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    The Camino Is Not For Everyone

    I was referring to BamaHiker's comment implying that he doesn't want to walk with a bunch of "atheists". I know the camino is a pilgrimage route, but that doesn't mean that as an atheist I am any less worthy of walking it, or that I don't have my own deeply personal reasons for doing so. I...
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    The Camino Is Not For Everyone

    Thank you, CaminoGen. I, too, am an atheist (baptized in the Catholic church) and very much look forward to my Camino in 2013. I hope to find people who are open-minded and accepting of everyone around them, no matter their religion (or lack thereof) or their motivations for walking the Camino...
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    Post-camino tattoo?

    I just have to say that I love this topic. I will be doing my Camino next year and will most likely get a tattoo to mark the accomplishment. I know many people dislike tattoos and must constantly tell those who have them that they will regret it - I don't know why anyone else cares what I do to...
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    How much money should I need for the entire pilgrimage?

    No! Please, keep providing this great info and options. The original poster is not the only person on the forum in need of these tips!
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    How do you manage to get out of work for 5 weeks?

    I know I am a huge dork, but it was pretty cool when I opened the site today to realize my question made the front page! It was also nice to know that my question wasn't something that only I was concerned's always nice to know that others have the same questions and concerns as you...
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    My blog and photos of the Camino Frances Fall 2009

    I already have plans to do the Camino, but your photos truly inspired me! And I greatly appreciate all the links and information about albegues and the camino itself. Thanks!
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    How do you manage to get out of work for 5 weeks?

    I certainly don't want anyone to think I don't receive vacation time - I do, in fact, get a decent amount of paid time off that accumulates and rolls over each year (which is quite unusual for American companies). Currently, I max out at 240 vacation hours - more than enough to take off for 5...
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    How do you manage to get out of work for 5 weeks?

    Thanks for all the advice everyone - I have a feeling it will come down to quitting my job and trying to find another one for when I come back. And for some reason, I am perfectly fine with that. The Camino is something I just *have* to do...for me. And sacrificing a job that I barely like is...
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    How do you manage to get out of work for 5 weeks?

    I have started the very early stages of planning my trip on the Camino. I am researching what to pack, how to get there, where to stay, how much money it will take, etc. The only real lingering question in my mind is, "How in the world do I take 5-6 weeks off work without losing my job?" I am...