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  1. KJFSophie

    Recent thoughts on walking in September during Covid

    What always weighs heavily in my decision making process, is not the facts surrounding my own behavior but the unknowns surrounding the behaviors of others. I liken it to my driving in the snowy New England (USA ) hard winters...I trust my driving skills, I trust the sturdiness of my car...but I...
  2. KJFSophie

    Wallowing in Self Pity

    Well if we know anything, we know misery loves company. I would have been leaving in four days to walk the CF for the third time...I can't bring myself to put away all of my gear, shoes pack, etc.... I feel fortunate that I was able to have all of my flyer miles reinstated and refunded the...
  3. KJFSophie

    Is anyone doing the Camino without any specific purpose

    As a leaner to the religious /spiritual side, I don't believe we're privy to the master plan. I do believe NOTHING is random. You are called to go. So was I. And I went, with absolutely no idea why I was going. And I wasn't exactly happy walking my first walk, faced many challenges, met many...
  4. KJFSophie

    'Addiction'- an appropriate word for wanting to walk the Camino again (& again)?

    Well put @Turga ...and I agree. I generally take a step back and consider that the poster may not have english as a primary , or even secondary language. Translations often come across as blunt. In addition, humor is often lost. Good point.
  5. KJFSophie

    'Addiction'- an appropriate word for wanting to walk the Camino again (& again)?

    We live in a world where no matter what word you use for anything at any time will offend someone at some point. I appreciate the OP point of view and understand it in some way, but if we continue to seek offense in everything heard or read, we'll find it. I would be offended by the world on a...
  6. KJFSophie

    The camino is boring landscapes, paved roads, traffic…

    I like to say "When the Camino calls...You listen" , but if it doesn't call someone, they will never hear. I have ready access to the Appalachian Trail and the Presidential Range here on the east coast of the States, but it doesn't appeal to me at all. It's not the walking or the mountains...
  7. KJFSophie

    A pet peeve

    I've been blessed with countless opportunities to speak on the Camino. A big part of the preparation is knowing the audience. What is their common thread? Why have I been invited to speak? I've put in effort to create / edit videos to target my audience, used age/situation appropriate language...
  8. KJFSophie

    Summer on the CF 2020

    Oh my ! I'm glad I asked the question! This looks like a very good possibility...I'll be researching this possibility. Thank you !
  9. KJFSophie

    Summer on the CF 2020

    Can you tell me more about this option? benefits?
  10. KJFSophie

    Summer on the CF 2020

    Teaching a course on the Camino in Jan/Feb, having surgery in March, expecting first grandchild in May...looks like life has prescribed a summer camino as I'll be back to working in the fall. I'd like to run a possible plan to the well seasoned walkers...Begin in Pamplona July 22 ( a week or so...
  11. KJFSophie

    When to go

    I don't mind heat at all, much prefer it over being cold or wet...Since any thought of a spring 2020 walk has now been negated for me ( I have my first grandchild arriving May 29th ! ), I'm looking to walk in the summer. My question is this: I've been told numerous times that the months of...
  12. KJFSophie

    Trying to make contact

    I would also try the American on the Camino ( APOC ) Facebook page...lots from California on that page...might make your long shot shorter :)
  13. KJFSophie

    Can anyone recommend some picture heavy resources of the Camino?

    I do many presentations and upload some of the slides to YouTube. I have almost 7,000 photos at this point from my many camino and would be willing to filter through if you're missing a specific place. I can offer broad overviews as well in the presentation videos. I did walk exclusively in...
  14. KJFSophie

    Spare shoes..required?

    The beach and pools are obviously not the same as the alburgues...not only are you exposed to dirt, urine, sweat, etc on the floors as you walk, you are also transferring that in some fashion onto the bunks. There is a time and a place for walking barefoot...I'm barefoot in my home year round...
  15. KJFSophie

    Spare shoes..required?

    The alburgues do not let you wear your shoes inside...many demanding you remove them before even entering the establishment. It is unsanitary to walk in your bare feet, so you will need at least some type of sandal/flip-flop/crocs, walk around inside. I'm sure some would argue that you...
  16. KJFSophie

    Walking the Camino Frances in Sep-Oct

    I've walked the CF x 2 and Portuguese in Sept/October and have found extremes of heat and cold. I wore sleeveless shirts/shorts in the beginning and the closer to October and Santiago, the cooler/colder it got. We had sleet/snow one year on the meseta ! I think you'd be wise to pack that down...
  17. KJFSophie

    Fear of heights (don't laugh- It's real!)

    There is the fear of heights and the fear of falling. It helps to try to figure out which you might be triggered by in order to help yourself get thru it. I can stand high on top of mountains and building will sturdy railings. However, anything that I might perceive as unsteady or dangerous...
  18. KJFSophie

    Carry On Question?

    I think the only correct answer to the question is to be sure your pack fits the carryon dimensions posted by the airline. If it's too big, check it. I boarded the plane with a pack that was well under the size allowed and was told all of the overheads were full. I had observed many who boarded...
  19. KJFSophie

    Your one picture that captures how you feel about being on the Camino!

    At this point I've literally thousands of photos from the many caminos, and like a previous poster stated...they ALL bring me joy!
  20. KJFSophie

    Monasteries for Pilgrims

    In the US, a "monastery" houses men ( monks, friars, etc ) from different orders ( Franciscans, Benedictans, etc ) and 'Convents" house women ( nuns, sisters, etc ) A few times while walking the CF, we assumed we would be staying with men under the name monastery and it was nuns. Then, the...