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  1. Humbertico

    Beilari Albuergue SJPDP

    I want to warn future pilgrims about our experience at the Beilari Albuergue in St Jean Pied de Port. We were left out of our reserved room when we showed up. I had made a reservation by phone and email six months prior and called them the day before arrival. I told them we would be there by...
  2. Humbertico

    EnglishFrench/Portuguese Translator

    I would like recommendations on Phone app for translation between English and French as well as English and Portuguese. There are various phone apps and I would like to know peoples recommendations and which ones can be used off-line. Thank you Humbertico
  3. Humbertico

    Trekking poles on trains

    I am fully awarding of homeland security on not allowing sharp objects like trekking pole in cabin and this is why I am packing my separately and sending with luggage. My question is will there be issues with trains. We are going from Paris to Lourdes to Bayonne then SJPDP. Gracias, Humbertico
  4. Humbertico

    Recommended highlights in Santiago

    Hey Peregrinos. Starting CF next week. I wanted to ask for recommendations about highlights and special places to visit in Santiago. ie. What to see and do in Cathedral. Time of mass, Steps up to statue of Santiago etc. We will be there two days when we return from Finisterre and Muxia. Don’t...
  5. Humbertico

    Places to stay Santiago

    Peregrinos i need tips on best places to stay for two days in Santiago near the Cathedral. I am making advanced booking for late Oct. Gracias! Humbertico
  6. Humbertico

    Pamplona Recommendations

    Will be traveling through Pamplona (CF) in mid September. Recommendations as to where to stay it will be a Fri-Sat stay. Thanks Peregrinos
  7. Humbertico

    Bathroom necessities

    If nature calls and you are far from restrooms any recommendations especially for lady pilgrims? Should you carry bag to dispose at a trash can or carry shovel to dig letreen and bury? Gracias peregrinos
  8. Humbertico

    Map of Camino Frances

    Where can I download a map of the Camino Frances for me to make plans of the journey. Gracias Peregrino
  9. Humbertico

    Booking the day before

    From all I have been reading on Ivar many people are going to the moment they get into town to make a reservation for the next day of the journey. My question is can this be done with Albuergues and Pensiones or is this for hotels and B &B’s only? Any other sites besides...
  10. Humbertico

    Married Couple and Pensiones

    I have a question. Besides staying in Albuergues my wife and I will occasionally stay in pensiones or hostels. Will they charge us for the room or per person? We were trying to set a budget. Gracias Peregrinos
  11. Humbertico

    Wake up alarms?

    While staying in Albuerges how do people wake up early like 5:30 or 6 am. It would seem that if people are setting their phone alarms at different times people would hear it all over the rooms and wake up others. Recommendations? Thanks Peregrinos
  12. Humbertico

    Setting up a Blog

    I would like to set up a Blog for my friends and family at home can follow us through the Camino. Can some one give me a link that would walk me through the steps to set one up. Gracias Peregrinos!
  13. Humbertico

    Biking from Santiago to Finestre/Muxta

    I would appreciate hearing comments about anyone’s experience on biking from Santiago to Finestre and Muxta. Also the names of bike rental shops. My wife and I are doing the CF in September/October and are considering biking this segment because of schedule restraints. Gracias Peregrinos...
  14. Humbertico

    Santiago to Finisterre

    I need assistance on where I can get info (maps,alburges) from Santiago to Fenestre. Byerlys book has the final stage as Santiago. Gracias Peregrinos
  15. Humbertico

    Sleeping bag vs liner

    My wife and I will be doing the CF mid September through Oct. I am confused from what I tead on the Ivar blog. Shouuld we bring thin sleeping bag or liner for this time a year. Would appreciate your feedback. Thank you peregrinos, Humbertico
  16. Humbertico

    Burgos to Santo Domingo de Silos

    My wife and I will be doing the CF Sept - Oct and are planning to leave Burgoas to Santo Domingo de Silos. Would appreciate recommendations as to best transportation to and from Burgos. Also best place to stay. Is it worth a day trip to get back to Burgos and stay the night in Burgos to continue...
  17. Humbertico

    Biking from Santiago to Fenestre

    Any tips on biking from Santiago to Fenestre and Muxta. Company to rent bike, places to stay in the event we run out of time when we finish CF. It will be in Oct. Gracias, Humbertico
  18. Humbertico

    Trip from Lisbon to Fatima

    Upon completion of the CF we are flying to Lisbon before heading to Fatima. Any suggestions on travel train vs bus to Fatima. We are staying there for 2 days. Thanks!
  19. Humbertico

    The Meseta

    How long is the Meseta? Is it Burgos to Leon? How many stages and days?Is it all flat and dull? Is it near the half way point is the CF? Gracias Peregrinos! Humbertico
  20. Humbertico

    Train Strike

    Just read on French Train Website that the strike as of now will be going on until the end of June. Those going in May and June on train may need to look at buses or rent a car or share a ride. Humbertico