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  1. cathietherese

    The Camino will be waiting...Australians

    Thank you for starting this ANZ thread @Kanga . We have been thinking of you and other parts since the Delta outbreaks. Like Australia we are hoping our vaccination roll out picks up pace, it seems to be here. Both me and Tim have now had both shots and feel very fortunate. As others have...
  2. cathietherese

    LIVE from the Camino Beware of a man in outskirts of Aviles near Salinas!!!

    You are a brave one, thinking of other’s safety when you have just endured such an experience. I join others who thank and wish you a lovely journey for the remainder of your Camino. Ultreia!❤️
  3. cathietherese

    The House of the Rising Sun- in Conques

    What a wonderful thread! I too loved Conques.In fact, I think it blew my tiny mind. On the way out the following day I received a text from a dear friend at home in NZ that her father had just died. We were standing in the little chapel of Sainte Foy on the hillside and Tim rang the bell for my...
  4. cathietherese

    Struggling on the Le Puy

    Hello, I am sorry to hear you are struggling and hope the situation has eased for you. I walked from LPV to Cahors in 2019 and felt out of sorts because we had booked accommodation in advance. It was a jolt after the Camino Frances where we never knew where each day would end and trusted 'the...
  5. cathietherese

    What's the state of the Camino Francés right now - June 2021?

    I can relate too! Thank you for sharing such bright news and wish everyone you see, plus yourself Buen Camino from me too. I am the same as @Camino Chrissy waiting on vaccine roll-out, border openings.
  6. cathietherese

    What was the thing you were most happy to lose on the Camino?

    I would like to say I lost the habit of making assumptions about other people on the Camino. I didn't. However, at least now when I make them I get to remember how the Camino gave me so many lessons about how wrong assumptions can be. For instance, a woman walking ahead of me appeared to be...
  7. cathietherese

    Camino de Santiago based Bachelor Thesis

    Hi Anna, Submitted. Good luck with your thesis writing. Catherine
  8. cathietherese

    While Waiting to Walk - What are you doing?

    This is a great thread! It's heartening to read what everyone has been up to, and feel part of our pilgrim community on the forum. Tim (hubby in the photo) and me amuse ourselves on the weekends window shopping (and too often shopping) for super lightweight gear for when we can walk the Camino...
  9. cathietherese

    The Solace of Memory

    "As always it was lovely. The service was held in the ancient Romanesque church (wonderfully heated!!) in front of the magnificent silvered sculpture of the Virgin. Three monks assisted and called me by name to stand with them at the altar." Margaret, Thank you so much for reminding us how...
  10. cathietherese

    Plans for 2021?

    Me too Chrissy, same with me.
  11. cathietherese

    Plans for 2021?

    Ahhh, may hope spring eternal. It does all remain to be seen. That said, it seems totally human to speculate about when-to-go in such uncertain and trying times as a global pandemic. For now, I try to employ pilgrimage-in-place philosophies that so many of you generously share here and...
  12. cathietherese

    One Day at a time, One Photo at a Time (Part 3)

    Sometimes the light on the Camino is almost surreal. When I do an overview of our photos I notice how many have delicate threads of mist there are in the most physically demanding places. For instance, this one here was taken last year at the top of a huge climb on the Via Podiensis. Tim was...
  13. cathietherese

    Superstition in France?

    Good noticing! I loved walking the Via Podiensis and want to return - you know when we can and all that.xo
  14. cathietherese

    I would not advise traveling to Spain and walk right now

    Ivar, thank you again for great leadership and such a considered response. It is very sad to learn the virus is escalating so much in Spain, Europe and elsewhere in the world. The freedom of the beloved Camino is special to all pilgrims in different ways, and now it seems to me it is teaching us...
  15. cathietherese

    A few words from me earlier today in Santiago

    Thank you for your update as always Ivar. I hope all the love we pilgrims hold for Santiago and prayers are some comfort as the cases continue to escalate . Your courage and pragmatic attitude are a great example of the leadership needed in these times. Kudos to you, stay safe, Catherine and Tim.
  16. cathietherese

    Vezelay Camino October 2020 - Recommendation Request

    Kia Kaha Sara, your journey sounds fantastic. Definitely let the road set the pace, if you can relax the time.I hope it's not too long before I can trace your footsteps out there. Ultreia et Suseia.xo
  17. cathietherese

    News Related to the Future of Credencials

    ‘The incorporation of this digital certificate will not mean the disappearance of the credential on paper. In fact, any pilgrim who wishes can continue to use the traditional Credential and collect the stamps that certify their passage through the different stages of the Camino.‘ That’s good...
  18. cathietherese

    Pilgrim stabbed and attacked at knife point after Sacavem, was able to escape

    Dear @ABWalking, Firstly let me say ‘I believe you’ and then repeat it a million times to deafen the horrifying dismissal you and your friend suffered from police when you reported this prolonged, and life threatening attack. As many express love and concern here, I hope it forms some virtual...
  19. cathietherese

    To anyone thinking of travelling from UK to Spain

    Haha! @VNwalking that's the one. I needed gumboots last year walking out of Le Puy for a moment there, until it became really hot. In fact Tim and I joked about whether we had landed out the back of Taihape when we landed at Le Puy. It must be the volcanic plateau connection. Where are you now...
  20. cathietherese

    To anyone thinking of travelling from UK to Spain

    Yes, windy Welly. I live in the Southern Lakes in Wanaka now but I grew up with Wellington as my 'big town', especially compared to the lovely little town I was born in called Taihape. When :) you bring hubby back remember where Tim and I are, we always love meeting other pilgrims.xo