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    ? what is it about this site

    it is now a year and a bit since i finished my walk from Seville to Santiago i will in all likelyhood not walk another camino and before the walk i spent about 10 months on the site planning reading preparing . but if its over why am i still so attached why do i still come back to this site why...
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    selfishness on the camino

    when i first joined the aa as an active alcoholic my sponsor asked what my reasons were for wanting to clean up my act and i trotted out the usual reasons family kids wife job friends blah blah he says this is the most selfish 12 step programme in the world you doing it only for yourself -...
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    ? how many steps to Santiago

    progress means everything is so instant ...3 easy steps to making the sunday roast ...5 steps to raising model children ...7 steps of highly effective people . ? so how many steps to get to S'diago the average pilgrims step length is 76.2cm the average distance per day to do the 1000km vdlp in...
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    when is my bag too heavy

    ah yes, the vexed 10% of body weight urban legend . ? who said this is the optimal weight ? who said a light pack is every pilgrims holy grail ? did the pilgrims of yore compare size . i have discovered 2 scientificly proven methods of determining when your backpack is too heavy . 1) if you slip...
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    How to feel like you are on the camino without leaving home

    (Photo added by Ivar) so youve been back home for a year now and missing that elusive camino feeling and thinking of walking again . well theres good news you can now achieve that same feeling from the comfort of your very own lounge suite . heres how: sleep in your sleeping bag in a different...
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    footwear used on SECOND Camino

    everybody has an opinion on footwear especially before doing the first camino the BIG DEBATE - do i take boots or trail-shoes . before my first walk i had my phd in footwear - i knew it all my opinion changed during my first walk i cussed my trail shoes and dreamed of boots . i want to know...
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    what was your most expensive "unscheduled" cost

    i sent at least one postcard home to my family most every day so for 40 days that ticked up a bit post card = circa 1Euro postage stamp to south africa = circa 1Euro total = 80 Euro
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    is the disposable sheet 100% protection against bedbugs

    in most albergues on the vdlp we were issued with a disposable sheet and pillow case i never met a single dreaded bug in my 6 weeks of pllgrimage and i nearly hyperventilated every time i thought of being bitten by these disgusting critters . ? is the sheet adequate protection
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    staying @ Oseira Monastery

    ? can you cant you . i walked with a Dutch woman (i miss you Hilda), and she stayed there for 2 nites (Oct 2010) i remember the hospitalero at Ourense saying it was not possible . ? what is the situation
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    cumulative elevation - Sevilla to Santiago

    did you know #23 that the height climbed, cumulatively, from Sevilla to Santiago is 10'000m
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    Did ANYBODY take crappy equipment

    it seems we all speak about how great MY backpack / MY shoes / MY sleeping bag etc was.... very seldom do we admit to bad equipment or making bad equipment choices . so heres your chance......
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    did you need medical care on and after the camino

    blisters, scrapes and bruised ego aside did you require any medical help while on the camino or afterwards as a result of your walk
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    selecting gear when straddling 2 seasons

    confession time . i carried too much kit (duh !) . i walked the vdlp in Sept / Oct for 6 weeks as a first time camino walker, and not knowing what to expect, i carried gear appropriate for both seasons so i had a light sleeping bag + a bag liner (+ 450g) wind-breaker (+ 150g) hard-core...
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    ? when does a hard walk in Spain become a Camino

    imho . ive sensed that the type of questions asked by long-haul pilgrims differ from those asked by short distance trekkers ? why is this ? is this so . it seems the shorter time guys are more concerned about comfort, directions, and quite specific operational stuff and that the longer haul guys...
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    learn to speak spanish or...

    my lack of Spanish language skills led to the most beautiful experiences on the camino . i tried to avoid any english speaking pilgrims because that made conversation too easy, and i felt isolated from other non-english speaking pilgrims this lead to me having to really concentrate during multi...
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    Camino blunders

    i owe this forum much - thanks for the advice - it made a huge difference to my walk . that said, i took some advice wich was not suited to me (no offence to those that gave it) . need to use anti-persperant /deodorant - what shi7e. Just because i was a pilgrim, there was no need to smell...
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    forum pack review

    i'm in the market for a decent VdlP backpack and my research has taken me across continents (virtual-like) i am currently being seduced by a Black Diamond pack locally they come in either 40 or 60 litres so i'm weighing up options here - trade-off on the weight issue 40lt = 1.2 kg 60lt = 1.7...
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    return to Seville from Santiago - train or bus

    i will end the vdlp at Santiago / Finisterra and then need to return to Seville to catch my flight home i'd thought of catching an overnight train from Finisterra/ Santiago ideally no changes, direct to Seville what are my possibilities best i'd not like to be couped up on a bus ! this might...
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    efficient packing

    ? is there a recognised way of packing your kit i want : .rain gear immediately available .water easy to reach .weight well distributed .night stuff tucked out of the way .tomorrows clothes together .etc etc ? do you use colour coded waterproof bags for each group of stuff . i saw a pilgrim...
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    the weight we carry

    i spend a lot of time weighing my kit in preparation to get it below 6kg ?or is it 10% of my body weight . ?how can i lessen the load i carry in my head ?how can i start the camino with the minimum mental baggage