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  1. Rick of Rick and Peg

    The Not so Serious thread VI

    Hello forum friends one and all. A number of us have been enjoying silly threads for a few years, so we are continuing the smiles and chuckles for another round. Anyone who likes to laugh, or share a pun is welcome to join in!
  2. Rick of Rick and Peg

    Efrén González headed back to Spain for 2021

    Efrén González, who has many fans on this forum because of his videos, has just announced that he is headed back to Spain soon to walk four caminos. YouTube video id: _o17dik06c8
  3. Rick of Rick and Peg

    Travel Deal Tuesday - December 3, 2019

    The travel section of my Sunday paper had a tiny announcement that the best travel deals will be Tuesday. Using the announcement I found this: The paper also mentioned that the low cost...
  4. Rick of Rick and Peg

    Wikiloc oddities, searching, tips, help

    I'm currently on a camino and I've been using Wikiloc. I've discovered a few oddities that I want to report. 1) Not discovered on the camino but an oddity none the less is the red square at the bottom on the display. I believe that there is some ISO standard that says that a square is to...
  5. Rick of Rick and Peg

    LIVE from the Camino Sea to Sea - Part 1 - Camino Catalan

    I came up with a positively weird camino. Tomorrow, Saturday, October 19, I'm going to start to walk my second camino. It is from the Mediterranean Sea at Barcelona to the Bay of Biscay at San Sebastian. The plan as it is now is to take three days to get from Barcelona to the monestery at...
  6. Rick of Rick and Peg

    Camino documentary on US PBS TV during 2018-2019

    The PBS channel World is showing the documentary Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago. Edit: It may be showing in your area as I write this. The shedule in your area may be the same as for New Hampshire. See...
  7. Rick of Rick and Peg

    2019 REI Camino at a discount

    This is not intended as an ad nor as a review of the tour. Many forum members are familiar with REI, the Recreational Equipment Inc. co-op, for buying gear for their caminos. I just got a sale flyer from them with a notice that their nine day adventure package on the Norte, Primitivo and...
  8. Rick of Rick and Peg

    2017 Camino Frances statistics

    According to statistics gathered by the Pilgrim's Office in Santiago in 2017 they received 301,006 pilgrims of which 180,726 (or 60%) were classed as having come by the Camino Frances. Here are the values gotten through use of their tool at (BTW...
  9. Rick of Rick and Peg

    Two forum milestones

    The first milestone isn't so important. It's for me. This is the first thread that I've started. :) The second milestone is the important one. I just noticed that the URLs for posts have gone up over half a million. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Thanks and congratulations to Ivar. And also...
  10. Rick of Rick and Peg

    Genius Graffiti

    On the camino I took many pictures of graffiti. After all it was part of the sights. Well, I was just on the forum when Peg called me away to view what she was watching, something new on YouTube. I was laughing out loud and I think you will too, so many of the graffiti shown reminded me of ones...
  11. Rick of Rick and Peg

    Coming up with threads for iconic images

    In another thread there was a very short discussion about places that are iconic and would have many pictures taken of them. @Viranani wrote: I thought of starting a thread to allow people to post their pictures of iconic places. It'd show us just how connected we are! I like that idea but...
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