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  1. jayree

    Which guide would you carry

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Beebe Bahrani's Moon guide
  2. jayree

    Book. Off The Road by Jack Hitt

    Hitt walked The Camino again years later with his daughters and described the adventure in the NYT.
  3. jayree

    4 camino related books

    Not about the Camino Frances but definitely about pilgrimage with a lot of interesting history … “A Pilgrimage to Eternity: From Canterbury to Rome in Search of a Faith” by Timothy Egan.
  4. jayree

    Kevin Codd's New Book

    "To the Field of Stars" was one of the best camino experience books I read. You can read the beginning of his new book here at the link below. ( I learned somewhere that you should read the first 50 pages or so of a new book uninterrupted. If you like it, continue. If you don't, start another...
  5. jayree

    Novels Set In Spain, Any Recommendations?

    While on the CF I visited a small grocery store in a small town. Along a side wall there was a magazine and book rack with all titles in Spanish. Except there were three books in English, "The Camino" by MacLaine, "The Pilgrimage" by Paulo Coelho and "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy. I was...
  6. jayree

    Novels Set In Spain, Any Recommendations?

    I had to laugh when a Spanish pilgrim told me that Don Quixote is in almost every Spanish home but no one has actually read it. This is not meant to disparage your your excellent comment.
  7. jayree

    Novels Set In Spain, Any Recommendations?

    One of the things I loved about FWtBT is that Hemingway wrote it in English as it might be translated if it was originally written in Spanish.
  8. jayree

    Novels Set In Spain, Any Recommendations?

    Boling's "Guernica" captures the history and ethos of the Basque people extremely well. His description of the actual bombing is horrific and nightmare provoking as it should be. You can see a full scale tile mural of Picasso's "Guernica" on a main avenue just a few hundred yards off the Camino...
  9. jayree

    Why we walk

    And as Nietzsche famously said ... "All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking," and “Only ideas won by walking have any value.”
  10. jayree

    Historical novels based on the Camino?

    'Guernica' by Dave Boling describes the Basque ethos extremely well in the context of the events surrounding the 1937 bombing. Although historical fiction many of the characters are real. This is one of the most memorable books about Spain I have read.
  11. jayree

    Frédéric Gros, A Philosophy of Walking

    Frédéric Gros's book, A Philosophy of Walking, is reviewed by Adam Gopnik in the current issue of The New Yorker, perhaps not favorably. At any rate I love this quote from the review ... Contemplative walking is Gros’s favored kind: the walking of medieval pilgrims, of Jean-Jacques Rousseau...
  12. jayree

    New book -- A Way: The Story of a Long Walk

    I too ordered and read Jenna's book on Mark's recommendation, and I too loved every single page. It is a wonderful account of the journey, both outward and inward, told with great humor and insight. I have read many Camino books, but this one is special. I made a comment related to the book in...
  13. jayree

    Best Camino Books (nonguide books, in English)

    While in Santiago after walking the CF I wanted a book to read for the flight back home. In the bookstore across from the TI I found "Buen Camino ... beyond the journey" by Thea Hughes. I enjoyed the story and relived my walk as she beautifully described the towns and Camino ethos I had just...

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