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2022 Camino Guides
The 2022 Camino guides will be coming out little by little, most of them by the end of 2021. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.
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    Albergue in Santervás de Campos.

    Ray and Rosa just sent me a message to say the albergue in Santervás de Campos is reopening. I have asked her to post the notice and she said Ray will do it soon. This is good news.
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    LIVE from the Camino On Camino Madrid now

    I started my Camino yesterday from Church of Santiago and Saint John the Baptist and you can obtain a credential there. I walked to Fuencarral in on and off rain. I used the Buen Camino App to find my way which made the walk easier through the streets. The walk is along city streets and I...
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    Carrying a phone on the Madrid route??

    Hi, I carry a phone with me but I turn my international roaming and cellular data off and I only use my phone for contacting my family on the family FB page and taking photos, I have never had any need to use my phone to make calls on my walks. I have also installed WhatsApp on my phone this...
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    Accommodation in Wamba?

    Hi, I have read in the Johnny Walker guide book that there is no accommodation listed for Wamba, is that correct because it sounds like a lovely old village that would be nice to spend a night in to have a good look around and visit the church. Thanks judy
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    Camino Madrid April 2019

    I’m starting my walk on April 5th in Madrid....On the 5th I will walk to Fuencarral and then catch a train back to my acc.... On the 6th I will catch train to Fuencarral and walk to Tres Cantos and once again go back to my acc, the 6th being Saturday night I could only get expensive acc in...
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    Panadol osteo

    I was a hairdresser in my working life and as a result I now have pain in the joints at the base of my thumbs and I take Panadol osteo night and morning. I’m wondering if it is possible to buy Panadol osteo over the counter in Spanish pharmacies and what is the Spanish name for it. Thanks for...
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    What did i do wrong?

    I wrote a fairly long post with info about walking the Rota Vicentina walk in southern Portugal in the thread about the this walk and when I hit post reply only about 6 lines came up so I deleted it, what did I do wrong? Judy.
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    I'm on my way.

    Hi all, I'm leaving Australia today, arrive in Spain tomorrow, begining my walk from Seville 27th. I have been able to access so much valuable information on the forum, which has made my planning so much easier. Thank you all very much. Buen Camino, Judy.