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  1. Canuck

    Spanish equivalent of mums or emergency-c

    Hi, If you put in your google search: pastilla electrolitos en bilbao espana You will get a list of places where you can resupply in Bilbao. Good luck and buen camino.
  2. Canuck

    Starting from Canada on 21/8

    Excellent! Have a good camino. Cheers.
  3. Canuck

    Recommendations for grippy soles?

    Look at the grip on these babies: As for width???
  4. Canuck

    That daily shower scramble - a different viewpoint

    As a marathon runner(in my younger days) and doing intensive military training, I was recruited to be part of an experiment in line with the topic discussed here: For three weeks, we were required to stop baths and showers entirely. Our after training cleaning routine consisted of using only a...
  5. Canuck

    LIVE from the Camino Camino Levante - Occasional updates from a walker

    Florida maybe? Eight winters now and I'am happy, after four in Spain where it was not as warm as I had wished. Cheers.
  6. Canuck

    Mystery Martyr Monk

    Here's more info, including a picture that could explain the knife at his neck.
  7. Canuck

    Mystery Martyr Monk

    Could it be this man? B Ramiro
  8. Canuck

    Chuletitas de Cordero

    Costco is your best friend. Bon appétit...
  9. Canuck

    Home Country "Caminos"

    Happy holidays to you. I'll keep you in mind if something comes up. Cheers. JM
  10. Canuck

    Home Country "Caminos"

    Here's a link with some interesting ideas: I've been a member for a short while and I'm actively planning some outings to brighten my winters in Florida, not that they are bleak by any accounts. Cheers, JM
  11. Canuck

    One Day at a time, One Photo at a Time (Part 3)

    A sign of time: individualism?
  12. Canuck

    Hoka TenNine, a bit strange looking.

    Forget it for the trails other than running: WARNING: HOKA ONE ONE designed this product as a piece of specialised equipment specifically for running. Think of these like ski boots or cycling shoes. Using this product for anything other than running may impair balance and dexterity. So, don't...
  13. Canuck

    Pilgrim "customs"?

    A few years ago it was customary to take a least one picture of your shadow while on the road. Is it still being done?
  14. Canuck

    Camino Ucles —144 km into Madrid

    Hi Lar, Here is everything you need to know concerning the Camino de Ucles. I recommend it. Where there's no pilgrim accommodation you can find very cheap hostales. This camino is a gem.
  15. Canuck

    Fromista Canals? What was their purpose??

    For those interested, this is the guide I used when I walked from Palencia to Potes four or five years ago. A very quiet and enjoyable journey.
  16. Canuck

    Fromista Canals? What was their purpose??

    Hola! There you go: Enjoy.
  17. Canuck

    COVID Any North Americans flying to Spain?

    BREAKING NEWS Ontario Govt decision has been declared invalid by the Ontario Divisional Court on 25/09/2020
  18. Canuck

    Has Anyone Walked this Camino?

    Hi Don, Thanks for the note. Sorry to hear about your sister and your foot problem. I hope that you can still enjoy physical activities of some sort. I was out on some interesting walks in the last three years: Austria, Hungary and of course Spain. Everything is on hold for now including winters...
  19. Canuck

    Has Anyone Walked this Camino?

    Hi! As mentionned by @biarritzdon, I have walked this route as descriped on the map you've attached to your original post. The route is very well marked with red arrows and a special identifier on white posts. Accommodation is readily available. It's easy walking along the canal from Palencia up...
  20. Canuck

    COVID Manuel Rossi recovering from COVID-19

    Maria and Manuel are dear friends totally dedicated to the Camino de Uclés. I was very sad to see them in such a difficult situation caused by the Coronavirus. Fortunately, they are getting better and will make it back stronger than ever. I wish them a quick recovery and give them the biggest...