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  1. intrepidtraveler

    Somport Pass

    John, my main suggestion with albergues would be to plan a day or two ahead. Some places are cutting back on the number of people they'll take to comply with social distancing. There aren't a huge number of options along this route except for maybe in Jaca. This area is also very popular with...
  2. intrepidtraveler

    LIVE from the Camino Anyone Else on the Aragones?

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm planning a side trip to SJdlP. Unlike other caminos I've walked, this one will have an emphasis on enjoying historical/points of interest.
  3. intrepidtraveler

    Accomodation at Pasajes de San Juan

    If you want to get started the same day you arrive you might want to see if Albergue Captn Txmista (sp?) is still operating. It's about 4kms down the trail from Irun so it gives you a little head start for the next day. I believe it is a private albergue vs municipal so it might be open.
  4. intrepidtraveler

    How does the Madrid compare to the Frances?

    It depends on what you're used to. The mountain going to Segovia IMO, is totally doable. Like you, before I went, felt a little intimidated. The actual walk over was not especially difficult. Buen Camino.
  5. intrepidtraveler

    Can you make a Le Puy route recommendation?

    I walked the LePuy route last year and wouldn't describe any of it as monotonous. But that's one of those very subjective topics. I also continued on from SJPP to Logrono. Aside from the Pyrennes section, the latter doesn't stay in my mind as being particularly more interesting than anything on...
  6. intrepidtraveler

    Another day/Another Camino

    The Chemin du Piemont is on my very long Camino-to-Do-List. What was your impression of it? Did you meet any other pilgrims? Thanks for any insight you are willing to offer.
  7. intrepidtraveler

    Eating vegetarian in Logrono

    Another vote for Winederful. Great location too.
  8. intrepidtraveler

    Le Puy musings and plannings....

    As for your proposed schedule, you should easily make it to Conques in 2 weeks. Recently I walked this route and reached Conques in 10 days. I am a fairly slow walker and, except for the first 2 days (16-ish kms), walked 20-24 kms per day. I agree with the others about allowing yourself...
  9. intrepidtraveler

    Caminho with my dog

    Could you find a way to the south of Portugal using BlaBla Car or a similar ridesharing service?
  10. intrepidtraveler

    Sea to Summit poncho - reviews?

    There appears to be a considerable difference in weight between the S2S (6-ish oz.) and the TriWonder (16oz.) if that's of concern to anyone.
  11. intrepidtraveler

    Too hot to walk Tuscany to rome part in August?

    If you decide to go for it, a trekking umbrella or an umbrella hat might be a worthwhile investment.
  12. intrepidtraveler

    Starting the VF soon. Anyone in there at the moment?

    You might also find others to connect with on the route through the FB group Women of the Via Franvigena. Bonne Chemin.
  13. intrepidtraveler

    Pilgrim Office volunteer experience/update

    In the literal sense, a CV is your Curriculum Vitae (life curriculum). Basically, a fancy name for your resume.
  14. intrepidtraveler

    Tomorrow in Conques

    On the Chemin Le Puy, timing seems to be a big factor. I started walking it mid-August and met very few people who spoke English. Through the Chemin grapevine I heard that there were many more pilgrims from English-speaking countries who started a few weeks after I did. Beautiful route...
  15. intrepidtraveler

    Le Puy en Velay in March 2020

    I am walking the LePuy route right now and am curious as to why you want to walk this route in March. From LePuy to Figeac I can't begin to remember how many times I thanked the Camino gods for dry weather. There were numerous steep, rocky ascents and descents that would be treacherous or very...
  16. intrepidtraveler

    Struggling on the Le Puy

    Like you I am currently walking the LePuy route. Yes, it is very different than the CF. Yes, I sometimes feel left out during the dinner conversation because my French is not fluent. Face it, for them to talk with me takes effort. At the end of a long day of walking, most people are probably...
  17. intrepidtraveler

    Rest day

    Or when the weather is bad. Along that stretch there are several steep, rocky descents that are best avoided, if possible, on a rainy day.
  18. intrepidtraveler

    I may be crazy....

    If you're concerned about your daughter not making it due to lack of training, why not have her bag sent ahead (you have reservations, right?). Then the walking will be easier for her.
  19. intrepidtraveler

    Izarbide is BACK!!!!

    I had a wonderful experience there as well and would gladly return.
  20. intrepidtraveler

    Le Puy Mid-August

    Buen Camino! Maybe we'll see each other on the trail. I'm leaving the 13th as well.