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  1. StephenChad

    St Jean de Luz - Hendaye coastal path closed (for repair, Nov 2021)

    The coastal path between Ciboure and Hendaye was closed to pedestrians on 9/11/21 as it has become dangerous due to recent cliff falls. Pilgrms should follow the traditional inland route via the village of Urrugne
  2. StephenChad

    Flying home changes - bus options?

    I rather enjoyed the train back from SDC to Irun, a bit slow but passes by many places on the Camino Frances. The train from Hendaye to Paris is 300kph once past Bordeaux.
  3. StephenChad

    Land entry to France without passe sanitaire?

    You can import the UK NHS vaccination codes into the French pass sanitaire which is the TousAntiCovid app.
  4. StephenChad

    Land entry to France without passe sanitaire?

    I crossed into France from Irun a couple of weeks ago and had to show vaccination status at the border. I also crossed on another day and was not stopped.
  5. StephenChad

    Biarritz to Irun

    The coastal path from St Jean de Luz to Hendaye is partly closed due to cliff erosion so you might be better to take the inland route via Urrugne. You could take the foot ferry from Hendaye marina to Hondarrabia and from there it is up the hill to Guadeloupe. There is a good bus service from...
  6. StephenChad

    Where would you plan a rest day on the Le Puy route?

    You can take a nice boat trip in Cahors. There is also a cinema
  7. StephenChad

    Cluny to Le Puy - Pilgrims needed

    Just noticed this fine looking 320k trail has been recently upgraded with waymarks, picnic tables, dry toilets and accommodation. A new guidebook has been published. But they are short of pilgrims ...
  8. StephenChad

    Anyone using a Drone?

    One of the great pleasures of walking is the peace and quiet
  9. StephenChad

    Bayonne hotel booking

    If you plan to stay in Bayonne during the fetes take white clothing and expect to have a very late night... Special trains run through the night to Biarritz and elsewhere
  10. StephenChad

    Sailing to Santander cancelled!

    I was on the Pont Aven out of Santander on April 15 heading for Portsmouth. About half way across one of the engines died, emitting an enormous amount of black smoke and we continued at a reduced speed of 10 kts. After a few hours they restarted the second engine but the ship was diverted to...
  11. StephenChad

    Roncesvalles to San Sebastian

    The GR11 between Burguete and Elizondo requires a bivouac. To avoid this go north on the Baztan as far as Elizondo and then two days west on the GR11 to Irun I was walking on the Jaizkibel above Irun a couple of days ago and met a pilgrim who had done something similar. Started in Huesca...
  12. StephenChad

    How to travel from Santiago to Biarritz?

    Train details at Crossing the border is a bit of a hassle as Spain and France use different rail gauges.. You can get the suburban railway (Topo) from Irun to Hendaye, then a train to Biarritz You could get off at San Sebastian and catch the direct bus to Biarritz airport,
  13. StephenChad

    Santiago to Biarritz, France

    The train ride to Irun is a pleasant slow journey retracing much of the Camino Frances, through Astorga, Leon, Burgos .... Only two carriages, one of which has a bar ...
  14. StephenChad

    Decisions soon—Advice please! Bilbao or irun?

    There are frequent buses from Pamplona to San Sebastian. From San Sebastian the suburban railway ('Topo') runs every half hour to Irun. Agree with @Jenny@zen that Hondarrabia would be a good place to start. There is an albergue up the hill towards Guadelupe. There are also buses from San...
  15. StephenChad

    Ticks and Lyme's Disease

    I was bitten this year by a tick carrying rickettsia on the GR11 three days east of Roncesvalles. The village doctor said there had been other cases this year but none in previous years. She prescribed antibiotics which were effective but they need to be taken asap. Subsequent blood tests showed...
  16. StephenChad

    Road walking

    I heard somewhere that to qualify as a GR a trail must be at least 80% off road. In France pilgrims follow the GR65 from Le Puy to SJPDP, with less road walking than subsequently in Spain
  17. StephenChad

    Need help deciding on train station in pamplona

    Make sure you get off the train when the platform signs say Iruña, the Basque name for Pamplona
  18. StephenChad

    12 days mid october... Where should i walk?

    Yes @AlwynWellington, good idea to carry on to Figeac from where you can exit via Rodez, which has an airport.
  19. StephenChad

    stage 2 of Camino from Le Puy, doing in 2 week doses

    It is worth taking the 1 1/4hr boat trip in Cahors if you have time. Starts next to the famous Valentré bridge.