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  1. jayree

    A unique Basque artist

    Perhaps someone might encounter this artist on the Camino Norte. His sand sculptures are just remarkable.
  2. jayree

    Walked the Appalachian Trail for Three Days.

    I'm not sure how close you are to Asheville, NC but the local APOC there has set up a 15 mile CF route and a shorter CN route to simulate the Camino experience. There is even cafe con leche and Spanish tapas along the route.
  3. jayree

    Visiting Spain from the couch (Yes, there is a link to the Camino de Santiago)
  4. jayree

    Still starting my Camino

    This sounds like "Phil's Camino."
  5. jayree

    The Hero's Journey

    If you haven't seen the 6 part PBS series where Bill Moyers discusses the Power of the Myth with Joseph Campbell it is worth adding to your list.
  6. jayree

    No more excuse for not having this in Every Home Bar in the U.S.

    The Serrano ham is much cheaper ($100) and the one I usually see at Costco.
  7. jayree

    Article by Nancy Frey about the rise of Korean pilgrims on the Camino

    When I walked the CF in 2012 I met several groups of Korean pilgrims but often they tended to walk and dine together with their fellow countrymen. I think part of the barrier at that time was language. I did meet one young woman who was engaging and delightful. When I asked why there were so...
  8. jayree

    Thoughts on a long walk in Japan

    "In the context of a walk like this, “boredom” is a goal, the antipode of mindless connectivity, constant stimulation, anger and dissatisfaction. I put “boredom” in quotes because the boredom I’m talking about fosters a heightened sense of presence. To be “bored” is to be free of distraction."...
  9. jayree

    Training at The Prado

    When I visited the Prado with friends we anticipated spending only 2 hours, my limit for museums. As we entered they gave us a brochure that challenged us to find the 50 most important/famous paintings. The day turned into a delightful 6 hour scavenger hunt. Often a painting was supposed to be...
  10. jayree

    Training at The Prado

    A 7-Hour, 6-Mile, Round-the-Museum Tour of the Prado
  11. jayree

    Rioja wine

    A nice summary of the new "rules."
  12. jayree

    Love Walking Thru Cities :-)

    I was surprised that the Camino routes through many cities actually avoid much of the modern day city, perhaps in part because the Camino was there almost a millennium before now. Pamplona, Logroño, Bilbao almost seemed intimate. The only unfavorable "city walk" I remember was Burgos and that is...
  13. jayree

    Wordless meaningful encounters on the camino

    I read a very good book, "The Way Is a River of Stars: A Buddhist's Journey Through Northern Spain on the Camino Pilgrim Route" by Helen Burns, that you may find interesting.
  14. jayree

    Oporto eats

    A few places I enjoyed in Porto ... Está-se-ban (a unique cafe on a side alley near the river that had a fantastic coffee butter. Good for a light meal or snack.) Bacalhau and Cafe do Cais (near each other on the hidden walkway overlooking the river. We sat at a table outside. Not a better...
  15. jayree

    Epiphany. I had mine what was yours.

    Or as I learned in Japan during cherry blossom season, “mono no aware.”
  16. jayree

    The History of Spain: Land on a Crossroad

    I used The Great Courses app which allows you to download all 24 lectures to your iPhone or iPod/iPad using WiFi, thus avoiding the streaming option. I’m pretty sure there must be an Android app also.
  17. jayree

    The History of Spain: Land on a Crossroad

    Last Fall I saw a one-time ad in the NYT for this course on sale. I bought the deeply discounted audio download (to my iPhone) and listened to it while walking each day. It is a comprehensive and fascinating history of Spain, “covering the centuries from the first prehistoric settlement of the...
  18. jayree

    What to drink in Spain II

    Although "red wine headaches" are probably more related to the histamines, tyramine, bioamines and tannins. Dried fruit and processed meats contain much higher sulfite levels.
  19. jayree

    What to drink in Spain II

  20. jayree

    What to drink in Spain II

    For the first few weeks I didn't understand why my café con leches were often just warm (they use room temp milk). Then I learned to say "café con leche caliente" and they used steamed milk.

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