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  1. Paintboy2

    So long old friend,

    I'm excited for you PepperPat. Buen Camino.
  2. Paintboy2

    So long old friend,

    Don't be sad Nan, be glad. Think of the memories we both have that others don't, or won't. Share your stories, and live in the reverie of days gone by. It'll put a smile on your face for sure.
  3. Paintboy2

    So long old friend,

    Thanks Bumpa, 79 gets younger every year. Have a good walk and I'll be looking for your posts along the way.
  4. Paintboy2

    So long old friend,

    Not so fast TrvlDad1. I've got lots of other stuff to do before I cash my chips. Thanks for the best wishes.
  5. Paintboy2

    So long old friend,

    When Paulo Coehlo said "Do it now" he wasn't kidding. Six years ago I completed my first Camino at age 60. As I write this I'm looking at the early morning sunrise from the lounge at the airport in Madrid, having completed my 6th Camino. My 6th and last! Six years ago I had the knees God gave me...
  6. Paintboy2

    How Hot Is Too Hot? A recent study.

    Thanks for the summary. You beat me to it.
  7. Paintboy2

    How Hot Is Too Hot? A recent study.

    88°f and 100% humidity will make sweating ineffective at cooling the skin, leading to heat exhaustion and possibly heat stroke. Temps over 88°f have a lower humidity threshold, for instance, 100°f at 60% humidity. Bottom line, be careful, hydrate, seek shade, live to finish the journey.
  8. Paintboy2

    How Hot Is Too Hot? A recent study.

    Same here. I was dehydrated and exhausted and sitting under a tree falling asleep. It was that little voice that got me to seek help.
  9. Paintboy2

    How Hot Is Too Hot? A recent study.

    I came across this study today and it caught my eye because of the recent heatwave in Spain. I suffered my own heat event in Italy 3 years ago and it is memorable in the speed that it took hold of me. I'm starting the Norte in a week and I'll be evaluating temps AND humidity along the way...
  10. Paintboy2

    Camino del Norte - August 2022 accommodations?

    Yikes. I glad you posted this question. I'm going there too in late July and expecting no big surprises since this will be my 5th Camino. After I read your post I got online and started booking rooms. The cheapest in Irun was $97US and the cheapest in San Sebastian was $104US. I'm hoping that...
  11. Paintboy2

    Where to buy good hiking poles in SdC

    Where can I buy some decent hiking poles in SdC, or, can I buy some on Amazon and have them delivered to Ivar? I'm finishing the last two days of the CP (injury last year) and then heading to Irun to start the Norte in July. Checking them as baggage with my difficult flight schedule costs more...
  12. Paintboy2

    Sad news from Quinta da Burra - Paula de Menezes

    I just received the sad news that Paula de Menezes de Castro passed away on 16 Feb after a severe illness. We have fond memories of our stop at Quinta da Burra on the CP a couple of days north of Lisbon. Paula's welcome hospitality, her fine cooking, her lovely Albergue and her wonderful pets...
  13. Paintboy2

    Three Holy Year Credentials for free

    I have three blank holy year credentials that arrived in the mail too late for me to use. You can have them for free if you live in the U.S. PM me and I'll send them to you. Please consider giving a donation to the forum in return. I bought them from Ivar and he sent them out immediately but the...
  14. Paintboy2

    Sad to report another wierdo on The Way.

    A camino friend that we first met in Viana de Castelo and caught up with again in Pontevedra recalled for us an incident between Povua de Varzim and Esposende where a man with no pants and a busy hand had exposed himself to her in a wooded section of that area. She retreated and he began to...
  15. Paintboy2

    Did I hear correctly there is a fast train from SdC to Madrid?

    Thanks Ivar, I'm going to stop by your shop. It's about time I met you, especially since I found out you spent time in Pullman.
  16. Paintboy2

    Did I hear correctly there is a fast train from SdC to Madrid?

    My airline has cancelled 3 flights out of Lisbon to the UK. I now have confirmed seats from Madrid. I thought I heard Ivar say there was a new fast train going there from SdC. Is this true?
  17. Paintboy2

    Hotel pricing is low right now.

    I'm happy to pay it. We are at Hostel do Mar tonight in A Guarda and there's no bargain here compared to where we've been but in the grand scheme it's cheap. It's a clean, private room with a comfortable bed and bathroom on the beach in Spain. Ok, it's real dated but still, we're on the...
  18. Paintboy2

    Ferry to Spain from Caminha

    We got a ride too. I drove.
  19. Paintboy2

    Camino Protocols on th CP

    We are on the literal today in Esposende. We plan on going north into Spain from Caminha but in the past we have traveled east from Camino to Valenca. Either way is a winner. You can't make a bad choice.
  20. Paintboy2

    Hotel pricing is low right now.

    We are noticing that hotel pricing seems pretty low compared to previous years. In speaking with hoteliers, they have all expressed the difficulty that have had over the past year and many are just hanging on at this point. That said, their prices rival that of alberques in many places. A...
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