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  1. RachelNZ

    Is the camino a ritual for all spanish people?

    Wow is that right!? In the movie, The Way and in John Brierley's guidebook, I'm sure they both suggest that the Camino is a thing that all Spaniards attempt to do some time or other. There were so many locals who started from Sarria in particular, that I encountered. I should have asked them as...
  2. RachelNZ

    Is the camino a ritual for all spanish people?

    Hi fellow pilgrims, Is the Camino a ritual for most Spanish to do at least once in their lifetime? I do remember hearing this when I walked a couple of years ago. I have to write an essay for university on a ritual and I'd like to write on this topic as I have a lot of insider knowledge on it...
  3. RachelNZ

    Just a Mum-On the Camino de Santiago

    Hello! Yes I see there is an issue. Hmmm, I have added some banking details to the account and it says to allow a couple of days for things to become active. So sorry for the delay. I hope it will be all sorted in a day or two. Thank you for alerting me. :):):)
  4. RachelNZ

    Just a Mum-On the Camino de Santiago - NOW AN EBOOK!

    My book Just a mum on the Camino de Santiago is now available on Amazon Kindle store.
  5. RachelNZ

    Just a Mum-On the Camino de Santiago

    RachelNZ updated Just a Mum-On the Camino de Santiago with a new update entry: NOW AN EBOOK! Read the rest of this update entry...
  6. RachelNZ

    COVID I'm plummeting...

    Yes. Me too. I want to plan another walk but feel, whats the point yet? When oh when can we travel again?? still in lockdown here. Its depressing alright.
  7. RachelNZ

    Just a Mum-On the Camino de Santiago

    Thats ok! Sorry I cant give it away for free! But its availabale in most paper plus stores or I can post you one after lockdown :)
  8. RachelNZ

    Just a Mum-On the Camino de Santiago

    Hmm, yes. That’s correct. There are details on how to purchase my book on this Facebook link. Sorry it’s not a free download 😬:)
  9. RachelNZ

    Just a Mum-On the Camino de Santiago

    RachelNZ submitted a new resource: Just a Mum-On the Camino de Santiago - Comical, raw honest personal story of walking the camino from an unfit mother of 4 Read more about this resource...
  10. RachelNZ

    Just a Mum-On the Camino de Santiago 2020-04-20

    I am just a mum, who desperately needs an adventure. I have mothered children for most of my life, and as the kids get older, I’m left wondering who I am and what to do next. Unfit and unmotivated, I somehow find myself walking 800km across Spain on a thing called the Camino de Santiago, an...
  11. RachelNZ

    Camino Portuguese Apr-May 2019

    Camino Portuguese Apr-May 2019
  12. RachelNZ

    Solo walk journal

    Nice! I am also a Rachel, a Mum and a pilgrim and a kiwi! snap!
  13. RachelNZ


    I hope to yes, in time 😊😊
  14. RachelNZ


    Hi my fellow pilgrims friends. I have written a funny and honest account of my pilgrimage journey from how I decided to do the walk, the getting fit and off the couch, to organising childcare and logistics of escaping mothering duties for 6weeks. The second part of the book is a daily diary of...
  15. RachelNZ

    rain pants for the CF in late april/may?

    I walked the same time as you in 2017. I had rain pants, not super thick ones and they rolled up to a tiny bundle. Well worth taking as it kept my shorts dry and the warmth in. There were a few rain days where the wind was bad also so I kept reasonably dry with these pants. I’m pleased I took them.
  16. RachelNZ

    Best Blister Prevention Method - Vote!

    Do you find your feet sweat more in those nylons?
  17. RachelNZ

    who knew it would cost so much!

    Yes I agree with you! From nz it’s so expensive to get there before you have even set foot on Spanish soil. At least it balances out as Spain is so cheap to eat and stay (as a pilgrim) this is the only way I can justify my trips to my long suffering husband haha!! I’m looking at doing the...
  18. RachelNZ

    Walking my second Camino frances

    Hi Jay, Yes I had a message from Khristeena about your meeting. I was astounded. The Camino is amazing. What else is there to say.! Good for you walking again! I was thinking of staying off the Brierley guide stops next time and seeing some different albergues etc. Is this what you think you...
  19. RachelNZ

    Starting in April 2019 - avoiding crowds so we don't have to pre-book

    Hi Lissie, Check out my FB blog "Just a mum on the camino" and you will get an idea of what it was like Apr/may in 2017 for a kiwi on the camino :) I found I had to walk my way up to the distances of 20km, its better to work your way to longer days as you just push your body too much. Some days...
  20. RachelNZ

    walking next April/May

    Yes, I am Terry. I'm from Wellington, NZ. I am seriously considering walking my second Camino Frances from SJPdP again next Apr/may. I walked it the same months in 2017. It was wonderful. Great weather. Not too many people. Good luck for your trip! Buen Camino!