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  1. J

    If you go down to the woods today . . .

    Just read about it in local news. Imagine getting up in the morning and seeing a brown bear walking through the city centre.
  2. J

    Winter Camino

    I am planning a December camino in 2023, and plan on entering Santiago either on 24 or 31. December. I have not really decided yet.
  3. J

    The enduring legacy of the movie ‘The Way’ (and a new book by Jen Hutchison)

    It has obviously inspired a lot of us. I saw it right after my first camino and got a lot of laughs out of it. But I am glad I saw it after I walked - due to some of the weird episodes. People walking the wrong way - the bridge that's not really there, the knowledge that Martin Sheen was the...
  4. J

    If you default the 100k rule... Cotolaya is here for you!

    Not just stories. It's fairly wellknown. As a friend said as we saw 4 pilgrims entering a town in a taxi and getting out 50 metres from an albergue "hypocrits will not enjoy the kingdom of heaven". Or my best one: We were 5 guys that had slept in the municipal in La Virgen. Granted it was...
  5. J

    If you default the 100k rule... Cotolaya is here for you!

    I must be honest. I simply don´t get the whole certificate thing. I do have 2 camino certificates - but the last 4 caminos - I didn´t even go to the pilgrim office.
  6. J

    Hiking sandals or hiking boots?

    Oh yes - the cobblestones can go to hell for all I care. They nearly ruined my camino.
  7. J

    Muxia - Finisterre - Santiago?

    Not to forget - that it's officially recommended that you do NOT go into the water, much less swim.
  8. J

    Muxia - Finisterre - Santiago?

    You will certainly not be the first one. I walked to muxia - finisterre and then to Santiago. The trip from muxia to finisterre was just rain rain and rain. I also stepped in a puddle that turned out to be a hole one feet deep - to much amusement to my fellow pilgrims.
  9. J

    Warning for those who visit Santiago: you can not eat or drink in the Plaza del Obradoiro

    I've never thought about that. Just in May this year as I was sitting on the concrete "benches" to the side of the square - I was both smoking, drinking and eating - there was a police car right next to me - and not a word. Maybe because I cleaned up after myself.
  10. J

    Pilgrim in spirit?

    Does it really matter anymore? It might be a pilgrimage for a minority. But most people we meet on the various camino routes are clearly tourists. They want to try it - it sounds exciting - my cousin did it last year etc etc.
  11. J

    Bad water

    That was exactly what I did on my latest camino in may this year. On two occasions actually. Heard excessive coughing and just backed out.
  12. J

    30 days - from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago - is it possible without stress?

    It's doable. I personally did it from st.jean to santiago in 28 days and that included a rest day in belorado and one in burgos. But it also meant doing 30+km a day from day 1. I didn't aim for doing it in 28 days, it just turned out that way. Mind you - I'm used to walking every day and wear...
  13. J

    Camino awesome, Santiago not so much

    That hits home with me. I arrived in Santiago 4 days ago and got the same feeling as on my former caminos(5) and for the second time I didn't go to the pilgrim office to get the compostela. As an israeli guy I was walking with said - "the stamps means nothing to me and neither does the...
  14. J

    LIVE from the Camino On Camino Del Norte , Shoes starting to disintegrate.

    There are so many threads in here about shoes/boots/sandals/feet etc that you would be better off just going for what feels right for you. That also goes for the "experts" in outdoor/hiking stores - their goal is to sell you stuff. I've done the outdoor/hiking thing for many years and that...
  15. J

    Foot Care

    I also just completed Camino frances, in Santiago right now, and I too got through it without a single foot issue - blister & whatever. You're right about the wide toe-box. Everyday I've seen people with shoes/boots they obviously don't wear on a regular basis at home. My shoes were/is...
  16. J

    Camino Frances - Any Bed Issues?

    Today I've chosen albergue outside the busier towns and staying in Boente - only half full. Since Burgos it has otherwise been full of pilgrims everywhere. In villefranca del bierzo every albergue, pension & hotel was completo. Also in Triacastela & portomarin. I've booked for o pedrouzo &...
  17. J

    Please don't treat donativos as free

    That's exactly how it should be.
  18. J

    LIVE from the Camino Don't forget the curfew!

    We can always finds things to critizise in foreign countries. Better just to adjust to the rules. On my way to the camino I stayed at a small hotel in Madrid where they only had elevator and no stairs. Wildly inappropriate, safety wise, where I come from, but I adjusted.
  19. J

    Sooo .. is 2022 'normal' or many tents??

    For me it's like my previous camino in 2018. Lots of pilgrims, quite hot, some difficulty for some to find bed but it seems to solve itself. And as usual I can't figure out how to change language on the tv.
  20. J

    Lost & Found Found, headtorch near Ages about 10 days ago

    People forget s..t all the time. Todays loot for me - nice new looking walkingpoles and a fancy waterbottle that contained gin&tonic. Who the hell brings that on a camino. In the military there would be hell to pay if there was anything but water in our canteens.

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