto to SDC twice. I loved it. I am fat, old, and slow so it took me 6 days. I have rented from Bikeiberia several times. They are flawless. Located in Lisbon, but they send the bike anywhere you desire.
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    Is it possible to have the rented bike delivered to the Pilgrim office or at the refuge municipal?

    Bikeiberia is wonderful. Tania will be glad to call the Pilgrims Office and make the arrangement. Tell her Larry suggested it. I have rented from them 8 times without flaws.
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    Cycling thie Camino Ingles

    Hi Randy, I would like to bike the Ingles, but it is only about 120km. In order to get the Compostela at the end, you must bike 200 km. So, I am thinking about going from La Coruna airport to Finisterre and then to SDC. That should be 200 km. Any suggestions are welcome. Larry
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    Camino Ingles in 200 km

    Does anybody have a way to stretch the Ingles to 200 km by bike so that I can get a compostela at Santiago de Compostela?
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    Biking Camino del Norte/Primitivo questions

    I have used Bikeiberia several times, and highly recommend them. Rent the pannieres from them. They will deliver and pick up anywhere.
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    Did you frame your Compostela?

    Absolutely frame it. I framed mine along with the Credencial and 4 photos, and hung my shell on the outside. I did this 7 times.
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    The July experience of Camino Portuges, Coastal

    Hi John, I guess I am just ignorant. I went to the website, but I could not find a map. Could you walk me through it to the map. Thanks
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    The July experience of Camino Portuges, Coastal

    John, Can the coastal-coastal route be biked on roads?
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    Somewhere I saw the template to make your own credencial. Does anybody recall where it might be?
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    Gregorian Chants

    I know that I have seen it before, but can't find it anywhere on this board. I am looking for free downloads of Gregorian chants. Not just excerpts. Does anyone know where I can find them?
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    Where can I book a Queimada?

    Geeez Annie, I had to Google that one. You can eat a Queimada. You can drink one. You can pray to one. It seems like there are a lot of things that one can do with a Queimada. Which one are you looking for? If it is fattening, I would like to try it.
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    Animated Pilgrim Walker

    This may be a bit off subject, but, I have seen, somewhere on this site, a little animated pilgrim walker. I want it. Does anybody know where I can download it?
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    Restrictions on Cyclists

    By posting a comment on this thread I enter the realm of those who are irreverent and narrow minded. So be it. Most bikers are are very nice people. They are considerate and caring. They mean no harm to anybody. I dare say most of them don't even use the same path as the walkers. William...