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  1. Stivandrer

    Comment by 'Stivandrer' in media 'Camino Graffiti'

    and come spring towards Guillena, he cannot cross the river at all due to flooding...
  2. Stivandrer

    LIVE from the Camino Sanabres live

    a wee dram a day beats a thousand dramas
  3. Stivandrer

    On the Camino, on this date in September

    Sept 12th 19 due to a wrong choise of boots, otherwise properly broken in, I languished 6 days in Puebla de Sanabria on the Sanabrés...I developed a huge heel blister and hobbled 14 km to the next stop. Blod running in my boot.... At that stage big toe nail had gotten it too. I haven´t had a...
  4. Stivandrer

    Comment by 'Stivandrer' in media 'The rocky downhill to Ponferrada'

    take it this way: if it is the downhill to Molinaseco, I had another tough day: In stead of that rocky mess, I missed the stretch completely. A large flock of 400 sheep blocked the stone plinths, and tired I progressed down the highway, down and down and curves and curves......but should have...
  5. Stivandrer

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2021?

    forgot the bright colours of Viborg Domkirke:
  6. Stivandrer

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2021?

    Have been working all summer in weeks w 1 or two 24hr shifts. But early in July, I had 12 days where I took myself to a Northern route in Northern part of Denmark, that takes you from Hirtshals to Viborg, a mere 200 kms, a pittance. It also connects to Norway by ferry and so it is possible to...
  7. Stivandrer

    The Miracle of Kinesiology Tape

    my sore knee/ankle dept purse - always ready and mostly needed one week into the camino.... after that the body regenerates.......
  8. Stivandrer

    Trekking Poles Tips

    My Leki tips come off as I leavy city surfaces, where rubber tips are self evident. I change on the fly, as I walk, and put rubber tips in my back pocket. As I sit down, I will always feel where they are. Have lasted since ´14 on both CF, VdlP and internal trips. Steel tips have saved my step on...
  9. Stivandrer

    Comment by 'Stivandrer' in media 'VdlP: The ever watchful dog....'

    U forgot to post the pic, John...
  10. Stivandrer

    Ticks and Shorts

    Just send the fowls ( collective noun is a Confusion of Guinea fowl, understandably ) ahead at a day´s distance, - Collect when you reach the destination and send by JacoTrans another day ahead. So by applying 2 groups, you will be fine.......
  11. Stivandrer

    Ticks and Shorts

    Nice to hear, few ticks atre on the loose on the caminos. At your own home, under shading trees and in tall, lush grass, they can be a local menace Remembered this video on the perfect tick hunter:
  12. Stivandrer

    Comment by 'Stivandrer' in media 'The feared straight track between Carrión and Calzadilla'

    Feared!? why so- its straightness left my mind to wander and I was lost in thought for hours...not a bell, a phone, no music, not even a beep from a washing machine... bliss
  13. Stivandrer

    Gore tex shoes or boots?

    second that, new to me is the brand Altra with an impressive size toe box, a bit small in sizes, though ... worth checking out Lone Peak, shoe or boot ..
  14. Stivandrer

    How many pairs of shoes did you go through?

    Since my start to walk to the job and getting serious about the Camino in sept ´12, I am now on my 7th pair of boots, 4 different brands, and my third make of orthotic insole... Boots should last at least 2500 kms!! I have bought 4 pairs of my latest model of boot , leather- non membrane, as...
  15. Stivandrer

    On the Camino, on this date in June

    From the square in Casco Viejo in Bilbao there is a long session of steps leading to the church on the top... June 7th ´14
  16. Stivandrer

    On the Camino, on this date in June

    I have always admired Spanish window dressing: informative, complete and interesting. This is only on the day leaving Bilbao June 7 ´14. Once you see it ... Is it good practise to include name tags on items for customers to refer to...? How practical, how polite....!!
  17. Stivandrer

    On the Camino, on this date in June

    On my post Camino decompression stay before going home, I totally lost my heart to Casco Veijo in Bilbao.... June 3rd ´14
  18. Stivandrer

    On the Camino, on this date in May...

    2014: Just a wall, but overcast sky makes best lighting....
  19. Stivandrer

    Comment by 'Stivandrer' in media 'Descending El Perdon'

    Happy as a lark... Everybody.Makes.It. Don´t.Rush.It... Enjoy.Every.Moment....
  20. Stivandrer

    Seeking recommendations: Leave for Aguilar de Campoo from Bilbao or Pamplona?

    Viejo Camino from Pamlona to Aguilar de C is on the bucket list and will be an interesting alternative route west....