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  1. supersullivan

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2021?

    A lovely Saturday stroll around some of the less travelled trails in Crone Woods, Glencree Valley, Ireland:
  2. supersullivan

    Camino Frances distance

    2015, S Jean to S de C via Route Napoleon using a specialist hiking G.P.S. unit, I recorded 832.78 km, albergue to albergue, I did take the side road to Saint Bol albergue which would be about 3 kms most would not cover and there would have been maybe 5 kms of marginal deviations in some towns...
  3. supersullivan

    Trish, with my most sincere apologies, I am only seeing your message in 2021 and any reply is...

    Trish, with my most sincere apologies, I am only seeing your message in 2021 and any reply is obviously moot. I hope all went well for you. Seamus
  4. supersullivan

    Arrow at Burguete

    Both my starts from St J de P, I stayed in Burguete, in 2013, it was pouring rain leaving Burguete and I totally missed the turn and ended up road walking to the top of the climb about 3 kms later before picking up the proper route, in 2015, when I got to Burguete and my Hostal, I double checked...
  5. supersullivan

    Compostela questions for Santiago and Finesterre

    If you walk from S. de C. to Finisterre to Muxia and then back to S. de C, you could, if you wish, collect a Finisterra, Muxiana and another compostela once you remember to get the necessary 'sellos' for the compostela.
  6. supersullivan

    Completing the French Way in 28 days

    Born in 1960, so in 2013 I was 53 and in 2015 I was 55, 2013 in 21 days and 2015 in 20 days, I personally loved the near solitude of walking in the late afternoons. As a couple of previous posters suggested, break your day into 3 shorter walks, in my case I'd try to have a light breakfast as...
  7. supersullivan

    Types of Compostelas and other certificates

    Hugh, I think it was issued to mark the 800th anniversary of the date St. Francis of Assisi was believed to have walked the Camino rather than the founding of any building.
  8. supersullivan

    Advice of those who have walked May/June

    2013 near end of May did the Route Napoleon, sub zero temperatures after Orisson and less than 50 metres visibility. 2015 near end of April, sunshine and heat all the way to Pamplona - you roll the dice and the weather Gods laugh at our plans.
  9. supersullivan

    Comment by 'supersullivan' in media 'The sun sets on the end of my Camino.'

    No Mick, regular mountain hiker in Ireland so the far easier going on the Camino made 40 km days quite manageable.
  10. supersullivan

    Actual distance between SJPDP and Santiago: 785 km vs 790 km?

    2015: 832.78 kms, St J. P. de P. to S de C. measured using my hiking G. P. S. unit. Recorded distances daily from departure in morning to arrival at end of day so evening excursions /walk arounds excluded. There are so many option variations. 2 different routes choices leaving St J P. de P...
  11. supersullivan

    Cycling Roncesvalles to Santiago in under 24 hours

    From the Cycling organisation in Britain which runs the Time Trial element of competitive cycling, distances of 10, 25 and 50 miles are most commonly held on 'out and back' courses and longer distances more commonly held on large loops, this removes any advantage from wind direction and having a...
  12. supersullivan

    Cycling Roncesvalles to Santiago in under 24 hours

    Michelle, in Britain, long distance cycling time trials are a regular form of competition cycling, common events are over a pre-measured 50 mile and 100 mile course and for time durations of 12 hours and 24 hours. Riders must cycle alone but are allowed to have helpers who can hand up food and...
  13. supersullivan

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2018?

    Kirkie, how many, if any, of the pictures can you see?
  14. supersullivan

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2018?

    A glorious Saturday in the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland:
  15. supersullivan

    Muxianna compostela

    In 2015, I walked S. J. de P. P. to Santiago, collected my compostela, carried onto Finisterre and collected a Finisterra, carried onto Muxia and collected my Muxiana and then from Muxia walked back to Santiago and collected another Compostela. Starting at Finisterre, going to Muxia and then to...
  16. supersullivan

    Are there any pilgrims out there who have walked the Irish Coast to Coast?

    April 2017, I walked from the docks in Galway to the Grand Canal Dock in Dublin so that in my mind is a Coast to Coast, not the most pleasant of walks from Galway to Shannon Harbour, along the hard shoulder of a busy road for about half of that stretch and at Shannon Harbour walked the banks of...
  17. supersullivan

    Snotty Nose Syndrome

    Going to offer a possible cause for at least some people: Nasal passage air has a high moisture content, in cold weather the blood capillaries in the nasal area reduce in size and consequently the moisture condenses ( think tiled bathroom after you have a shower and you open a window ).
  18. supersullivan

    Comment by 'supersullivan' in media 'A long and winding road to Luquin'

    @Robo, afraid so. I started that day from Cirauqui, dropped down to Irache to visit the wine fountain and Hotel Irache for lunch and then climbed back up to the high route. The community cafe/ bar in Luquin wasn't open so ended up eating a few pieces of fruit there before finishing in Los Arcos...
  19. supersullivan

    278 041 pilgrims got their Compostelas in 2016

    Going to stick my neck right out there and forecast the next Holy Year will see 550,000+ compostelas being issued.

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