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  1. AZgirl

    Film: Croire (Believe)

    Me too! Thanks!
  2. AZgirl

    Anyone planning to walk the Camino Mozarabe from Malaga in October or November?

    I'm planning for then but not until 2021. I'd love to have a walking buddy, or to follow along virtually from here if you walk this fall. Ash
  3. AZgirl

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2020?

    So I was just complaining I hadn't seen very many snakes this year. Not that I necessarily want to, but I just like seeing all sorts of animals still have their population numbers up. When I came across this! I'm putting it behind a spoiler, it's a bit graphic. A dead giant rattler where you can...
  4. AZgirl

    Powder shampoo - this looks like it would be great for the Camino

    I've been looking for a good conditioner, I'll give her a try.
  5. AZgirl

    Powder shampoo - this looks like it would be great for the Camino

    I'm game for trying it. I have hair that easily gets dry and tangly. Before I have use bar shampoo and carry a travel sized conditioner. At first I was surprised at the price, but they say one bottle was 4 regular shampoo bottles and the mini was one shampoo bottle. If you are willing to give...
  6. AZgirl

    What did you love best about walking la Plata?

    I really loved the via. I think it has been my favorite Camino so far. I love Roman history and there is some great sites. I will say I was in the best shape of my Caminos when I started this route, so that may color my memories as I didn't have that pain or ibuprofen habit I had on the others...
  7. AZgirl

    What did you love best about walking la Plata?

    It is about 4895 of 5700. Though it does say they have already been able to fix their hot water
  8. AZgirl

    Clean the Camino

    I've also thought this as well. There are many people who may not be as familiar with the "leave no trace", and I wish I knew about handling veg fruit only with gloves at supermarket/weighing your fruit and printing your price BEFORE getting to the register, and when buying from a farmer also to...
  9. AZgirl

    Chatting about the Forum with Ivar

    Thanks for sharing! I subscribed
  10. AZgirl

    LIVE from the Camino Derrybiketours on the Camino de Madrid

    That's too bad, there was some talk the nuns might be leaving or albergue closing,but I was holding out hope.
  11. AZgirl

    LIVE from the Camino Derrybiketours on the Camino de Madrid

    Yes I walked from about mid September on. Summer walking is no joke! I grew up in Arizona and so always was able to deal with heat. After being away for about a year and a half came back and was going to hike a local peak with a friend. It was may and not even 100, we only had been hiking about...
  12. AZgirl

    Well Told Tales from A SdeC Pilgrim Center Volunteer

    I'm definitely going to order the paperback thanks for sharing!
  13. AZgirl

    LIVE from the Camino Derrybiketours on the Camino de Madrid

    I loved the Madrid! I walked in fall 2017, and I like to think it was almost like walking the Frances awhile ago. I used the Johnnie walker guide. I only met 7 pilgrims. There were plenty of adventures of trying to track down who had the key to the albergue, I was the only Pilgrim several times...
  14. AZgirl


    I finally made the plunge and ordered a hiking umbrella! I live in the middle of nowhere so Amazon prime for us is a week. My hats were getting progressively larger and more flaps so only my eyes were peeking out. I ordered the six moon design compact. I plan on just using shock cord and...
  15. AZgirl

    European walking shoes?

    Right? It's the term she used. But she also wears toe socks.... :p
  16. AZgirl

    European walking shoes?

    I was listening to a Rick Steve's podcast, and he was interviewing the author of Europe on foot. She mentioned she only hikes in "European walking shoes." I googled the phrase and based on the images I couldn't imagine hiking in them. Does anyone know what brands she may be referring to, or...
  17. AZgirl

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2020?

    Anything upright in the desert is pretty much a target. Especially, if it's near a fairly maintained road in the middle of nowhere. When I was growing up I would collect the spent brass and sell to my dad for reloading. I think he would still buy them but most everyone picks up their brass now...
  18. AZgirl

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2020?

    Hi, I live in rural Arizona, US It's been oddly cool for us so I decided to explore some abandoned ranch roads.
  19. AZgirl

    New York Times article

    I ordered this, and it would be great to chat about it once I get it!
  20. AZgirl


    I'm another lucky Pilgrim who hasn't had bed bugs, and hasn't used chemicals. I do try and check the beds, etc. I'm a bit of a worrier but it heartens me to know that many pilgrims have dealt with and were still able to complete the Camino. In fact, I use that alot when walking to keep myself...