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  1. Marc S.

    Pilgrim in spirit?

    Don´t know much about behaviour patterns either. I can also imagine people ticking as many boxes as possible, as the form does not state a maximum number of boxes that can be ticked. Consequently I wonder how many people tick just one box, and how many tick multiple boxes, as it seems very...
  2. Marc S.

    Pilgrim in spirit?

    Maybe numbers don't lie, but numbers can be confusing. I have always found it difficult to interpret the officina statistics on this point and never quite understood the meaning of ´religious and other motivation´ when there already is a category for ´religious motivation´ .
  3. Marc S.

    Via Imperii Stettin to Berlin in 7 days: stage breakdown (with a tent)

    Sorry to read about the creepy experience in Angermunde, but luckily it seems you did not let this spoil the rest of your journey. Btw the pilgrim shelter in Stolzenhagen looks like a really nice place indeed (just checked their website). Staying in somehow unusual places (including actually...
  4. Marc S.

    Via Imperii Stettin to Berlin in 7 days: stage breakdown (with a tent)

    Really helpfull posts. Although for now I stick to my plan to start from Berlin, this is defintely to remember for the future. I checked the menu of the restaurant in Mescherin. No wonder it is so popular, as it has all the German classics on the menu. And Wunderbar has a menu only dedicated to...
  5. Marc S.

    Pilgrim in spirit?

    Raising the question always open ups an interesting can of worms, so it seems.. To answer. I do not consider myself a pilgrim when I am walking towards Santiago (or with the intention of walking there), nor do I consider myself a pilgrim walking any other route. Although there surely is a...
  6. Marc S.

    Via Imperii Stettin to Berlin in 7 days: stage breakdown (with a tent)

    Thank you so much for your this detailed reports ! I remember your previous struggles with German food, so it is good to read you were better prepared this time.:) I am actually planning to walk the Imperii from Berlin - Leipzig next month (but now you make me start doubting about starting from...
  7. Marc S.

    Germany is Getting into the Pilgrimage

    Hard to give a general answer to your question, as there are so many pilgrim paths (Jakobswege) in Germany. To give you an idea, I have included a link to a map. On many Jakobswege there is no or very little pilgrim infrastructure. But there are exceptions. Most notably the Via Regia (Gorlitz-...
  8. Marc S.

    great video on how to be an ally to LGBTQ+folks on the Camino

    I agree we are not in medieval Europe anymore, and I have not experienced the camino as an ultra conserative environment. But I did witness racist, homophobic and sexist behaviour/comments on the camino. Not on a large scale, but I realise it is well possible that I only saw a fraction of it, as...
  9. Marc S.

    Rude bicyclists?

    I am not Spanish so I can not give a Spanish perspective. But it made my wonder whether I follow some kind of set of unwritten rules myself while walking. So far I can't tell, as one often follows unwritten rules unconsciously Personally I have never had any troubles with cyclists on the...
  10. Marc S.

    Fake charity scam back yet again

    Getting off topic, I know, but there was some debate whether the report of the true and fair foundation is actually true and fair. In fact the Daily Telegraph that wrote an article about this report, later published a correction on their original article. I won't post any further links (just...
  11. Marc S.

    Ponferradina: The pilgrimage that changed one football obsessive's life

    I know football is a trivial matter for many (and in that case: ignore this thread), but I came across this article, and it made my day. It tells the story of Chris Pidgeon, an Englishman walking the camino in 2011 and getting obsessed with Ponferradina, from Ponferrada, then playing in the...
  12. Marc S.

    Sociedade Deportiva Compostela Soccer Jersey

    No need to go to the stadium for buying the shirt. But for other reasons it may be interesing to visit the ´Estadio Municipal Verónica Boquete de San Lázaro´, renamed as such in 2018 in homage of Veronica Boquete. (captain of the Spanish national team at their first World Cup appearance in 2015...
  13. Marc S.

    Having a hard time adjusting to French route after Madrid route

    While all the combo´s that have been suggested are worthwhile, I am not sure what adventure you are looking for. And - as said - I would not describe the CF from Leon to Santiago as 'ugly'. So to answer your question ('has the excitement, beauty and sense of adventure all behind me at this...
  14. Marc S.

    What is your ‘grail’ camino and why?

    For me there is only one answer: walk from home (Amsterdam). Which will happen, at some point. Why ? I hope to answer that after I have walked it. But there is nothing wrong with the Mozarabe of course :)
  15. Marc S.

    COVID Walking the Camino this summer? The risks of getting COVID

    Source ? As far as I know, no government or offcial institution (like the RIVM) has predicted that most (as in more than 50 %) people will catch covid this summer in the Netherlands. Nor have I heard any Dutch virologists making this prediction in the media. But maybe I have missed something ...
  16. Marc S.

    COVID Walking the Camino this summer? The risks of getting COVID

    While I get your message of having a "covid plan" I think the title thread "you will probably get covid when walking the camino this summer" is a bit misleading. In order to make an assessment you need at least: - information about the percentage of pilgrims currently getting covid on the...
  17. Marc S.

    2022 Camino spirit Albergues on Camino del Norte

    I really enjoyed staying at Aves de Paso in Pendueles. As I recently read on the forum that it is up for sale, I am not sure whether it is open. But it has a really nice communal meal and really nice owner. And he has an impressive collection of football shirts ! I also enjoyed Casa de la...
  18. Marc S.

    Orisson Open?

    This made me curious... ;) There are eighteen beds at Refuge Orisson -- make sure you book in advance. These are a variety of bunk and single beds either inside the main building or just below it beneath the road -- these rooms have a particularly scenic outlook...
  19. Marc S.

    San Salvador in April

    Well, it would be impossible to close the whole of the Camino Salvador in the same way as the Napoleon route is closed. But when you are walking end of April it is very advisable to check the weather conditions shortly before walking. There may be snow, there may not be. When I walked (in May)...
  20. Marc S.

    Orisson Open?

    That's right. In fact, the Orisson website says: "Until 11 April, reservations only by phone 2 days before your arrival, depending on the weather. Thank you for your understanding". The site does not say anything about current opening hours of the bar/restaurant.
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