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  1. michael

    Entry requirements for France

    Over on a cycling website I belong to there is a lot of head scratching going on about what appears to be the new entry requirements for non EU visitors entry for less than 3 months in France. Seems it may cost you €120 for the...
  2. michael

    'New cycle route' with .gpx files

    Apologies if this has been posted previously. Did a quick search and nothing came up. There is a self supported race called the French Divide which runs diagonally across France. Parts of it claim to be on the Santiago route. If any one is looking for a 'super route' to Santiago through France...
  3. michael

    Walking poles pack shorter

    Just ran across these poles which are 38cm packed length my standard poles measure 65cm. Never seen poles this short before and as the question of how to carry poles on planes frequently crops up thought this might be a good solution. I dont think they are released yet but see...
  4. michael

    electric bike

    I was out bending the peddles the other evening when another cyclist appeared from a converging path alongside. I was state of the art air sprung light weight aluminium he was well oldish looking riding in a sit up and beg position with panniers in the back and peddling at a lower cadence. On...
  5. michael

    Winter walking

    I ran across this piece of kit the other day and I think its worthy of a mention. I am adding this to the kit that stays in my rucksack year round for walking and mountain biking. The bag is an upgrade on the basic space blanket we all carry (?) in the winter and yes its another few grams to...
  6. michael

    Paris - Biarritz

    FYI – SNCF run an overnight train Paris to Bayonne/Biarritz with some good deals if you book in advance. Anyone got any feed back on this? regards Michael
  7. michael

    cost of going home

    Having spent so much time planning my pilgrimage how to get to the start and the route itself I had a casual thought the other day about getting home after. Would I be right in assuming that if I fetch up in Santiago at some unknown date say in Feb next year and try to buy an airline ticket for...
  8. michael

    cooking and eating

    When the guides show accommodation as having kitchens can I assume that they also have the necessary items for cooking i.e. pots and pans? Would I want to eat something prepared in them or should I carry a camping set with me? Any advice on what to carry regarding cooking/eating plate cup kfs...
  9. michael

    GPS data

    Over on Santiago Bicicleta there is a request for Garmin GPS way point data. Does anyone here have this data available? I am also looking for total ascent/descent data on stages as opposed to spot heights of various points along the way if anyone has this as well. Regards Michael W
  10. michael

    ups and downs

    Has anyone got the ascent/descent information which ties in with entries in CSJ 1 Camino Frances? I did find a website with map and elevations together with Refuges details but somehow can’t seem to find it again. Thanks in anticipation Michael
  11. michael

    Carnival and festivals

    Just sorting out routes and possible dates for next year and there is a possibility that I could arrive in SdC towards end of Feb. Does Spain have carnival etc in week before start of Lent? Would hate to arrive and find the place closed or full with party in full swing. ;-) Regards Michael
  12. michael

    Camino Frances winter

    Does anyone know of the conditions likely during Jan and Feb? Is SJPP a feasible start or would it be prudent to start on other side of Pyrenees? I am holding Northern route as plan B but understand that all refuges are open all winter on Camino Frances. I am experienced in mountains in...
  13. michael


    Hello I have just been doing some research on CSJ Pilgrimage as I have two months off next year. Unfortunately its Jan and Feb so if anyone has experience or information regarding weather and accommodation on the Vía de la Plata at that time of year will be most grateful. Buen Camino Michael