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  1. Rick H

    COVID COVID Notice for staying in hotels and restaurants in Portugal

    Thanks for all the great responses and information. Looks like right now I can get into Portugal on the Camino but daily trekking with an armful of tests does not seem like much fun. I'm sure most people will be somewhat distanced (physically and socially) making for different Camino...
  2. Rick H

    COVID COVID Notice for staying in hotels and restaurants in Portugal

    I just received a notice from a albergue that I booked for my upcoming trip to Portugal (plan on the central route from Porto). I did some checking on the US Embassy site and here is the regulation. Hotels, Guesthouses, and airBnBs: mandatory submission of an EU Digital Certificate or a...
  3. Rick H

    LIVE from the Camino Roncesvalles - Logroño

    Sorry, referring to the Pilgrims. General population of Spain is a different matter.
  4. Rick H

    LIVE from the Camino Roncesvalles - Logroño

    I would think the vast majority (like 95%) are vaccinated.
  5. Rick H

    Porto to Santiago 10 Aug 2021

    Porto to Santiago 10 Aug 2021
  6. Rick H

    Completed Nov 2019

    Completed Nov 2019
  7. Rick H

    COVID News from the USA Embassy in Madrid regarding June 7 (for USA citizens)

    Thanks, good info! Hopefully this will evolve over time, so the embassy site will be a must check.
  8. Rick H

    COVID News from the USA Embassy in Madrid regarding June 7 (for USA citizens)

    It appears you can show a negative COVId test to be allowed into Spain.
  9. Rick H

    COVID News from the USA Embassy in Madrid regarding June 7 (for USA citizens) There’s more good news for travelers looking to visit Europe this summer. Following the news that fully vaccinated Americans will be allowed to travel to the European Union this summer, Spain has...
  10. Rick H

    COVID Is there a conversation in Spain about a tourism reset

    One man's (or woman's) "de-massing" is another man's lost business. Spain has been a poor country for many years, though the EU has brought some relief over the past few decades. As for the Camino, lets not get too fixated on one person and their backpack and albergue. We fly into the...
  11. Rick H

    RIP @Dorpie (Rob)

    I roomed with Rob (Dorpie). at St Jean. Jack, another forum member was also in our room at the Albergue. At breakfast before heading out the door for the first stage, I had a picture taken at the breakfast table. Rob is against the wall. He was a great guy. God Bless him and his family.
  12. A71F1D3A-AAAB-44AC-A2AC-4CB849B24E59.jpeg


    Rick and Rob
  13. Rick H

    RIP @Dorpie (Rob)

    I started today on the Camino Frances. At the Albergue in Roncesvalles a man in his bed was unresponsive to medical care. By coincidence I met some people who first tried to revive him with CPR. It was a very sad day for all involved. I have no other details. God bless him and his family.
  14. Rick H

    Any Resolutions for repeat Pilgrims?

    To be more welcoming to fellow pilgrims and get to know them. We all have a story to share....
  15. Rick H

    From Blind "rescued Irish Walker"

    Great to know we have such dedicated and efficient rescue services on the Camino! Just another wonderful aspect of this special journey.
  16. Rick H

    Great video log of Camino Frances

    Just finished watching all the episodes of this Vlog on the Camino on YouTube by a guy named Efren. Spring 2018. About 10 min per episode which is one day on the Camino. I found it entertaining and interesting with some great drone footage along the way.
  17. Rick H

    A question about last 100km

    This is a difficult issue. The essence of the Camino is a journey. A journey in which to appreciate and contemplate, sometimes spiritual sometimes not. What is proper length of such a journey? Second, we know that many towns along The Way derive much from their location and have done much to...
  18. Rick H

    Luggage Tranfers

    Take a picture of the Tag each day as the services are different depending on location. Ensure you capture the phone number. Make sure you have the correct name and address of the next Albergue
  19. Rick H

    New Backpack

    I'm an Osprey Exos 48 and water bottle guy. Both worked great and will use them again in Sep when I take on the entire CF. Also fell in love with a can of Aquarius sports drink on the hotter days.
  20. Rick H

    Planning to walk Camino Frances

    Planning to walk Camino Frances