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    A precious moment on my Camino

    Thank you for teh wonder post and memeory. When I walked this last year, my walking partner Jim from Northern Ireland, often mused "what wouldl stop a rascal painting misleading arrows along the way?". Just a horrid thought. Trundle
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    Camino Portugues

    Camino Portugues Accomodation Costs Thank you for this information.
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    Camino Portugues

    Cost of accomodation on Camino Portugues Can anyone out there give me an idea what accomodation costs would be from Porto to Santiago? I am planning on going September 2010. In some preliminary reading, indications are that the 5 Euros per night thing we experinced on Camino Frances aren't as...
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    Shin splint

    I too am an ex-hurdler who developed shin splints on my 2008 Camino. It started about Burgos where I picked up an elastic bandage. At Fromista I bought ibuprofin cream - what a life saver! Apply the cream in the morning, wrap the leg and walk until noon. At noon, unwrap the leg to give...
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    If I had to do it over again ...

    I wouldn't buy a return airline ticket. The freedom of having no fixed return date would be great. Trundle
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    Cameras or Camcorders

    I would suggest a camera that has video capability. There are scenes you will encounter that a single picture will not be enough; a slow pan is very effective. Trundle
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    Trundle arrives in Santiago

    I was at Mass this morning with the lady in walker. She is amazing. I had the opportunity to see her going down the roads. Never saw her doing any really difficult sections. Thanx for posting her story. Trundle
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    Trundle arrives in Santiago

    Hi all, I arrived this morning, standfing in front of the cathedral as the bells tooled 9. I left Roncesvalles Sept. 18. Other than tendonitis in the left shin and some blisters on the left toes (descent from O´Cebreiro) I´m doing well. Staying at he Hostal La Salle - nice place, would...
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    flying with trekking poles

    I sent this question to the Canadian Air Transportation Security Office and got this reply. Dear Mr. Friesen: Thank you for your electronic mail message of July 21, 2008, to Transport Canada, regarding hiking poles in baggage. I apologize for the delay in replying. While hiking poles are...
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    Getting back to Madrid from Santiago

    I was going to fly but I'm thinking that an overnight bus or train migh be a better option. It would save me a hotel night and would also be another potentially great experience. Does anyone know the schedule, trip duration and cost for each? Also, was it a pleasant experience or something to...
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    Overnight Suggestions in Pamplona

    Hi all, The place I was going to book for Sept 17 (Hotel Esalva) is full. Any suggestions for places near teh bus station? Regards,
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    Drain Plugs

    What diameter should the plugs be? Tip for washing laundry: when I cycled from Denver, CO to Winnipeg (about 1,000 miles) our group showered with our clothes on first (sometimes applying liquid soap) , then washed our bodies with soap and then rinsed.
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    Bedbugs and Fleas

    What can be done to prevent getting bite? Is there a powder or spray that we can apply prior to going to bed? It would be worth carrying the extra weight.
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    I bought my ticket to Madrid for a Sept 16 Departure

    I did it! Committed to doing it. I was a bit hesitant for a while becuase my father was diagnosed with cancer and was not given a timeline. Well, we were told on the weekend that he has only weeks left so I feel quite safe committing to a Sept/Oct hike. A big thanx to all who have helped me...
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    Should I Leave Aug 20 or Sept 15?

    My plan was to leave Aug 20 but now I can get a ticket on a seat sale for $500 less ($1,300 vs $800) if I leave on Sept 15. Assuming a 5 week trip, will the weather be much less enjoyable by the time I reach the end of my trip if I choose the later date? Checking weather data, it looks like I...
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    Train ticket

    Any recommendations on what to see & do in Pamplona when there is only one day available? Also, any recommendations on accommodation? Trundle
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    Train ticket

    Is the consensus here that taking the bus is the best (however "best" can be described) way of getting to Pamplona from Madrid? My current flight plans have me landing in Madrid at 11:10AM. The Iberia flight leaves at 3PM and costs about $125 - at the current rate of about 1.50 CDN per 1...
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    Where would I fly into with Roncesavalles as a start point?

    Fiona, I am interested in your flights but don't clearly understand it. My planning involves the same flights and using, I get the following for Iberia flights: Madrid to Pamplona, Aug 20, $123 SdC to Madrid, Sept 23, $193 I would appreciate any savings you can suggest.
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    packing a knife

    Hi all, I agree with sil on this one. I have done the testing on my packing and settled on putting my hiking poles, Gerber LST knife and other items which would cause me problems in a carry-on pack in a sturdy cardboard calendar tube (about 2 inches in diameter) which I would bring as checked...
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    My Camino Packing List

    When I walked the AT back in 2003, my loaded pack weight was 32 lbs. The pack I was using was an ArcTeryx Bora 80 which weighed about 7 lbs empty. Trundle