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  1. hunsta

    Train Travel from Lisbon to Porto. Which station?

    Gday all. Just doing some research on train travel from Lisbon to Porto. Basically I am planning on flying into to Lisbon from Brisbane Australia. Stay a night in Lisbon. Then catching a train to Porto. Now I have checked out the train timetables. But the High Speed train to Porto seems to go...
  2. hunsta

    Crossing from Coastal route to inland route. Mindelo to Vilarinho

    Gday all. Just wondering if anyone can give me an opinion on crossing the coastal route at Mindelo to Vilarinho. It seems to me on the guide book map to be a shorter distance to cross. Which would mean far less roadside walking than what I have seen and heard about if one crosses from Vida do...
  3. hunsta

    Weather conditions for month of May. Inland route

    Planning on doing the CP starting early May 2023. And was just wondering what the average weather conditions were like that time of year. I did the CF start of early May and it went from cool weather. To fairly hot in a matter of a couple of weeks. Cheers
  4. hunsta

    Travel mug. Yes or no?

    OK. Hey all. Now this may sound like a very frivolous topic question to ask. But its kinda important to me. In a medical sense. Now I've done the Camino Frances back in 2015. All the way. And I struck this problem with this topic. When asking it way back in 2014. When researching my up coming...
  5. hunsta

    Spanish language question

    Hey all. I have a small question I need someone who speaks fluent Spanish to help me with. Before my last Camino. I endeavoured to learn a little Spanish to help me along the way. Which it did. And I picked up a little whilst there. Now to my question. Whilst there, on quite a few occasions in...
  6. hunsta

    Is cash still King on camino?

    OK. Hope this doesnt sound like a silly question. But I last walked the French Way back in May 2015. Yes I know only 6 years ago. But things can change. Back then ,cash was king in most situations. And understandably so. Lots of small rural centres. With little electronic money transfer...
  7. hunsta

    Dental needs on the CF

    OK heres a question I dont know if its been asked before. Could any one the local Spanish Caminoist tell me what the average cost of a visit to a dentist would be, if the need arose. Say if someone was to need a filling or temporary filling. Not talking root canal or a full Orthodontic...
  8. hunsta

    Chambres d'Hôtes Garicoitz. Private hotel in SJPDP

    Gday all. Just a quick question or two. Ive decided and booked 3 nights at Chambres d'Hotes Garicoitz in SJPDP before I start my journey. Just want to know if anyone has stayed here before? It has some good reviews. Also it isnt right in the centre of town so I was wondering how far it is to...
  9. hunsta

    Most bizarre question(and most misunderstood) ever asked about the Camino

    OK. I have a somewhat strange question to ask. I will say that I only ask it as it pertains to a slight medical condition I have, which at times can be very embarrassing. Question is, at the bars and cafe's on the Camino Frances, do they sell coffee in take away containers with lids? I have...
  10. hunsta

    Spanish postal service

    Firstly, apologize if this subject has been covered before. I was just wondering what the Spanish postal service is like? Are they reasonable quick to ship posted goods or slow. And what about cost? Id more than likely want to post items back to Australia and as Ill be there for nearly 2 months...
  11. hunsta

    Pre buying Sim cards for Spain

    I'm starting my Camino in May 2015 and I was wondering about prebuying a Sim card for a phone before I go. I know this subject has been covered elsewhere, but I'm asking this in here cause from the site I have tried to get info out of ( Sims for Spain) doesn't return my enquirers. Has any other...
  12. hunsta

    Traveling on a plane with a backpack.

    OK. Now I know this might be a question that could be ask about any trip let alone one to a Camino. Ive done a few overseas trip in my life, but this will be the first time I have ever just taken a backpack. So how does one assure that ones backpack arrives undamaged. By undamaged I mean...
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