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  1. K Turner

    Post-Camino life changes

    Hello! Thank you so much for this! I am doing well. How about yourself? An update on a few things I've talked about: My best friend passed away a few days after I wrote the post above. Though restrictions were in place, I was able to attend when she was buried next to her son (he died in 2017...
  2. K Turner

    Did you frame your credential?

    My husband and I had ours framed together as our Christmas gift last year.
  3. K Turner

    Fun With a Poncho. . . multitasking

    I'm currently using my hiking poles to prop open the door on my pop-up camper!
  4. K Turner

    A Pilgrim Offering

    Thank you kindly!
  5. K Turner

    John Grisham book

    I just received an email notification that John Grisham's new book was released today. My heart jumped for joy at the title, "Camino Winds." Then I saw the topic is actually about a murder during a hurricane in Florida. Now I am disappointed! 😂
  6. K Turner

    Footwear advice

    My husband and I both wore Merrell Moab 2 on our CF last fall. We had them for years before our trip so we fully expected they would have to be tossed after getting back home in October. We only got rid of them last month, and reluctantly at that. We both replaced them with Moab 2 again. I...
  7. K Turner

    Anniversary Lunch

    I hope you had a lovely anniversary! Congratulations! Do you have a preferred tortilla recipe? I would love to start trying to make them!
  8. K Turner

    Lets Build an Albergue!

    Plenty of outlets for CPAP users 😴
  9. K Turner

    From your bedroom window

    I'm living in a hotel at the moment and there's a pool with green water outside my window. How about pictures of my dogs instead? 😁
  10. K Turner

    COVID Shelter-In-Place Activities: What are you doing?

    I'm currently living in a hotel with my husband, 17 year old, three dogs, and my teenager's pet snake. We just moved 1700 miles away and cannot yet access the land we purchased, on which we will build a small cabin. I am trying to keep busy by walking the dogs and catching up on some books...
  11. K Turner

    COVID Staying Connected In Difficult Times

    It is so important to take a moment to check in on friends and family. Your online group is a great idea. I lost my best friend two days ago. I prayed for her at the Cruz de Ferro six months ago, leaving behind the stone she sent with me. Today is my birthday. I grieve, guilty in a way for...
  12. K Turner

    Home Alone - New Generation (i.e.Self Isolation) ideas

    Thank you everyone for the excellent resources! I checked out several e-books from my local library and found some downloads on Amazon. Time to catch up on my reading! I also plan to work on languages and crochet a few items.
  13. K Turner

    COVID Airline refund on cancellation ?

    Although I do not have a Camino scheduled, I have several domestic flights this week that have been impacted. There were not enough passengers and my second flight Thursday was canceled tonight. American Airlines contacted us immediately and placed us on another flight. They did give us the...
  14. K Turner

    I caught the Camino virus 4 years ago, and I still have it.

    We are about to move across the US to the Tennessee area. I hope later this year to begin exploring the Appalachian Trail.
  15. K Turner

    Post-Camino life changes

    I had to look up what "RTR" meant, sorry! That would have been fun! It sounds like you have been on quite the journey! I look forward to seeing pictures. Buen Camino!
  16. K Turner

    Post-Camino life changes

    My husband (ExiledSW) and I just wanted to share some big changes in our lives since returning from our Camino in October 2019. This forum showed us tremendous support before and during the journey, and we are grateful to everyone here. (My apologies for the post's length!) Three weeks ago, we...
  17. K Turner

    Talking about work while on the Camino

    I was never asked about my profession last year when I walked the CF!
  18. K Turner

    Hep A/B vaccination

    I got my Hep A before my Camino in August. I was up-to-date on others. I'm in the US and was able to get it at Costco (a warehouse club, often with a pharmacy) for a surprisingly low price. My immune system is rather weak so I figured it was a simple preventive step I could take. For a few...
  19. K Turner

    Poll Where do you come from?

    Another one near Tucson, Arizona, USA here.
  20. K Turner

    Outdoor Gear, Backpacking Consumerism, and the Marketplace

    My husband and I did our Camino with cost in mind at every step. Our fleece sweaters came from a thrift store. Our packs and socks came from so they were from the model year prior so the color changed. We're not ones to follow or want something just because it's the latest. Our...