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  1. FourSeasons

    Camino Frances in May or June - which would you prefer?

    @JustJack, having departed SJPdP myself in mid April 2016 I was expecting (hoping) for warmer temps. However, I got the same weather as I would have had back home (Idaho), cold and wet but really beautiful. If you like warmth I’d go early June. I was also on the Frances starting in Fromista...
  2. FourSeasons

    Seasoned walkers and hikers - should you walk the Frances?

    I think you missed the calling, a pilgrim you will never be. How insulting you are to those who have walked a pilgrimage as a “greenie” or a “seasoned” pilgrim. I have done both on the Frances. I’ve learned to adapt and I’ve learned to help others. I’d rather stretch my tolerances with the...
  3. FourSeasons

    LIVE from the Camino First meal in Spain

    Whoops 😬 must have been a glitch on my end. Things weren’t loading quick enough. LOL …. Ah the Meseta, I love that area. Here’s a little capture of my morning out back in April 2016. Buen Camino.
  4. FourSeasons

    LIVE from the Camino First meal in Spain

    @Arn …. Where are you?? It’s been well over a week since we’ve heard from you. 👣
  5. FourSeasons

    First timer

    Hi, I too flew to Biarritz twice. The first time I hopped in a taxi just outside the airport to get me to the Bayonne train station. It’s not far from the airport. The second time I walked to the bus stop just outside the airport and took the bus to Bayonne train station. Purchased my train...
  6. FourSeasons

    First timer

    Hi Sarah1111, My first Camino was from SJPdP to Santiago at the ripe age of 50. I completed in 34 days without much training before I set out. Bonus, I lost 20 pounds. I’m not saying it was all easy but if I can make it up and over the Pyrenees on day one, surely you’re up for the challenge. I...
  7. FourSeasons

    LIVE from the Camino My Camino Francés, starting in SJPP

    I’m so excited for you and know exactly where you are. Trust in the arrows and enjoy the journey. Happy St James Day!! 👣 😎 It’s going to be hot out there. May I suggest to start early, finish early, take care of your feet and hydrate. Buen Camino! 💞
  8. FourSeasons

    Starting July 13!

    Hey Brad, I’m so excited for you. Is this your first Camino? Where are you starting from? I hope you met a lot of great pilgrims.
  9. FourSeasons

    LIVE from the Camino Roncesvalles - Logroño

    Thanks for sharing Luka. I know exactly where you are. Being in Los Arcos twice has left me with fond memories. The brutal summer heat two years ago prompted me to leave by 5:30 AM and finish by noon or shortly there after. I enjoyed the coolness of the early mornings and those beautiful...
  10. FourSeasons

    Seeing a lot of pilgrims starting in Roncesvalles...issues with SJPDP now?

    SJPdP to Roncesvalles is spectacular and shouldn’t be missed. Recharge with cafe con leche or a full nights sleep in Orisson. The views, the sounds, the excitement, the struggles. Buen Camino. 😎
  11. FourSeasons

    Seeing a lot of pilgrims starting in Roncesvalles...issues with SJPDP now?

    Uh-hem....everyone is totally entitled to their opinion however "True Pilgrim" you don't think there is anything special about starting in SJPdP?? My experience says it's magical to say the least and challenging and a right of passage. There is such a buzz in the little town of SJPdP where the...
  12. FourSeasons

    Past Sarria

    So does this mean my post from today was done in vain? If so, please let me know and I will remove it. I see it’s been passed over.
  13. FourSeasons

    Past Sarria

    I walked through that area a year before you in August 2019. I truly hope your encounter with other pilgrims after Sarria was a bit more anticlimactic than mine. 😳 After a few days with this crowd I wept for the Camino for what was lost along this stretch. My first time through this area was in...
  14. FourSeasons

    Carrion de los Condes

    Sept of 2013 my first Camino I missed this lovely alternative. July 2019 my third Camino someone had mentioned this route and swore it not be missed. I left at 5:30 AM on July 20 to beat the heat. I ran into a group of locals still partying the night away. I gave them a woohoo 🥳 and high fives...
  15. FourSeasons

    To those on the Frances now...

    Hello fellow pilgrims, I am currently on del Norte for 11 days and already on my 3rd rest day. I’m thinking about the possibility of switching to the Frances going to Fromista. I know there is a train station there. I’m current above Burgos perhaps I could go there. How are things currently...
  16. FourSeasons

    Early September, too crowded?

    Buen Camino Joseito, I'm very excited for you.😁 Sept 4, 2013 I set out from SLPdP. (Wednesday) Upon my arrival the night before on the last train from Bayonne (which was delayed by an hour) I stood in line at the pilgrims office nearing 8:00PM with MANY other pilgrims who later would become...
  17. FourSeasons

    Worried about some of the new 'recommended' route choices

    Oh I remember that well and the whole time I was saying "Are you kidding me, who would make this the way?" Very tricky, there was news in 2013 when I first walked of a woman slipping and falling on her face, bloodied her up a bit. Be careful out there my fellow pilgrims. :cool:👣
  18. FourSeasons

    OK. Checking out of here

    Very exciting, may you have the best weather alexwalker. Buen Camino :cool:👣
  19. FourSeasons

    Weight, and how its discussion is terrifying me.

    I've seen pictures posted on Instagram of pilgrims with packs half their size, even women carrying these huge packs. It's all a matter of personal preference. What feels right to you may be too too heavy for someone like me. You're the only one who knows how much you can carry and what you will...
  20. FourSeasons

    Futility of Over planning

    Focus, Focus, Focus on getting well. Sleep, drink tons of water, sleep, eat chicken soup, drink water, Take Nyquil, sleep, drink water, drink OJ. If you focus on getting well you can kick this thing before you leave. Take care of yourself, the Camino will take care of it's self. But you...