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  1. Paddington Bear

    For Sale/Wanted Hiking skirt - Macabi or other brand wanted - URGENT (London)

    We just finished the Camino and on some days and nights it was really cold. I wore trousers everyday and was glad I had them. I was travelling with 6 other women and 5/6 wore trousers everyday. We travelled with two guys who wore shorts during the day and trousers at night.
  2. Paddington Bear

    LIVE from the Camino Is it all hills??

    Beer. But the Spanish bread doesn't help either!
  3. Paddington Bear

    Pensions, Hotels - Solo Woman

    We only walked from Sarria so this may differ from a SJPDP start but people tended to leave their accommodation on the hour and 1/2 hour. So waves came through. At the first breakfast stop after any town hoards collected. At the second breakfast stop things were calmer. We didn't always stay at...
  4. Paddington Bear

    LIVE from the Camino The Senior Citizen Camino

    Love your blog. Thank you. Ultreia.
  5. Paddington Bear

    How Long Through the Airport

    As with all flights and airports wait times are variable. I came through Madrid airport at 1 pm theee days ago through the non EU citizen queue and the lines were huge. At least 1/2 hr. Thenthere was a lot of walking plus a train to baggage collection from our terminal (at least 20 mins). The...
  6. Paddington Bear

    Is carrying your own backpack a thing of the past?

    Until you experience it "grief" (and I think that's what this woman might have been suffering) can be an immeasurable burden. Emotionally and physically. If this woman could only manage to cope with her Camino by having her backpack transported good on her for finding a way to achieve her...
  7. Paddington Bear (Good service? any complaints?)

    They are great. Never had a problem. Make sure you read the fine print and know the booking conditions. I usually check the website of the hotel just to check prices.
  8. Paddington Bear

    Thank you!

    We are heading off to Spain this week to set off on our Baby Camino starting on 21 May from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela. Thank you all for your help and interesting information about the Camino and walking the Camino. I hope to meet some of you on the trail but I think we will miss the...
  9. Paddington Bear

    Has anyone bought a silk liner from TrekSilk?

    "artificial silk" or "art silk" is just a synonym for rayon. Bit amazing that they don't put the width of the liners on their website!
  10. Paddington Bear


    Well that not my experience, sorry. 18 months ago I bought an eVent jacket and the rain soaked through it. I have gortex rain pants that work well and DH has gortex that works. I went back to the same store and got a new gortex jacket that works perfectly. The shop took my eVent jacket back for...
  11. Paddington Bear

    Torn, 200km done, 1OO ish to go Blisters not healing

    Were the orthotics hard plastic? I had PF and find the softer gel or foam inner soles with GOOD arch support work well. You might find walking in bare feet or in shoes without arch support is exacerbating your PF. I really hope your blisters heal quickly for you. Lots of air and salt water...
  12. Paddington Bear


    All I know from bitter experience is that gortex is the only material that works for me. If you buy your gear on special during the sales it's almost affordable!
  13. Paddington Bear

    Has anyone bought a silk liner from TrekSilk?

    I made my own. Fabric stores sell silk.
  14. Paddington Bear


    I agree except for gortex. I got an "equivalent" fabric and it just didn't work. Now I have a gortex jacket and it's great - waterproof and breathable even when hot. DH sweats a lot and has a 25 year old gortex rain jacket (long one) and it still breathes (even for him) and is still waterproof...
  15. Paddington Bear

    Well this sucks-possible stress fracture

    I think this applies to just about all walking shoes except maybe Teva boots.
  16. Paddington Bear

    Shoes and sleeping bag

    Everyone is different so you have to workout what suits you. If you look at the forecasts there will be rain during your Camino. I don't wear waterproof shoes because I like my feet to breath. On hot days waterproof shoes tend to keep the moisture in. I prefer a rain jacket. (Ponchos flap in...
  17. Paddington Bear

    plantar fasciitis

    Everyone is different I guess but arch supports in everything, only enclosed shoes (no flats or heels) and no bare feet worked for me. Try it for a few weeks. The pain went away by then but I was too scared to stop the regime! I tried the exercises but other than standing with toes on a step...
  18. Paddington Bear

    plantar fasciitis

    Your foot will swell. You need to be able to wriggle your toes freely but you also need the shoe to hold your heel in place. On a slope (make one with a piece of wood or books) you don't want your foot to slide forward in your shoe/boot. Are you trying these shoes on with the socks you will...
  19. Paddington Bear

    plantar fasciitis

    Robo, how is your wife's PF? I found I had to wear an enclosed shoe with arch support inner soles in every shoe for 3 months before it cured. No flats and no thongs (even ones with arch support) during this time because I was told I had to stop the twisting motion. It's gone for me now and I can...